Summer Lawn Care Tips

lawn careSummer is a tough time for lawns especially if you are living in a place with warmer weather. Although summer is the perfect period of thriving for several lawns, it is also a time for less maintained turf, which eventually suffer different issues that could lead to poor health. Here are some basic lawn care practices to help improve the health of your lawn during summer.

Lawn Care Tips

Watering – water is the most important lawn care tip especially during the summer season. Proper lawn watering methods will let the lawn send down roots much deeper into the soil and past the level of evaporation, which will make your turf more tolerant to drought and heat. You can then train your turf slowly to create a deep root system by just water the lawn once it is showing indications of leaf wilt and then providing the lawn a good drink of water at that point in time. This is a simple method of growing deep root system for all your turf.

Fertilization – a home lawn that is healthy before the summer season comes is a good way of keeping the lawn healthy when the hot days come. This also holds true for winter lawn care Myrtle Beach.

You need to fertilize your lawn before summer and winter. You should use high quality fertilizer before the start of summer so that the lawn remains in good condition and health when the summer season comes.

Why Lawn Care Is Important

Most of the problem with turf during summer is caused by loss of moisture. You can improve this situation by watering the lawn correctly so that deep root growth is encouraged, but it could also help the soil by preventing it from losing too much water through evaporation.

Although a strong and healthy lawn that grows in full sunlight could be cut short, for the majority of lawns that are less than perfect, their best health advantage in summer could come about by boosting the lawn mowing height. The increase in the length of the lawn leaf then shades as well as insulates the soil against losing more moisture, which could lead to less heat stress for your lawn.

The exact same principle for soil insulation against the loss of moisture could be further added if you mulch mow the lawn. The lawn cuttings will then be recycled back to your lawn instead of being gathered and then thrown away. Recycling the lawn clippings does not just insulate the lawn and prevents the loss of moisture but they are also a good source of nutrients to return to the lawn rather than depending on the hassle and expense of using different lawn fertilizers.

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