Is Dormant Seeding The Lawn This Winter Important?

lawn careAs winter comes, many homeowners think that they can no longer help their lawn. That’s not true at all. Dormant seeding is one lawn care routine that’s worth doing. It will prepare your lawn for next spring, making sure that it will look great and healthy.

Lawn Care: What is Dormant Seeding?

Dormant seeding is a lawn care Myrtle Beach process that involves seeding your lawn following the usual growing season. Once the temperature falls under 40 degrees, the seeds will grow into little baby grass. Dormant seeding works best during December and January. The cold weather lets seeds stay dormant in the soil, awaiting the temperatures to rise during late March. August and September remains as the best months for seeding. In case you were unable to do so, you still have the option of dormant seeding.

Why is Dormant Seeding Important?

  1. Dormant seeding creates grass plants as early as 13 days before spring seeding.
  2. Since we dormant seed during the winter season, the soil becomes drier and more pliable, making it easier to have the seed to soil contact.
  3. The lawn with dormant seeds will not need water until spring season as nature will get this job done.
  4. During the colder season, there would be lesser need for disease and weed control strategies.

Other Lawn Care Reminders

In case you dormant seed during the winter season, you should put off the crab grass prevention application until you’ve mowed the new grass seed at least two times. Obviously, you have to follow the directions written on the label of your preferred weed control for specific directions. We will take care of the schedule. For ideal results, we suggest using the services of a reliable lawn care expert to make sure that your lawn enjoy the benefits of dormant seeding.

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