Tips For Winter Pruning Shrubs and Trees

lawn carePruning helps rejuvenate trees and shrubs. It can also assist in the formative stages of younger plants by promoting the formation of a good shape. Winter is the best time for pruning because there’s only a few leaves on the deciduous trees and the shrubs allows you to clearly see what you are doing. Aside from that, cuts are unlikely to bleed because saps aren’t as active in the winter season, which means the shrub and tree will incur less of a shock rather than when a cut is made and its sap is active. Wounds will also callous just like as they will in nature and such natural healing process happen before it begins to grow during spring.

Your first priority when pruning is to get rid of any diseased or damaged wood. Sort out branches that chafe and cross by getting rid of the least important bough. You can also cut it back down to a bud that’s facing outward. The shrub and tree will concentrate its energy on the remaining bud by pruning the bud bearing stems. It will promote vigorous growth once it starts during spring.

Lawn Care Tips For Pruning Shrubs and Trees

  1. Lawn care Myrtle Beach experts say you should avoid pruning too far from the bud. Doing so will result into the death of the wood between the bud as well as the cut below. In case the bud doesn’t grow, the entire stem can die because of die back.
  2. Avoid pruning too close from the bud. You may unintentionally damage the bud and jeopardize its ability to grow a leaf or a flower. If you prune too close to it, the branch may die back down its stem.
  3. Avoid cutting at the wrong angle because you’ll create a stub of stem on top of the bud, which could lead to the stem dying back as far as its bud and even beyond it.
  4. Slope away from the bud when you cut so that when water hits it, it will just run off to avoid rotting. Use sharp and clean secateurs to stop the spread of diseases and avoid snagging.

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5 Simple Lawn Care Tips To Prepare For Spring

lawn careNow that spring is almost here, you need to know how to prepare your lawn. Here are some lawn care tips you need to know to reinvigorate your lawn.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

  1. Evaluate The Mess

Check your lawn and assess the mess caused by the winter season. Clear away debris like dead leaves and branches so you can inspect the lawn structures, shrubs, trees, lawn, and soil. Remove any broken limbs. Call a lawn care Myrtle Beach expert if you need assistance.

  1. Rake The Grass

You have to rake the grass in your lawn so you can wake it up and allow it to grow. Rake out the thatch, which is the dead and dry grass that could be very deep and thick. If you don’t do this, thatch will prevent sunlight and oxygen from reaching other grass and plants. You should check for mold growth and fungus.

  1. Take Out The Weeds

Are there lots of crabgrass on your lawn? If crabgrass has gone out of control, you need to call the experts. Always remember that it’s all about timing. You should get rid of the weeds before they begin germinating. You can use a preemergent weed control product before the temperature of the soil reaches 55 degrees and weeds start to grow.

  1. Trim The Trees

Your garden is still not growing at this point. So, you should trim dead branches and shrubs too. If you don’t want to do it or you don’t know how to do it, you can always hire a lawn care expert. You need to be careful with trimming growth. It should be healthy so it could sustain itself. Don’t cut off the limbs of flowering shrubs that produce fruit or flowers.

  1. Mow The Lawn

The winter season has been hard on your lawn. You need to have an irrigation system that works correctly. Don’t forget to check if there’s been any damage to your outdoor lighting. Fix any damaged patio furniture or other wooden structures that you may have in your outdoor space. Clean and refresh your deck. Tune up your lawn mower and make sure that your pruning shears are clean, sharpened, and oiled.


Preparing your lawn for spring can’t be done in a single weekend. Don’t hesitate to call Conner’s Lawn Care Service if you need the help of a professional lawn care expert.


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Five Lawn Care Tips To Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

lawn careDo you want a home that is the envy of your neighbors? Did you know that lawn care increases your home’s value? Look no further, for there are easy landscape tasks that can help enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Easy Ideas To Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Here are five lawn care ideas to transform your residence from everyday-okay to company-ready without breaking the bank or wasting your weekends.

1. Feed your lawn.
Feed your lawn with plant food that is rich in iron plus vital trace elements that enhance the greening process, offering yard an abundant, vibrant color. The result? A stunning lawn for little effort.

2. Painting the door.
With top quality outside paint, you can totally upgrade your house’s first impression by repainting the front door. A white or gray home with black shutters actually pops with a red front door, while a blue-green door is a stunning entry to a light brownish brick house.

3. Tidy all hardscapes.
With little effort on your end, you will begin to discover cleaner driveways, outdoor patios, decks, and various other hard surfaces in as little as 24 hrs. Always follow label instructions for ideal outcomes.

4. Wash the windows.
Get started by removing outside webs and particles with a spray from the yard tube. Tackle both inside and outside home window surface areas making use of a mixture of a degreasing cleaning agent plus a splash of vinegar. If you’re preparing to clean outdoors (non-window) surfaces, do that job initially as well as then tidy the home windows.

5. Trim trees and shrubs.
Cut back disordered bushes and trees, getting rid of any branches that obstruct your residence’s appearance, address numbers, pathways, or home windows. Stand in the street and also make certain your entrance shows up and also welcoming. Get rid of any plantings that obstruct vehicle drivers’ sights at the end of your driveway, also. If turf is thinning down trees, strategically prune limbs (eliminating some totally if necessary) to let more sunlight reach the grass below.

These five basic lawn care Myrtle Beach suggestions will improve your house’s curb appeal in a brief quantity of time and without clearing your budget. Tackle them around the weekend break or spread them out to fit your routine. Whichever method you choose, you’ll be taking steps to increase your residence’s worth and beauty– which’s what’s crucial.

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Tips For Pruning Shrubs

lawn careIf the bushes in your garden are overgrown, you probably have the urge to begin cutting them. But before you make haphazard move, you have to know some basic things about lawn care chores such as pruning shrubs.

How to start pruning shrubs?

Start your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine by pruning damaged or dead branches using a saw, lopper, or shear. Your tools have to be sharp so it could create clean and straight cuts. It is not a good idea to leave ragged edges. Think about using bypass loppers or anvil pruners because they can let smaller hands cut branches up to 1 ½ inches thick. You should have a wood saw, small powered chainsaw, or a metal hacksaw if you need to make cuts on trunks and thicker branches.

Where should you start cutting?

You should prune above the branch collar, which is a bumpy tissue that forms a small ring at the junction of the main trunk and the branch. The bumpy part is filled with plant growth cells. If you leave this part intact, your shrub will have better chances to recover and grow back. Always cut at a 45-degree angle. A flat cut will cradle alter, which will invite disease and fungus.

Pruning Shrubs

Use the heading back pruning technique for a more natural look. Find the tallest main branch. With your hand and eye, follow it until it you reach the lower side brand that is more likely pointing upwards. Cut it off on the part that is just above the lower one. Do the process again on all the main branches. Don’t forget to step back to check the results.

Needled Evergreens

You can prune needled evergreens in early spring. That’s fine as long as you don’t overdo it. Once you need signs of new growth, you can prune again so you can reduce the evergreen shrubbery’s height. Dealing with needle evergreens can be tricky. In case you prune just below the green growth, you might not see a new branch sprout again.

Foundation Plantings

For the bushes in the foundation plantings, you should prune away branches that are rubbing against a wall or house. Your neighbors will not see the backside of the plant, so you should cut back for as much as 12 inches of clearance. Lawn care experts say that this will help improve the circulation of air around the branches at the back and lead to a healthier bush.

When Should You Prune?

Do you have to cover the cuts with wax or tree paint? No. If you have created an angled and good cut at the right time, every species will heal its wounds safely without any damage from disease, insects, or frost.

The right time to prune pines and other needled evergreens is during the winter dormant period. It’s trickier to trim flowering shrubs because doing so in the wrong time can mean you won’t see any flowers next year. The general rule is that when the bush blooms during the fall season or late summer, you must prune it during the early spring before new growth comes up. On the other hand, in case the plant flowers during the spring season or in the early summer, you have to wait until it has completed its flowering before you can start pruning.


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Landscaping With Christmas Lights

lawn care

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time for the fun of holiday magic to start! It’s officially time to go up in that dusty attic once again, or the old shed out back and bring out those unending strands of Christmas lights. If you’re a Christmas lover like I am, then you will no doubt want to deck your house with the festive display of Christmas lights to impress your neighbors and spread holiday cheer. If you’re really jolly, you’ll want to not only light up your house with decorations, but also design Christmas décor for the yard. Your lawn care can help you with design ideas, or you can get plenty of pictures and ideas online.

Landscaping for Christmas

Doing outside Christmas decorating is a task that is fun to include your kids in. Even the little ones can help unravel light strands or plug them in to test them. Older ones can help install lights or yard decorations that don’t involve ladders or other dangerous work.

Be sure when you are buying your Christmas lights, that you choose lights that are waterproof or made for outdoor use. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and size. LED lights tend to be a bit more expensive, but they last far longer and are a good bit brighter, which makes them a great choice for outdoor lighting. Remember that you should not string together more than 3 strands of lights at a time. If you’re using the bigger C9 or C7 bulbs, they can give a fun, vintage look that’s old-fashioned, but they do blow easier, so you should only string these two strands at a time.

Don’t forget about your actual lawn care for Christmas. You can light up shrubs with different colors or wind lights up trees. Here in the coastal areas, we have palm trees and they look beautiful with Christmas lights all through them! Chase lights create the twinkle effect, while there are also lights made just for tracing the outside shape of your house. These lights can be bought online in any length you need. You can also get lighting nets that can be draped over bushes.

If you need landscaping help this Christmas, be sure to call us at Conners Lawn Care We are pros in Christmas decorating for your house exterior, as well as your yard and other landscaping features. Why not do it up right this Christmas and have one of those beautiful homes you see in other neighborhoods or in the magazines? You’ll be surprised how many people will drive by your home to admire your handiwork this Christmas after your masterpiece is finished. It’s wonderful to share the Holiday spirit with neighbors and passers-by alike. If you’re really ambitious, you can design your lights to be set to music. It’s a really fun way to celebrate Christmas!

Call us today at Conner’s Lawn Care and let us help you design your perfect Christmas showcase this year. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it really is to go all out for Christmas with your lawn care Myrtle Beach and lighting.

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Lawn Care Tips For Winter

lawn careLawn grass becomes dormant during the winter season in several parts of the country. The cool season ryegrass is generally overseeded into the turf down south so that a green lawn can be maintained. In the northern area, grass are unable to grow because it’s too cold. So homeowners wait for the spring season to come. But lawn care does not end in the winter season.

Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy Despite The Colder Weather

Fertilize – apply some fertilizer using a spreader. While moving the machine back and forth on the grass, you must grip its handle just like a trigger and it will then release the pellets whenever you shoot. Be sure to follow all the instructions listed on the fertilizer package. Don’t apply too much fertilizer. You have to follow what’s written on the label since adding too much fertilizer will burn the grass.

Aerate the lawn – aerating the lawn should also be part of your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine. You need to add some extra air to the grass roots. Take out some parts of the soil by using a spade. This will help create holes that you can use to plan seeds. In case you have a large lawn, you should consider renting a manual or motorized aerator.

Add cool weather grass seed – buy grass seed that are labeled as cool weather or cool season. Sprinkle them over the lawn using a spreader. Make sure it is applied evenly to avoid having clumps of grass once spring comes.

Rake and Water – break the soil clumps and then cover the seeds a little bit using a rake. Once done, add water by using a garden hose spray. Always keep the soil moist and never allow it to dry out.

Other Lawn Care and Winterizing Tips

Clean up the lawn – never leave toys, leaves, or debris on the lawn because they can smother the lawn grass. It could also lead to diseases and invite damaging pests.

Lower the lawn mower height – if the lawn grass is too high, it could smother itself and lead to a higher risk of damage from thawing and freezing conditions. But that does not mean that you have to cut the grass too short. If you do, you will be exposing the crown of the grass to extreme weather conditions.

Be aware of foot trafficdormant grass can take a moderate amount of foot traffic. But if there’s too much foot traffic, a path that’s worn out would be very slow to green up once spring comes.

Check weather conditions – turf is extremely resilient and could tolerate extreme weather conditions but not for a long time. You need to monitor the weather conditions so that you can prepare your lawn for the weather.


The winter season can be unpredictable. Make sure that your lawn is ready for the colder temperature. Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now and let us help you prepare your lawn for winter.


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Winter Lawn Care Tips For South Carolina Homeowners

lawn careIt is possible for homeowners to keep their lawns looking their best even during the colder winter season. Here’s why it is important to winterize your lawn. You’ll also get to know a few winter lawn care tips.

Why should you winterize your lawn in South Carolina?

Fertilizing during the fall season is extremely effective since plants respond to external factors during this season that start the procedure of preparing for the colder season like the day length as well as the changes in temperature. As the days become shorter and the air becomes cooler, turfgrass responds by slowing down the growth and shifting food reserves from the leaves down to roots. Even though air temperature continue to drop, plant roots would be kept active in the soil. This remains true for several different types of plants like grass.

Shifting the changing nutrients to the roots is the secret to the return of plants every spring. The food reserves that are stored will fuel the spring wakeup. You will be feeding the plants’ active roots and providing them nutrients they need for winter by fertilizing them during the fall season.

Once the weather becomes colder, the nutrient of your lawn has to be changed in the fall to prepare it for the cold weather ahead. Winterizing fertilizers are rich in potassium, which is crucial in the overall health of the plant.

Potassium is working at the cellular level to strengthen and harden the plants from the top down to the bottom, and this makes them tolerant to stress and cold. Potassium is also great at helping plants absorb other nutrients, and that’s why it takes on a crucial role in feeding your lawn.

Lawn Care Tips For The Winter Season

Mowing is important

You should continue watering and mowing your lawn as required throughout the fall season. Once the season comes to a close, drop the blade of the mower to its lowest setting for the remaining two cuttings of the year.

Aerate the soil

Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn because water, oxygen, as well as fertilizer could easily reach the roots of the grass.

Rake The Leaves

Nobody wants to spend their free time raking the leaves. But it is one important lawn care Myrtle Beach tip that needs to be done. You should not wait until all of the leaves have fallen from the tree before you begin raking. In case you do, the leaves will be wet from the morning dew and rain. If they stick together, they will become a mat that cannot be infiltrated. If it is left unmoved, it will suffocate the grass and may even cause fungal disease.


Lawn care experts agree that fertilizing the lawn is best done during the fall season. Grass leaves tend to grow much slower during this year as the weather becomes colder. However, the grass roots will continue to grow fast.

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Is Dormant Seeding The Lawn This Winter Important?

lawn careAs winter comes, many homeowners think that they can no longer help their lawn. That’s not true at all. Dormant seeding is one lawn care routine that’s worth doing. It will prepare your lawn for next spring, making sure that it will look great and healthy.

Lawn Care: What is Dormant Seeding?

Dormant seeding is a lawn care Myrtle Beach process that involves seeding your lawn following the usual growing season. Once the temperature falls under 40 degrees, the seeds will grow into little baby grass. Dormant seeding works best during December and January. The cold weather lets seeds stay dormant in the soil, awaiting the temperatures to rise during late March. August and September remains as the best months for seeding. In case you were unable to do so, you still have the option of dormant seeding.

Why is Dormant Seeding Important?

  1. Dormant seeding creates grass plants as early as 13 days before spring seeding.
  2. Since we dormant seed during the winter season, the soil becomes drier and more pliable, making it easier to have the seed to soil contact.
  3. The lawn with dormant seeds will not need water until spring season as nature will get this job done.
  4. During the colder season, there would be lesser need for disease and weed control strategies.

Other Lawn Care Reminders

In case you dormant seed during the winter season, you should put off the crab grass prevention application until you’ve mowed the new grass seed at least two times. Obviously, you have to follow the directions written on the label of your preferred weed control for specific directions. We will take care of the schedule. For ideal results, we suggest using the services of a reliable lawn care expert to make sure that your lawn enjoy the benefits of dormant seeding.

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Lawn Care Tips For Winter

lawn careAlthough your lawn may not need that much care during the winter season as it does during fall, spring, and summer, you should never ignore it. Here are some lawn care tips you can take to make sure that your lawn is in good shape once spring comes.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Aerate and Fertilize Your Lawn

Don’t forget to aerate and fertilize your lawn. Aerating your lawn allows it to breathe before the lawn grass becomes dormant, and assist in relieving any soil compaction that may have accumulated during the warmer season. After that, you have to fertilize your lawn to give the grass the nutrients it needs while preparing for winter. The grass roots absorb and keep the nutrients during winter. Then, during spring, your lawn will use these stored nutrients, allowing it to have head start, which makes it lush and green. By having a lawn that’s well taken care of, you will prevent diseases, pests, and weeds, from damaging your lawn.

Keep it Clean

If leaves have piled up on your lawn during the fall season, it will cause your lawn grass to suffocate. If you leave leaves on the lawn, they could become overly wet, which could lead to lawn disease. In case the leaves are not too wet or thick, you should mulch them using your mower into small pieces so the nutrients can be recycled back to the lawn. In case the leaves are too wet, matted down, or thick, you should rake and get rid of them. Don’t forget to get rid of lawn furniture and any debris from your lawn.

Avoid Too Much Lawn Traffic

If your lawn is dormant or frosted, don’t walk on the lawn too much. Even strong and healthy lawn grass could become weak when the same exact spots are walked on too many times.

Prepare Your Lawn While You Can

Finally, you have to make sure that your winter lawn care Myrtle Beach plan has been set in place in advance. Once you feel the chill in the air, you should monitor the forecast and give yourself enough time to set up your plan before winter comes.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now and let our lawn care experts help you prepare your lawn for winter.

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Taking Care of Your Lawn This Fall Season

lawn careThe days have started to become shorter but that doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy a beautiful lawn during the fall season. Listed below are some fall lawn care tips that will make sure that your outdoor space will be an excellent place to retreat during these months.

Now that the summer season is over and you’ve had your fill of fun with friends and family, the time has come to prepare your lawn for the upcoming colder months. By following the tips provided here, you’ll get to enjoy your lawn a bit longer while making sure that it would look great next spring.

Fall Lawn Care Tips


Start cutting back on your lawn mower’s height. During the fall season, your lawn will prepare to become dormant for the remainder of the year and it won’t grow fast. You don’t have to mow it as frequently over the last few weeks in the fall. However, you need to decrease the height of your lawn so it’s shorter than what you used to have during summer. But you need to do this gradually until the grass length is around one and a half inch high. How often you have to mow will depend on how fast your lawn grass grows. You have to remove 1/3 of the mower blade or much less. Anything more than that would shock your lawn grass. It’s also recommended to move in the evening.


Hopefully when fall comes, you have already won the fight against weeds in your lawn. In case there are holdouts, it’s crucial to address them before the snow and leaves make it harder to manage. Not only is it harder to look for and address weeds, but there are weeds that could be aggressive and control during the fall season once your grass is a lot less active.

Shrubs and Trees

Give your shrubs and trees a helping hand this season by providing them with fertilizers that contain essential nutrients that they could store up for the winter season. Your shrubs and trees would get a head start when growing faster and fuller during the spring season.

Rake Your Lawn

Get rid of the leaves that build up in your lawn. Make sure to rake your lawn thoroughly. As time goes by, the leaves will begin to decompose, sap moisture out of the soil and giving a welcome home to pests that may damage your lawn. The thick layer of decaying leaves may also leave dead spots in your lawn during the spring, letting weeds to take over quickly. So be sure to include this in your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine for the fall season.


As time goes by, the soil in your lawn will become compacted. This will cut back the air pockets that let water and nutrients get to the grass roots. To fight this off, be sure that your lawn is aerated every year. Fall is the perfect time to get this done and provides your lawn the best opportunity to get the water and nutrients to grow healthy throughout the season.


For a weed free, lush, and healthy lawn, it is important to overseed. Once your lawn ages, it will become tired and the reproduction of grass will become slow. Noone wants to see unhealthy grass in your lawn. Aside from being aesthetically unappealing, these spots make it much easier for weeds to take full control. You should spread grass seed over your lawn at the suggested rate. This would encourage brand new lawn grass to grow and fill in those spots that are unhealthy and help make your lawn look good once spring comes.

Conner’s know how much you value your lawn and that’s why our lawn care experts decided to come up with this quick guide. If you need help in controlling weeds, seeding, fertilizing, or preparing your lawn for winter, call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now.

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