Effective Lawn Care Tips For A Healthy Lawn

Lawn Care Myrtle BeachProper and effective lawn care to achieve and maintain a healthy lawn does not need to be time consuming and costly. Experts agree that a healthy lawn is not due to the amount of time and money you spend taking care of it. It is actually due to the proper way you maintain your lawn using the necessary processes at the right time.

Here are some things you can do to ensure effective lawn care, which will help you achieve and maintain a healthy lawn.

1. Maintain an appropriate height of lawn grass based on the current time of year
Many homeowners are not aware that the height of their lawn grass should be maintained depending on the current time of year and on their local climate. If it is particularly colder in your area, your lawn grass should be at least 1 1/2 inches in height at your first mowing of the year. The second time you mow, leave the grass at a 2-inch height. And before the year ends, mow them back to 1 1/2 inches in height. If you live in a warmer area, add another 1/2 inch to their height every time you mow.

2. Always mow with a sharp blade
Maintaining the tools you use to maintain your lawn is an essential aspect of an effective lawn care Myrtle Beach. You need to ensure the tools that you use are well maintained so they will not damage your lawn. This particularly applies to your lawn mower. You need to keep their blades sharp at all times before using them. Note that dull mower blades tear through your grass and cause more damage rather than take care of your grass.

When your lawn grass is left with a tear instead of a clean cut, they will eventually turn yellow and weaken, making them vulnerable to diseases. As a result, you would need to water them more frequently and add more nutrients to help them recover.

This is why it is important that you keep your mower blades sharp all the time. You can ensure they are in their top condition by sharpening and balancing them at least three times a year, more frequently if you hit a lot of rocks when mowing your lawn.

3. Soaking your lawn instead of running the sprinkler makes you use less water
According to industry experts including Conner’s Lawn Care Service, soaking your lawn in at least 1 to 2 inches of water is healthier for your lawn than using your sprinklers. Deep soaking effectively reaches through the deep roots, helping them develop more quickly and produce healthier lawn.

Sprinklers, on the other hand, only wet the grass and the surface of the soil, missing the deep roots which are in more need of water and nutrients. Because of this, you often find yourself watering your lawn more frequently, especially during the summer.

4. Mow when the grass has grown an inch more than the required height that you are maintaining

This allows you to mow only the top one-third of your lawn grass, which is usually thin and leafy. You want this part of your grass to be left on your lawn to decompose because it provides nitrogen that your lawn needs to grow healthy. Aside from this, leaving these thin and leafy clippings on your lawn to decompose also creates a layer that prevents the water from the soil to evaporate quickly. Plus, it also protects your lawn from weed germination.

Remember to mow only when the grass is dry and the weather is fine. Avoid mowing your lawn at noon when the sun is up and blasting heat because this can stress your grass and your mowing efforts will not gain the results that you want.

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How Lawn Care Help Keep Kids Safe In Your Front Yard

lawn careA lot of homeowners tend to ignore that their front yard is a safe place where their kids can play. After all, your home must be a safe haven where your family can live safely and comfortably. But when people have kids, they soon find out that it is crucial to be vigilant regarding safety in all the areas where their kids play, even if that means their own lawn or home. There are some methods you can use to make sure that your kid is safe when playing in your yard. But it all boils down to proper lawn care.

Supervision Is A Must

When kids play outside, they only need a few seconds to run from your yard and down to the road. Even if you live in a quiet street that does not get that much traffic, nobody really knows when a careless or inexperienced driver might be on the road. Loose stray dogs and child predators can also pose danger to your kids as they play outside. Parents have to protect their kids by making sure that they supervise all of their outdoor activities. If your kids are responsible and older, then you can enforce the buddy system. You may also improve the safety of your yard through the installation of a fence or by creating a specific area where they can play.

Lawn Care Is Crucial

A yard that’s unkempt can create different kinds of risks for your children. There could be a snake hiding in a wheelbarrow that was left outside or perhaps just trying to conceal itself in tall grasses. Lawn care Myrtle Beach is crucial. You can do it yourself or you can hire a company that can do it for you.

Lawn care professionals can offer landscaping advice that will help improve your yard while keeping your children safe.

Check The Trees

Apart from the obvious hazards outdoors like spare wheelbarrows or standing water, the plants may also cause risk to your children. Be sure that all trees remain in good health to lower the risk of falling branches from hurting kids. Lawn care experts can check out the overall root system of the tree as well as the conditions of the surrounding soil, and many other things that play a role to its health. You can be assured that children can play under a tree or explore its trunk without any risk. This is only another example of how total lawn care includes evaluating not just the beauty of your landscape but also its safety.

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Guide To Fertilizing Your Lawn

lawn careFertilization should be part of your lawn care routine if you want to keep a healthy and green lawn. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not bother with this because they have no idea what products they need to use or when and how to apply them. And further complicating the matter is that when the lawn fertilizer is incorrectly applied, it could actually be more harmful to the lawn.

Expert Lawn Care and Fertilization Tips

Spring is the best time to fertilize the lawn because the temperature of the soil, not the air temperature, gets to as high as 55º Fahrenheit. You’ll know that the soil has reached that temperature because the lilacs will start to blossom and you’ll notice the grass starts growing.

You can also purchase a soil thermometer and determine the temperature of the soil at any time. In many parts of the country, the first application of these fertilizers must happen around mid-April.

When looking for fertilizers, you’ll see that there are three numbers on the label, which represent the percentage of potassium, phosphate, and nitrogen, which are the main nutrients that are required to feed lawns.

Slow acting lawn fertilizers will break down nutrients over time, so you could wait longer between applications. This products will allow you to fertilize your lawn between 6 to 8 weeks, based on your watering routine, rather than every four weeks, which will save you money and time.

Slow release fertilizers containing nitrogen are highly suggested but make sure that it’s not too much. You should only use one tenth of a pound of nitrogen per week. This will keep your lawn green. If you use more than the recommended amount, you will end up mowing your lawn more often than required.

During the growing season, it is ideal to give your lawn between two and three pounds of nitrogen. So within the span of four weeks, it will be a quarter pound of nitrogen every week, which is far too much.

Professional landscapers have tanker trucks that spray fertilizers over your entire lawn, which means the task is done in just a few minutes. They do this every day and that means they know how to take into account different factors like wind and what should be done so that the yard will get an even coverage. On the other hand, homeowners tend to use granules, which can easily be applied using a spreader.

The second feeding must take place about four weeks following the first application. Once done, you should continue to fertilize every 6 to 8 weeks and then straight through October. When it is time for the third feeding, you should use an organic material like manure rather than a conventional lawn fertilizer.

Fall feeding is an important part of your overall lawn care Myrtle Beach routine too. Grass will continue to grow throughout this period. The roots will go down into the soil and will require fertilizer. This is considered as the most critical fertilizer application for the entire year.

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Increasing A Home’s Worth With Quality Lawn Care

lawn careProperty investing is everything about quality houses and at the same time calls for the homebuyer to inspect the house for any flaws or damages. The seller of any kind of home can have several advantages while marketing if the residential property remains in an exceptional condition as well as shows one of the most eye-catching yards while homebuyers are inspecting. This means, regular lawn care is a must.

The majority of real estate agents find it difficult to obtain the most effective cost for their home for the simple factor that they invest way too much on room improvement and shower room appliance. This causes a massive loan but does not settle over time as the possible customer might have different preferences and want to see his room in a different pattern. One part of the house that the real estate agent can brag about is how the lawn has been meticulously cared for which gives a lasting first impression to homebuyers. As the plant attracts human beings instantly; it is among the most effective components which anyone can produce in his setting. Not just does plant impact the setting, it likewise enhances the worth of the residential property as individuals have the choice to rest outdoors while appreciating nature. Upkeep of the yard is not an uphill struggle however it does need some treatment.

Creating A Beautiful Lawn Through Quality Lawn Care

Creating a beautiful yard means taking advantage of quality lawn care Myrtle Beach through using nutrient, plant foods as well as weed control which is distinguished for a lot of lawn care fanatics. The very same can be done by collecting information on the subject and this will help in developing an attractive yard where the family members can spend some quality time. This will additionally bring in homebuyers interested to look at a well-kept lawn.

Some factors to consider:

1. Elimination of Unwanted Weeds: This consists of elimination of all undesirable weeds which can ruin various other plants.

2. Plant bedding as well as trees. Fresh plants can be included to give a fresh and new look to the yard.

3. Lawn Mowing: Proper mowing as well as trimmings on the grass offer nutrients to the yard.

4. Watering: This is just one of the most important parts of quality lawn care as the very same will make most plants create perfectly.

5. Oxygenation(Aeration): Proper Aeration will certainly offer a path for water as well as air to the roots. This will create the grass well.

6. Tree & Shrub Care: Complete treatment is called for by splashing chemicals on the area which will certainly aid in correct development.

Getting In Touch With Lawn Care Professionals

By looking online, lots of expert lawn maintenance specialists can be looked that will help maintain your grass without you also stressing for any type of plant foods and lawn care. Some actions need to constantly be required to keep the grass but the experts can provide you recommendations on layouts as well as correct upkeep which is quickly readily available.

One must additionally not make use of any kind of tools on the grass for toasting and barbecuing as the very same can damage the lawn and yard. This is of utmost significance when doing lawn mowing. The roots will have a complete path for air and water to make sure that they can establish as well as make the grass stunning.

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Tips For Cutting Grass Properly

lawn careLawn mowing is one of the least exciting tasks when it comes to lawn care. But it needs to be done. Here are some lawn care tips to help you make sure that you are cutting the grass correctly.

Lawn Care: How To Cut Grass Correctly

Never mow the lawn when the grass is wet. If you do, diseases can be introduced into your lawn grass and there will be higher risk of slipping and incurring injury. So, don’t mow after a rainstorm. This also applies to instances when the grass is still covered with dew.

Moisture will also pose a problem for the gasoline located in the fuel tank of the lawn mower. You do not add a stabilizer to the fuel tank, the moisture could trigger corrosion. Rust could be caused by moist grass clippings that eventually cake on the mental underside of the mower. Even during short term, this caked substance could stress the engine and it will hamper the blade’s motion and your engine will work much harder in order to make up for it.

It is also not safe for you to mow when the lawn is wet or moist. If you do, you will be at a greater risk of getting injured. A good example of the right time to move the lawn is during the late morning of a dry day.

How Often Should You Sharpen Your Mower Blade

Lawn care Myrtle Beach is important but so is lawn mower maintenance. However, you may not even realize that this could also be good for your grass.

You need to sharpen your mower blade at least every month or two. The reason why you should sharpen the lawn mower blades is that dull ones could rip the grass blades rather than cutting it cleaning. Plus, it would leave your lawn grass at risk of getting exposed to diseases. Keep in mind that fungi are known to be opportunists and would exploit any open cut especially when the area is moist.

Alternatives to Grass Cutting

A lot of people who purchase their first house inherit a large plot of grass with it. They mow the lawn for several years without even considering that there are other alternatives to these techniques.

Depending on your location, it may be a good idea to switch to flower beds, wide walkways, and ground covers instead of grass. Front yard landscaping are great alternatives to the conventional lawn. You can even go for a vegetable lawn if you want to. There are several other alternatives to choose from.

What Are The Best Lawn Mowers?

In case you think of yourself as an environmentalist, you should consider using lawn mowers that are eco-friendly. There are variations that fight air pollution like electric mowers and reel mowers. To cut back the burden on the community landfills, be sure that whatever kind of lawn mower you choose, it must have mulching abilities. If it doesn’t, you always have the option to place the grass clippings in a compost bin as part of your lawn maintenance routine.

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Lawn Care Tips For All Seasons

lawn careIf you want to have that serene look in your yard, you have to do some extra steps to achieve that next level lawn care. That sensation when you walk barefoot on your freshly mowed lawn is priceless. Not only will you get that gratifying look and feel of a beautiful lawn, but you will also get your money’s worth as well. – That is if you let professionals do the work. However, it is also equally fulfilling if you’ve done the lawn care yourself. A well-maintained lawn can give you a 100% return of investment in case you sell your property somewhere down the road.  Here are some lawn care tips that will get you through every single season:

Tips for early spring

When winter has just thawed over, you can start taking care of your lawn by cleaning it up as part of your spring lawn care routine. Before you cut your grass, be sure that your lawnmower is in tip-top shape. Make sure you have fresh gas and sharp blades. Remember, dull blades harm your grass and sharp ones don’t.

Things to do during spring

The grass will start to grow during early spring and start to really grow when spring hits full swing. There are a couple of things that you need to do during this period and among them is trimming the grass. Remember to keep your blades razor-sharp. Also, do not mow when the grass is wet. Damp clippings clog your mower and could spread disease all over. You could also fertilize during this point. Spring and fall are the best times to fertilize your lawn.

Early to mid-summer tips

During early spring, your lawn will be teeming with grub worms that are highly active in warm weather. You can often tell if your lawn is affected by wiling patches or browning. If you do notice these signs, you will likely need to use some form of pesticide or alternative means. During summer is the essential season for lawn care Myrtle Beach. This will be the time that you will need to constantly mow your lawn, water, and clean.

When prepping your lawnmower, set the blades at 3 inches. This will setting will cut just the right amount of grass that will not be harmful. Cleaning up the clippings afterward is completely optional. Just don’t leave large clumps lying around in one place. And with the summer heat, watering is necessary. However, you should not have a pattern when watering. This will promote better root growth for your grass. Landscaping can also be done quite easily during the summer.

Early fall

During early fall is the best time to repair damaged or thinned areas as temperatures are relatively lower. Remove any dried or dead grass and break up the soil with a trowel. Add grass seeds to affected areas and work it around with a rake for better coverage. Water the area that you just patched and continue to monitor until new grass grows in the affected area. It’s also the right time for some brush clearing and the perfect time to remove all leaves and debris off your lawn.

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Spring Lawn Care Tips You Need To Know

lawn careDon’t neglect spring lawn care because if you do, you will pay for it for the rest of the year. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your lawn in good shape.

Lawn Care Tips For Spring


The first lawn care tip that you need to do during spring is raking. Rake deeply when you rake leaves during the fall to avoid thatching.

Checking For Compaction

Your lawn may start to show signs of decline in case it is exposed to high levels of traffic annually. During this time, the lawn is most likely dealing with compacted soil. You can address this but the successful eradication starts with recognizing that moss must not be treated just like it is just another weed.


Aside from compaction, having moss plants implies acidity. However, grass loves a neutral pH. You could fix this issue by liming the soil. However, do not expect an instant solution; the effects of liming are very slow to happen.


If your lawn is filled with bare patches because of dog spots, neglect, or heavy traffic, you may want to consider applying grass seed to fill in all those bare patches. This is referred to as overseeding lawns. What you need to do is apply a slow release nitrogen fertilizer once you overseed. About five weeks following the grass germination, you should put in quick release nitrogen fertilizer.

But spring is not the perfect time for overseeding your lawns. Fall is the recommended time if the new grass will not have to compete with the crabgrass, which is eliminated by the autumn frost. So you should postpone the overseeding until the fall season, unless you’re in a dire situation.


Lawns could be fertilized organically buy making use of compost and then mulching the mowers. However, for those who would rather use chemical fertilizers, you can always follow a schedule. Experts Conner’s Lawn Care Service recommend lighter feeding during spring and heavier feeding in late fall, particularly for lawn grass types that are referred to as cool season grasses.

Applying Preemergent Herbicides

If you know very well that you’ve got issues with annual weeds, crabgrass, then spring fertilization must go together with adding preemergent herbicides. They deal with weed control even before their seedlings emerge. They form a shield that prevents seed germination. Don’t take on core aeration after putting in the preemergent herbicides, because if you do, you will only decrease its efficiency.

Applying Postemergent Herbicides

Check for perennial weed growth. If you would rather have organic weed control, you always have the option to pull them out.

Tuning Up Existing Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowing all throughout the summer could be tiring lawn care Myrtle Beach task. You don’t have to make it harder for yourself by using a lawn mower that does not start up right away. If your lawn mower is stubborn when it comes to starting up, that could be an indication that in requires a tuneup. Even though you can get by without tuning up your lawn, it is still suggested to have your mower tuned up every year.

Buying A New Lawn Mower

Or maybe you are fed up with your old lawn mower and you are thinking of making a change. Do your research and find out what type is most suitable for your own unique lawn maintenance needs.

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How To Stop Weeds With Pre-Emergent?

lawn careIf you’ve been dealing with weeds in your lawn since last year, then you may have forgotten one extremely important ingredient in your lawn care when it comes to the battle against weeds – and that’s the application of pre-emergent.

It’s not good to think that you can totally get rid of weeds with just one application or perhaps a cultural approach of anything. There’s no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to weed control or elimination and an efficient program will adjust to the requirements of the property on an annual or seasonal basis.

Timing is Important

All the weeds have a survival method and can’t be totally removed because they have different reproduction methods and life cycles. Seeds could lay dormant for several years before they start to grow, continuing to exist despite fire and drought, as well as herbicide application. Even if you were to totally clear out your lawn with seeds, vegetative propagules and seed could easily be moved back to the property by water, wind, human or animal activity.

Another important tool when it comes to effective weed management are pre-emergent herbicides. However, the right timing of the application is important but can also be tricky.

How Does It Control Weeds?

Pre-emergent targets weeds that haven’t emerged from the soil yet. To get the best results and avoid wasting labor costs and time later on, weeds must not be seen above ground during its application. Weed control is a continuous process. You’ll always find weed seeds beneath your lawn’s surface and a few of those seeds would grow every year. Yearly applications are required to cut back the large weed infestations. So, in case you have not been following a schedule or a plan for a pre-emergent application in your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine, then you may feel like you are just fighting a losing battle against these annoying weeds.

Proper Mixing Is Crucial

Pre-emergent herbicides should be correctly mixed so that the spray solution would have the right strength. You can compare pre-emergent to a blanket – you have to cover the whole area through which the seeds can’t germinate. Spot spraying will achieve little to almost nothing, because there’s too much available space for the weeds to grow.

Water In Your Pre-Emergent

Pre-emergent will activate the herbicide through watering. It creates a barrier below your lawn’s surface. The majority of the products call for at least ½ inch of rain or irrigation within 21 days after application. In case you are working with a drip zone or non irrigated area, add the pre emergent before the rain season comes.

Now is the perfect time to be adding a pre-emergent on your lawn. However, as previously mentioned, mixing the appropriate pre-emergent for your lawn is important, plus coverage is crucial as well.

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What Is The Biggest Lawn Care Mistake You Need To Avoid?

lawn careDid you know that the biggest lawn care mistake that you have to avoid is mowing your grass too short? Many people think that cutting their lawn too short means it’ll be a while before they need to do it again, thus reducing their chores. The truth is, you will just be buying a few extra days between mowings if you use this method and your lawn will pay a heavy price for it.

Lawn Care: Why you should cut the lawn too short

A lawn that’s been cut to one inches is a beautiful sight to see, at least for a little while. However, this kind of mowing will put a great amount of stress on your lawn’s grass. Every grass blade is a leaf and with less leaf area, the grass will have less surface area for photosynthesis which is needed for roof and leaf development.

Lawn Care: Mowing Properly

The solution for this problem is very easy. All you need to do is mow as high as you can tolerate. Many homeowners settle at a three and a half inch height for their turf. It may seem a little shaggy in the beginning but it is actually a good practice.

Mowing your turf to this height once every week is going to ease the stress to the plants and provide you with a healthier lawn. It is even better to use a mulching lawnmower. It returns the clippings to your lawn which saves work and offers you a different source of organic matter for your lawn.

Also, a longer lawn means there’s more leaf blade, which is beneficial. More leaf blade implies that there will be more photosynthesis, which will result into stronger, more prolific shoots and root growth. This, in return, will mean that the plant will be able to resist stresses like heat, insect infestation, and drought. Healthier turf plans result into a denser lawn that would crowd out the weeds. Longer grass could also hide thin and patchy areas in your lawn.

In most cases, homeowners react to weeds by assuming that they need to use chemicals right away. If you ask lawn care Myrtle Beach experts, this is not actually true. Weeds often grow out of lawns that have been stressed because they’ve been mowed too short. The simple solution is to let the grass grow a bit longer in height.

Now that you know that having a longer lawn is much healthier than a lawn with a crew cut, you still need to avoid going to the extremes. This does not mean that you can allow the grass to grow as long as eight inches in height between mowings. Most lawn care company suggest cutting one third of the total length of the blades of the grass at most. Also remember that too much clippings on your lawn could create a mat on the lawn that could prevent sunlight from reaching the grass blade and it will mar the lawn’s appearance.

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Top Lawn Care Tips For 2020

lawn careOne of the many goals of homeowners is to have the perfect lawn and landscape. It’s been just a few months since the new year started and you still have the opportunity to start anew. Lawn care and maintenance isn’t as hard as you think. All you need is a bit of information, dedication, and some perseverance.

Hottest Lawn Care Tips

Right Nutrients

Nutrition is the first thing you have to take into account when it comes to lawn care Myrtle Beach. Your grass, just like all other living things, need nutrients in order to thrive and survive. A lawn that does not have the nutrients it requires will suffer from all kinds of lawn problems. Lawn diseases, pests, weeds, seasonal stresses, and fungi, are all the things that a lawn may go through if it does not have sufficient nutrients. The best way to give your lawn the nutrients it deserves is by providing it with fertilizers.

Make sure that you have a fertilization schedule for your lawn. Spring fertilization will wake the grass up out of winter dormancy. Fertilizing during summer will help the grass remain resilient through heat and drought stresses during the season. Lastly, fall fertilization can stimulate deep root growth, which lets grass store important nutrients for the upcoming winter.

Protect Against Invasive Weeds

Weed control should also be part of your lawn care strategy. Adding weed control into the schedule is a great lawn care tip that you should never forget. The grass in your lawn would be stressed out if there’s a lot of weeds. They also grow much faster compared to the grass, which means it out competes it for sunlight and space as well as damage the turf’s health. Apart from that, they would also drain the soil of water and nutrient, which causes the grass to wither. Make sure that you keep weeds out of the lawn so you can boost the health of the grass in your lawn.

Mow Lawn Strategically

The last lawn care tip is strategic and proper mowing. You will see lots of health grass growth if you fertilize your lawn and get rid of weeds. So, you’d have to mow your lawn but you need to do this strategically so you can get some great results.

The appropriate mowing height is between three to four inches. During spring and fall, you need to do frequent mowing. You need to do this less during summer so the grass could stay thicker and longer. Mowing properly could also help in preventing weed growth. By following all these tips when it comes to lawn mowing, you could help the grass and lawn stay healthy and strong all throughout the year. In case you need more help, Conner’s Lawn Care Service provides expert lawn care services if you want to get the most out of your lawn.

Follow these simple lawn care tips and you’ll surely get a healthy lawn. In case you need help from a professional, don’t hesitate to call Conner’s Lawn Care Service.

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