Essential Lawn Care Projects For The Fall

lawn careBefore winter begins, there are a few things you need to do to your lawn. Here are a few essential lawn care projects for the fall that could make a huge difference once spring comes.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Two fall feedings can make a huge difference between a truly stunning lawn to a so-so stretch of grass. Fertilizing during the early fall season will help your lawn start rebuilding its roots that may have been damaged during summer. Fall is also the perfect time to get rid of lawn weeds like dandelion and clover. There are products in the market that you can use to feed your lawn while getting rid of weeds at the same time. Some products even kills weeds and fertilizes your lawn while killing and preventing the proliferation of fire ants. Apply another fall feeding after six to eight weeks following your first feeding during the fall season.

Spruce Up Your Lawn

Lawns sustain damage from the heat and drought during the summer season. It can suffer more damage if your kids continue to play on the lawn. Don’t forget to treat any noticeable bare spots. You’ll also find products that can thicken up the grass in case you have a thin lawn. Just like any seeding project, it’s best to keep the soil surface moist by watering in once a day or as required until the seedlings reach the specified mowing height.


Never allow leaves to smother your lawn grass. Fallen tree leaves will not provide insulation for your lawn during winter. Instead, it will block sunlight and think the lawn grass. So, instead of raking, mulch your leaves to small pieces using your lawn mower before you apply one of the fall feedings. This will assist the soil microbes in breaking down the leaves.

Inspect The Gutters

If you are hanging holiday lights and trying to ignore your fear of heights then you better check the gutters while you are at it. You wouldn’t want to have clogged gutters once storms start to come in.

Mow Your Lawn

Don’t forget to mow your lawn at about 1 to 2 inches shorter than the regular height of the grass during the growing season. Continue mowing until the lawn grass stops growing in early winter as it starts to go into hibernation mode.

Stow Your Lawn Furniture

You probably won’t be spending much of your free time outdoors because of the winter weather. So, fall is the perfect time to store your lawn furniture. This should be part of your fall lawn care Myrtle Beach routine.

Clean Your Lawn and Gardening Tools

Your lawn and gardening tools have served you well during the growing season. Now that you are done with your lawn care routine, the time has come to put these tools away. But before you do that, make sure that you clean them first so they won’t rust.


Nothing beats the results of lawn care done by a professional. Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now and let us help prepare your lawn for the winter season.


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