Tips On Garden And Lawn Care

lawn careWhen it comes to garden or lawn care, you are going to be faced with several choices. How often should you be watering your lawn? What kind of fertilizer should you use? How often should you mow your lawn? Hopefully, by the end of this article, at least one of your questions will be answered.

Lawn Care 1: Watering

Let us begin with watering. This is a vital aspect of lawn care. Watering helps our lawn look vibrant and healthy. However, if you water during the incorrect time of day, or even water too often, you will end up having a damaged lawn. Keep in mind that you should always water your lawn first thing in the morning and once during the evening. This will help prevent evaporation. It is also not recommended to water when it is windy because you will lose control of where the moisture is going to be at.

Do not keep watering your lawn always. It is better to water it occasionally but heavily than watering it little but all too often. Generally, a regular lawn will require about one inch of water every week. However, this can change based on the climate. But you should also avoid overwatering. You need to stop whenever you see water run off the lawn. Several people use a tiny shallow tin on the lawn as their marker for when it is time to stop.

Lawn Care 2: Fertilizing

Let us talk about fertilizers. There are several different kinds of fertilizers for every season. Here are a few helpful tips. The primary ingredients are potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Check out all of these things when choosing a fertilizer. Every one of these ingredients has a purpose.

Nitrogen will help replenish the lost nutrients and also aids in green growth. Phosphorous is important when it comes to helping in the development of strong roots. Potassium helps in root development and offers protection against different kinds of diseases. There is no such thing as a perfect fertilizer and the very best way to obtain an ideal lawn is to have your soil tested.

This will assist you in identifying which nutrients your soil needs. You can ask someone at your local garden store for some assistance. When it comes to Myrtle Beach lawn care. Don’t forget to follow the instructions. Incorrect utilization of fertilizers can also lead to problems.

Lawn Care 3: Mowing

During summer, you have to mow your lawn once a week, a few lawns need more than this however, this is the general rule of thumb. In case you are looking for plants that do not require plants that require extensive lawn care, then this one is for you. Mahonia is vibrant and can retain an all year round shape. It does not take much maintenance as well and it is significantly tough. The snowdrop also looks beautiful in any garden and has no soil preference. The last one is the elephant ears, which are known for its beauty and sturdiness.

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