Essential Landscaping Tips For Dog-Lovers

landscapingHomeowners who own dogs may have a bit of a problem in landscaping and keeping their yard attractive and orderly while allowing their dogs free massive space to roam around and play. Some even forgo any attempts at fixing their yard, planting trees, and maintaining a lush and green lawn.

Indeed, a beautiful well-maintained yard and dogs are not a very good combination. One will surely give at some point. And as a homeowner you will then have to choose between your pet and your lawn. Don’t let the mess reach this kind of tipping point. You can make it possible not to give up either your lawn or your dog.

Here are some essential landscaping Myrtle Beach tips that can help you maintain a beautiful lawn that can also serve as a safe playground for your dog.

Landscaping Tips

Consider installing a pond or pool – A pond or small pool will be difficult for your dog to enter. So you can use this as a boundary line for your dog. Your pet will soon learn that plants, lawn equipment and everything beyond the pool is off-limits for them.

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Landscaping With Christmas Lights

Christmas LandscapingNow that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time for the fun of holiday magic to start! It’s officially time to go up in that dusty attic once again, or the old shed out back and bring out those unending strands of Christmas lights. If you’re a Christmas lover like I am, then you will no doubt want to deck your house with the festive display of Christmas lights to impress your neighbors and spread holiday cheer. If you’re really jolly, you’ll want to not only light up your house with decorations, but also design Christmas décor for the yard. Your landscaping professional can help you with design ideas, or you can get plenty of pictures and ideas online.

Landscaping for Christmas

Doing outside Christmas decorating is a task that is fun to include your kids in. Even the little ones can help unravel light strands or plug them in to test them. Older ones can help install lights or yard decorations that don’t involve ladders or other dangerous work.

Be sure when you are buying your Christmas lights, that you choose lights that are waterproof or made for outdoor use. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and size. LED lights tend to be a bit more expensive, but they last far longer and are a good bit brighter, which makes them a great choice for outdoor lighting. Remember that you should not string together more than 3 strands of lights at a time. If you’re using the bigger C9 or C7 bulbs, they can give a fun, vintage look that’s old-fashioned, but they do blow easier, so you should only string these two strands at a time.

Don’t forget about your actual landscaping design for Christmas. You can light up shrubs with different colors or wind lights up trees. Here in the coastal areas, we have palm trees and they look beautiful with Christmas lights all through them! Chase lights create the twinkle effect, while there are also lights made just for tracing the outside shape of your house. These lights can be bought online in any length you need. You can also get lighting nets that can be draped over bushes.

If you need landscaping help this Christmas, be sure to call us at Conners Lawn Care We are pros in Christmas decorating for your house exterior, as well as your yard and other landscaping features. Why not do it up right this Christmas and have one of those beautiful homes you see in other neighborhoods or in the magazines? You’ll be surprised how many people will drive by your home to admire your handiwork this Christmas after your masterpiece is finished. It’s wonderful to share the Holiday spirit with neighbors and passers-by alike. If you’re really ambitious, you can design your lights to be set to music. It’s a really fun way to celebrate Christmas!

Call us today at Conner’s Lawn Care and let us help you design your perfect Christmas showcase this year. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it really is to go all out for Christmas with your landscaping and lighting.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Yard Healthy in Winter

lawn careOver the past month or so we have given you some tips and preparing your lawn during the fall months. Although the hard work of fall preparation is complete, there are still a couple of lawn care ideas on what to do and what not to do in the cold weather to make sure green yard in the spring.

Today, we’re sharing 5 suggestions to keep your yard healthy in winter.

1. Water

If you need to water, make sure to do it mid-day so it has an opportunity to soak in prior to nighttime freezing temperatures. Water that is allowed to pool in areas can harm the lawn once it freezes. A much deeper and infrequent watering pattern will motivate roots to dig down deep for required water intensifying the root system.

2. Lower lawn mower blades

As you approach your last few mows of the season, make certain to lower blades a bit in preparation for winter season. We suggest reducing them about half an inch, then another half an inch the next cut. Do not remove more than 1/3 of turf height in any one mowing. The lower turf height will dissuade illness and insects from attacking your landscaping this winter season.

3. Tidy it up

Be sure to rake leaves and debris and pick up toys. Left on the yard, they will keep grass from getting the essential sunlight it requires. The only lawn care Myrtle Beach exception is if you choose to mulch your leaves and spread out the clippings on top of grass This will provide nutrients and water to turf.

4. Prevent walking on frozen grass.

Are you knowledgeable about the crunch you hear when strolling on frozen turf? Although it can be a cool sound, it is also the sound of your lawn breaking! Prevent walking on or cutting grass when it’s frozen. Even when dormant, frozen lawn that undergoes a fair quantity of traffic will suffer and may not green up as well in spring.

5. Screen the weather channel and cover plants as necessary

Take a look at weather patterns and safeguard plants from freezing is essential. This can be finished with either plastic or cloth covers. If using plastic, it will be handy to utilize stakes under the cover so the plastic isn’t touching the plant. Parts of the plant that do touch the plastic could still freeze even with the cover. You do not need to stress over this with cloth covers, however these can get heavy and weighed down if they get wet.

All of us at Conner’s Lawn Care Service hope you enjoy the winter, especially this holiday season. It is not too early to schedule us for the spring to spruce up your lawn for the fun summer season.

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Preparing Your Landscaping For A Fall Garden

Fall LandscapingWhen you think of landscaping, you might not think of gardening right away, but a great garden can be a great part of a great landscape! In this article, we’re focusing on fall gardening and working that into your landscape. These gardens not only provide food for your table through the winter, but also beauty and serenity.

What Are Vegetables Used In Fall Landscaping?

Fall vegetables are simply veggies that grow best during the cooler months of fall. Many of these plants could also do well in early spring for the same reason. We are fortunate here in Horry County that the winter doesn’t get cold enough to put these plants at risk. These would include things like broccoli, cabbage or spinach. These plants do best in temperatures under 85 degrees, and can be a beautiful addition to your landscaping design.

It will be crucial to time things right with your planting schedule. Each vegetable plant will have a specific length of time before they reach maturity. This doesn’t matter as much with the leafy green vegetables because they can be harvested fairly early. When it comes to plants that flower, such as broccoli, you should aim to make sure they reach full maturity before the ground freezes. Here in the south, that doesn’t happen all that often, but it does happen and you don’t want to lose your entire crop because of poor planning.

How Do I Get My Garden Ready for Fall Planting?

Part of successful landscaping is good planning and prep work. This is also true of gardening, so the first task is to test your soil. You are looking for a pH of greater than 6.0.  If it is not at the proper level, then you should add about a pound of lime for every 100 square feet per each .5 below the right number. If the lime is hydrated, it will work even faster to stabilize the pH for your fall vegetable garden.

Next, take up any dead plants that aren’t yielding fruit any longer. Save these for your compost pile, unless it had any disease. When it comes time to rototill the garden, carefully get any weeds up so they don’t get spread through the landscaping area, and add an inch or so of good compost. Cover any areas that won’t be planting until early spring with plastic or hay, or you can even plant ground cover like clover that will add good nitrogen to your garden once it’s turned under in the spring.

What Comes In, What Goes Out?

Some great fall veggies are:

  • Broccoli
  • Beets
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Peas
  • Any type of lettuce or greens
  • Cabbage can get really big and yet survive over into the spring. Most of these varieties will tolerate frost or freeze and even make it if it snows.

Fall Garden Conditioning

In order to landscape and garden successfully next season, you’ll want to do some good preparation in your garden during the fall. Doing so will mean far less chemical fertilizing and more natural organic materials that will create a healthy soil all winter. Here are some things you can add to your soil this fall to create a healthier, more nutrient rich soil for spring:

  • Lots of dead leaves
  • Hay (Just be careful of seeds that are in them)
  • Grass Compost. Clippings from the garden or kitchen. Just remember to keep it 50% dried materials and no more than 50% green matter.
  • Worms—they make rich dark soil
  • Egg shells—the vegetables need the calcium found in crushed up egg shells.
  • Pine Needles. Add lime if needed to keep the pH balanced.
  • Manure—not more than an inch or so of cow, chicken, horse, or rabbit manure.

You will probably need to use lime in the spring to bring balance back to areas that got heavy rain. One of the best tips any veteran gardener or landscape specialist will tell you is to make sure you do not forget to cover your soil so weeds can’t take over.

Get ready for fall now and let your landscaping reflect your taste, both literally and creatively! For more help and tips, call us today at Conners Lawn Care and let us do the hard work for you!

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Improved Business Quality With Enhanced Landscaping

Landscaping Myrtle BeachAs any type of advertising and marketing magnate will certainly indicate, a good image is all that matters when it comes to service. There can be a little shock when companies want to buy high-quality landscaping solutions to attempt to successfully develop and improve their company image.

Advantages of Enhance Landscaping in a Business Environment

This drive to show a remarkably favorable image is why industrial landscaping has become a prominent service today. It might seem that working with landscaping professionals to develop exterior and interior yards is an unneeded luxury, however, its advantages are not simply aesthetic but emotional. It enhances the job quality and employee creativity and also helps in building self-confidence among clients and possible customers. Such a mindful welcome of landscaping is not simply an issue of a couple of plants in the workplace or store, with perhaps a water function put in a structure entrance hall. Seasonal styles are additionally a huge part of the strategy, a truth that radiates when industrial Christmas decors show up throughout the cheery duration.

When discussing landscaping, 2 locations are influenced, specifically the inside as well as the outside of a workplace or store facilities. In both locations, landscaping enables a firm to make a clear company declaration, as well as whether large and strong or small and elegant, the firm can use the styles to predict themselves in the most effective way.

It is worth keeping in mind that the particular locations often tend to complete 2 extremely various points. Outside landscaping mainly makes an aesthetic influence with trees, bushes, flower beds as well as grand grass.  All these factors, when put together, leave the guests to a workplace or production with the impact of a business that flaunts durability and also dependability. Precisely what the company produces depends considerably on what business desires. They might favor a very carefully made flower bed, showing off varieties of flowers in the colors of the firm logo, or they might wish to have a less manicured landscape, with tree and also hedge ranges held up behind a big untainted grass.

In regards to interior styles and using plants, there are 2 possible scenarios that require various methods. The very first is that room might go to a premium, needing some ingenious reasoning to bring through all the of the advantages most successfully. A workplace with no outside land but with sufficient entrance hall might choose to have an interior yard to welcome guests, complete with rockery and water fountains.

At certain times of the year, it is additionally vital that a company be seen to be really much part of the celebrations so as to keep a link with the individuals that make up their clients or customers. One of the most evident events is Christmas, which needs Christmas trees, lights as well as various other ornamental display.  There are also summertime motifs, Halloween motifs, with ghosts as well as evil spirits, Easter styles, with eggs and delicious chocolate.

Whether to harness the seasonal state of mind or to just preserve a visual, fresh take on a property, landscaping solutions can supply what is required to develop and keep a business image via its selection of plants and seasonal decoration. Whether forecasting a feeling of expertise, dependability or enjoyable, business landscaping is an essential method which a business can present their company values.

For your landscaping needs, call Conner’s Lawn Care Service and we’ll be happy to serve you.

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