Tips For Preparing Your Myrtle Beach Lawn This Summer

Lawn careSpring is here now in Myrtle Beach and many homeowners are preparing their lawn for the long hot days of summer. You may have a simple yard with grass and a few shrubs or you have a more elaborate garden with lots of flowers and carefully designed spring lawn care. The last thing you need is to have the heat of summer ravish all your hard work.

What Factors Affect Spring Landscaping

There are several things that can affect your lawn and make it hard to manage. This could be fungal growth that triggers infections in your plants, water logging from all of the rain we have had lately which can result in your plants literally drowning, to ground moles that take over your lawn and tunnel their way to destroying your lawn. There are several things you can do to boost the productivity of your lawn and we would like to help you with a few lawn care tips.

Spring Landscaping Tips to prepare your Lawn for Summer

Following just a few tips will go a long way to ensuring that your outdoor living area is beautiful all summer long. First of all, you need to clear all the debris left behind from winter. This includes removing any fallen branches, unwanted seeds, and leaves that are around bushes and in your garden. This debris is chocking the life from your plants and results in poor productivity.

Spring is a great time to prune your trees and bushes and remove any unwanted branches. These could be branches that were damaged over the winter or in spring storms. You are not only improving the look of your yard but you are also assisting the plants to grow. Make sure that you have a sharp set of pruning shears so you won’t damage the plants. Improper pruning can result in severely stunting the growth of the plant or killing it altogether. If you have a lot of growth in your yard, you may want to hire a lawn care Myrtle Beach professional for this type of work. It is a once a year project and if you don’t have the right tools you can do more harm than good. You can save money by hiring a professional and saving the life of your plants.

Mulching is another great activity for spring and is very important for summer heat. It will prevent evaporation of needed water and help to keep your spring landscaping fresh and healthy. Not only will mulching help with moisture, but it also decomposes over time to form humus which fertilizes the yard area. Because mulching retains moisture at the base of your plants and shrubs, it will support the growth and development of the plants in the heat of the summer.

Ground moles are another problem which can only get worse as the summer progresses. You have invested a lot of time and money in your landscaping only to have it destroyed by these creatures. If you are seeing mounds in your lawn or yellow grass, this is a good sign that you are being invaded.

Although there are a lot of “home remedies” for getting rid of ground moles, you are not eliminating them permanently. The only sure cure is to call an organic pest control company to trap and remove the moles.

You will want to fertilize your yard to prepare is for the summer heat. This includes aerating the lawn and applying the right fertilizer for this area of the country. Many homeowners prefer to use organic fertilizer made of decomposed plant and animal remains which will not harm plants. Or you may want to consider a liquid fertilizer that will penetrate the ground and effectively provide the needed nutrients to your lawn and plants. This is another time when you would be wise to call in a landscaping professional to help you with your preparation for summer. Many homeowners in Myrtle Beach are transplants from other areas of the country and are using fertilizers that were effective in cooler climates. By using a local lawn care expert, you know that you are getting the right treatment for your lawn.

This is the time to fill in those bare spots in your lawn and garden with fresh seeds. You will want to remove any weeds that have started popping up before they dominate your entire yard and put existing plants under risk. This is also a good time to have your yard sprayed for mosquitoes. This will enable you to entertain outside and your guests will be comfortable.

By taking the time to prepare your lawn now, you will enjoy your yard all year long. Get out into your yard while it is still cool and clear up the debris, put down the mulch, trim the bushes and fertilize.

If all of this sounds like more work than you want to take on right now, give us a call at Conner’s Lawn Care Service for some help.

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