How Do You Know If You Need Tree Pruning?

Lawn Care Myrtle Beach SCYou have had a wonderful spring where you enjoyed the foliage that spring has brought. After checking out the trees around your residence, you stop all of a sudden – there’s one tree that feels like it is simply not likely to bloom this year. Stressed, you grab the phone to call the local arborist to get the tree taken apart before it ends up being a hazard from extreme winds or storms.

Before you make that call, you will need to verify for sure that your tree is dead – and that’s likely to take another year prior to calling the lawn care professionals to tear the tree down.

How To Tell If Your Tree is Dead?

Not sure just how to tell if a tree is dead, or what little signs and symptoms might show that it’s ready to come back to life? Not to stress – here are the utmost ideas on just how to tell if your South Carolina tree is dead, or simply taking a little a holiday!

1. Is the tree just late in developing? Does the tree have any kind of noticeable buds on the branches? If not, go analyze the tree more closely, as extreme wintertime could have simply stunted the tree’s development for a year approximately. If there’s no sign of budding, carry on to the next step.

2. Break a small branch from the tree. Does the branch snap right off, or did you have to flex it for it to finally break? Consider what is inside the tree – is it mainly completely dry and broken, or does it seem to have some moisture? A dead tree’s branches will certainly come right off because of the dryness and rot within the tree; so if your tree still puts up a fight, let it be.

3. If you had a little trouble breaking short the branch, feel confident that your tree is not dead – it just needs a lot of TLC. Water as well as fertilize your tree throughout the springtime as well as summer season, as well as make certain to mulch it before one more winter month strikes. Your tree should perk right up in the coming year.

If, however, you’ve watered and fed your tree to no avail, then it’s time to make that call to a lawn care professional that can tear down your tree. Make certain to care for your trees in the future, as absolutely nothing is much more gorgeous as a tree in full bloom!

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