Lawn Care Guide To Pruning Your Plants

lawn carePruning is like “wounding” your plants and giving it an excellent trim that can make it healthier. When done right, this type of lawn care method can actually develop better branches or leaves. The process of pruning consists of eliminating dead or broken stems and branches and plants severely plagued with parasites which might be a lot more at risk to illness.

The benefits of pruning include the following:

  • Promotes branching
  • Increase flower growth and fruit production
  • Help sunlight and air reach other parts of the plant
  • Gives the plant a cleaner and more compact look
  • Can be a safety measure to avoid contact with utility lines

When is the best time to prune?

For houseplants and outdoor spring-flowering plants

According to lawn care Myrtle Beach professionals, the most effective time to prune is in the late springtime to very early summertime. This is when the days are warming up and the sunlight shines for long hours to help the plant recuperate from the demanding experience of being cut down. Pruning is also advisable after blooming.

Trees and summer-flowering plants

Lawn care specialists recommend pruning at the end of winter season or the start of spring. However, if pruning is really needed, it could be done at any time when the weather condition is not extremely rough such as extremely cold winter season or warm and dry summer days.

In case you are preparing for a wedding celebration or other gala occasion in your yard, attempt to arrange your trimming 2-4 months prior. This will certainly enable your plants time to recoup completely.

What tools will I use for pruning?

There are different devices for pruning depending on the size of your plants. You can use your hands to squeeze back little flowers.

  • Gardening shears: are used for stems or thin branches as much as 1/2″ in size.
  • Loppers: are suggested for branches to an optimum of 1 1/2″. For both shears and loppers, bypass design is suggested over the anvil, which has the tendency to crush instead of cutting easily.
  • Tri-edge folding sawsare developed for reducing branches from 1 1/2 -3″.
  • Pole pruners come in handy when you have to get to high development.

Before using and cutting tools, make sure that they are sharpened. Clean sharp devices are healthiest for your plant. Blades should be sharpened regularly and sanitized with bleach, alcohol, to prevent the disease from getting into the plant.

Prune when plants are completely dry and also angle your blade slightly. This will certainly prevent water from collecting in the cut end of the stem or branch, which might promote fungal development.

It is recommended to entrust bigger trees to professional landscaping companies, as slipshod cutting could endanger both the health and wellness of the trees and compromise the safety and security of neighboring plants, and people.

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Tips For Fixing Common Lawn Care Problems

lawn careEven if there are more important things in life aside from having the perfect lawn, working towards achieving that goal will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Plus, you’ll have a personal oasis that you and your loved ones can enjoy. To get there, you have to deal with the most common lawn problems and some lawn care tips on how to address them.

Lawn Care Tips For Common Problems

Thin Grass

Everyday events like games of tag, playing with your dogs, and even the harsh weather can cause thinning grass. You may have to overseed using a certain product that would provide the perfect combination of soil improver, fertilizer, and grass seed required to thicken up your lawn grass. You should mow the lawn using the lowest setting, rake it well, and then add the appropriate product to the spreader by following the directions written on the label. Water it everyday for two weeks and then continue mowing the grass at the appropriate mowing length, depending on the grass type.

Bare Spots

If your grass is in good condition but has bare spots, there’s a different lawn care Myrtle Beach tip that you can follow. You can treat the bare spots using a commercial product. Get rid of the dead grass and then loosen up the hard soil using a hand rake. Then apply the product according to the directions indicated in the label and then water it thoroughly. Water it daily until the new grass grows 2” tall, then you could go back to treating the spots the exact way as the rest of your lawn.

Brown Spots

Brown spots on your lawn are a bit more complicated because there are many things that may be causing the spots like fungus or grubs, dog urine, or weed dieback. So, before you apply the commercial product, make sure you know what the problem is.

Grubs in the Lawn

If you have seen more than a few c-shaped, and fat grubs in the soil as you dig, then you need to do something about it right away. Beetles pop up during early summer. They eat plants and lay eggs in the soil. The eggs hatch during early summer and the little critters start to eating plants and grass roots. So you have to apply the product early spring or early summer. All you need to do is fill the spreader and apply it to your lawn. Just make sure that it’s dry. Don’t forget to follow the directions indicated in the label and add water in order to activate the product.

Weeds are Out of Control

Any lawn care expert will tell you that they hate weeds. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid this problem in the first place. That’s by keeping your lawn grass in good health. Follow the appropriate mowing tips, fertilize it regularly, give it the right amount of water, and call a lawn care specialist if necessary.


Crabgrass is a well-known trouble maker and the best way to deal with it is to stop it from growing in the first place. You should protect your grass from crabgrass using a product that can kill it down to its roots without harming your lawn.

Yellow Grass

If you can see yellow grass in your lawn, it’s probably because you incorrectly applied your fertilizer. You can make sure that you don’t miss any spot by overlapping slightly when you use the spreader. Grass that don’t get fertilizer will turn yellow. You just have to improve your application technique in order to avoid this lawn problem.

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Tips On The Right Time To Fertilize Your Lawn

lawn careYour home and property will need maintenance at some point and that includes your lawn. Proper lawn care includes trimming your grass, cleaning, and regular fertilization. Your grass may seem green at the moment, but that does not mean you won’t need to do anything. You will, at some point within the year, fertilize your lawn. This will ensure that the soil has all the nutrients for grass and other plants to grow well. Slow-release fertilizers are often the best type to use.

Since slow-release fertilizers take time to fully release all the nutrients into the soil, grass will have enough time to soak in all the nutrients. This way, no nutrients will be lost or flushed out. Also, grass root systems will have time to fill in bare patches, which leaves no space for weed seeds to germinate. However, there is a greener alternative to commercial fertilizers.

Going organic means you spread compost all over your lawn during spring and fall. But if you’re not too knowledgeable about fertilizers, you could go with the commercial route. Commercial fertilizers usually contain all the information you would need regarding usage.

Schedule for fertilizing based on season

If you decide to go with commercial fertilizer but you’re still not sure how to apply them, here’s a quick lawn care guide:

For the best lawn care Myrtle Beach, you should take care of fertilizing and weed control during the spring. It’s better to do it at this point when weed seeds haven’t germinated yet. If not, you could always do it in the summer but expect more work.

An additional round of fertilizing is needed in June. During this period, the addition of extra fertilizer will decrease the likelihood of weed growth due to its herbicidal action.

During the summer, fertilization acts more of a deterrent against insects and gives your grass the extra protection against seasonal threats.

During the fall, applying fertilizer on your lawn will prepare it for the next season. This will ensure that during the next spring your lawn will bloom with lush grass.

Fertilizer application

If you’re a beginner when it comes to applying fertilizer on your lawn, it is suggested that you follow all the directions to the letter. This will ensure that everything will work out just fine. If you’re uncertain about how to proceed, you can always look for a good lawn care service to get the job done without getting your hands dirty.

However, if you want to try it out yourself, there’s always that route that you can follow. For the best results, use a fertilizer spreader so you could apply evenly across your lawn. Do not fill the applicator while it is on the grass. There are chances that you could cause grass burn when you discharge a lot more than intended during loading. Ensure that you fill the applicator in an area where there is no grass. After filling it, wheel it over to the area with grass and apply to all areas of the lawn. Repeat the filling and application process to ensure all areas are covered.

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Lawn Maintenance 101: Preventing Mushroom Invasion

lawn careAmong the many reasons why many homeowners continue to seek more effective lawn care strategies is to prevent mushroom invasion. Like weeds and unwanted grass, mushrooms often grow in lawns and yards along with other types of fungi. In fact, these are commonly considered by experts as a natural part of lawns.

How mushrooms benefit lawns

Believe it or not, mushrooms and fungi actually benefit lawns. And in many cases, lawn care experts will not suggest removing them, especially if they do not exist in large quantities. These organisms serve an important role in the soil food chain that helps keep your lawn and grass healthy.

What mushrooms do is they feed and break down organic matter that exists in your soil. The organic matter may come from old roots, remnants of buried wood, branches and thatch. As they do this, they recycle the nutrients from the organic matter and bring it back to the soil for your grass and plants.

You will be surprised at how big mushrooms grow. The mushroom cap that you see peeking through your grass and lawn are just small parts of a larger organism that is buried in your lawn. This larger organism is what actually feeds on the dead organic matter in your soil.

Removing mushrooms and fungi

Like what is mentioned earlier, experts will often recommend leaving mushrooms alone in your lawn. In many cases, their presence does not negatively effect your lawn and plants. But if you really want to remove them, you will have to hire a professional. Conner’s Lawn Care Service will work to identify the specific species of mushroom that is growing in your lawn by looking at their size, color and shape. Learning about their species will help professionals determine the appropriate strategy to remove them from your lawn.

The only time lawn care Myrtle Beach will recommend removing them is when they grow into larger quantities that follow a circular pattern. This is what is often referred to as fairy rings. And the first obvious sign of a fairy ring in your lawn is when you see darker portions of your grass in the lawn.

Fairy rings become a huge lawn problem because the fungi that create fairy rings release unwanted nutrients back to the soil after they feed and decompose organic matter in the soil. One of these nutrients is nitrogen, which can negatively effect your grass and plants. This is what actually causes your grass to become darker in color. If not kept in check, fairy rings can grow bigger and larger until it consumes your entire lawn.

Industry experts will recommend the use of fungicides along with continuous aeration of the lawn to treat and effectively remove fairy rings. Regularly aerating the lawn, especially in the area where the fairy rings exist, will allow more water to penetrate in the soil and this is what will help prevent the growth of the fungi.

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When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

lawn careThe expectations you have for your lawn will determine when you need to fertilize. These include your goals, fertilizing budget, hiring a lawn care expert, or can you do it on your own. These are only a few of the many things you might be wondering about when it comes to lawn fertilization.

Lawn Care Tip: When Is The Best Time To Fertilize?

The first one should be in the early spring, followed by in late spring, mid summer, early fall, late fall, and sometimes a winter application is needed.

Applying Fertilizer During Spring

Apply fertilizer early and late in the spring will help boost the growth of the grass. Kill the weeds that have germinated by applying a post emergent. Meanwhile, you need a pre-emergent if you wish to prevent weeds from growing in the summer. These first two application are extremely important. If you don’t apply them properly, you can’t expect to have great results.

Applying Fertilizer Mid-Summer

Mid summer lawn fertilization is just a light fertilizer that will encourage color and promote growth throughout the hotter months.

Applying Fertilizer During Fall

Applying fertilizer and seeded during fall help encourage seed germination. It will also take care of the weeds that may grow during the fall season.

Applying Fertilizer During Winter

Applying fertilizer during winter will help the lawn maintain health and color throughout the colder months. If you want to do it yourself, then go ahead. But if you factor in the time and money you will spend in buying the needed chemicals and fertilizers, it will be just like hiring a professional lawn care Myrtle Beach specialist.

Challenges OF DIY Fertilization

One of the challenges of going with a DIY fertilization is the spraying of the weeks that have grown in the lawn. Lawn care professionals have access to bigger tanks of chemicals that can be used for this purpose. If you do it yourself, you will use a granular weed and feed, which won’t work unless you apply it early in the morning while the grass is still wet since the particles need to adhere to the leaves of the weeds for it to be effective in killing it.

Hire A Lawn Care Professional

It’s always better to hire a lawn care professional. Find a locally owned company like Conner’s Lawn Care Services that can do lawn fertilization. Hiring a good lawn care company means a pro will handle all the needed applications to keep your lawn in tip top shape.

The best option is always to work with a professional lawn care specialist. Yes, it is possible for you to do it on your own and you may even have fun in the process. However, it’s not always a simple and straightforward task. You also need to know the best fertilizers for the kind of lawn that you have in order for it to be effective.


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How Lawn Care Help Keep Kids Safe In Your Front Yard

lawn careA lot of homeowners tend to ignore that their front yard is a safe place where their kids can play. After all, your home must be a safe haven where your family can live safely and comfortably. But when people have kids, they soon find out that it is crucial to be vigilant regarding safety in all the areas where their kids play, even if that means their own lawn or home. There are some methods you can use to make sure that your kid is safe when playing in your yard. But it all boils down to proper lawn care.

Supervision Is A Must

When kids play outside, they only need a few seconds to run from your yard and down to the road. Even if you live in a quiet street that does not get that much traffic, nobody really knows when a careless or inexperienced driver might be on the road. Loose stray dogs and child predators can also pose danger to your kids as they play outside. Parents have to protect their kids by making sure that they supervise all of their outdoor activities. If your kids are responsible and older, then you can enforce the buddy system. You may also improve the safety of your yard through the installation of a fence or by creating a specific area where they can play.

Lawn Care Is Crucial

A yard that’s unkempt can create different kinds of risks for your children. There could be a snake hiding in a wheelbarrow that was left outside or perhaps just trying to conceal itself in tall grasses. Lawn care Myrtle Beach is crucial. You can do it yourself or you can hire a company that can do it for you.

Lawn care professionals can offer landscaping advice that will help improve your yard while keeping your children safe.

Check The Trees

Apart from the obvious hazards outdoors like spare wheelbarrows or standing water, the plants may also cause risk to your children. Be sure that all trees remain in good health to lower the risk of falling branches from hurting kids. Lawn care experts can check out the overall root system of the tree as well as the conditions of the surrounding soil, and many other things that play a role to its health. You can be assured that children can play under a tree or explore its trunk without any risk. This is only another example of how total lawn care includes evaluating not just the beauty of your landscape but also its safety.

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