What Essential Lawn Care Tools Should Every Homeowner Have?

lawn careCongratulations on your new home! There are many positive aspects to homeownership, such as the ability to receive a regular payment that goes toward building equity. Gone are the days of a landlord taking care of all that maintenance. That’s it. You can enjoy the outdoors and planting flower beds, or even a vegetable garden, by owning your own home. You will find landscaping adds value and enjoyment to your home. You might be wondering what essential lawn care products you should keep in your shed to maintain your basic yard needs if you are new to homeownership.

These are just a few of the essential tools you need to maintain your lawn. You can continue to add more equipment as you move into your new home. Have a lawn? Take a look at our list of essential tools for your toolbox.

Lawn Care Tips

Lawn mower

Even if you have someone else cut your lawn, this tool is essential for any emergency trimming and lawn maintenance.

Trimmer for string/lawn

This tool can reach those difficult-to-reach places your mower cannot reach, such as around tree trunks. If you flip it over, it can double as an edger along your driveway or landscaping beds.

Leaf rake

A good rake is enough for fall chores, but you don’t need to buy a blower-mulcher combination to help with your chores.

Soil rake

A soil rake is more durable than a leaf-rake and will help you to level your garden and push your mulch around. It can be used to groom a driveway or pea gravel path.


You can use a hand-held spreader or a wheeled spreader for grass seeding and fertilizer distribution to increase curb appeal.

Snow shovel

It’s a must-have in snowy areas, but you can also use it as a travel tool. A snow shovel is a great tool for outdoor cleanup.

Spade shovel with long-lasting durability

This tool is essential for Conway SC lawn care, such as moving a shrub or planting a tree, and digging a hole to meet various landscaping needs.

Soil knife

Although you might believe that you only need one bucket of gardening tools, this tool does many of the trickier tasks. It can be used to dig, transplant, create container gardens, weed, or reach into any nooks or crannies other tools cannot.

Double-hand hoe

The double-hand hoe is a lawn maintenance tool. This double-hand hoe is a combination of a digger and a hand tool. It can be used to loosen soil, dig up large weeds, and much more.

Hand pruner

These small shears will be your go-to tool for shaping and caring for your flowers and shrubs. Your yard will sparkle if you keep them sharp.


These shears have larger blades and handles that allow you to keep tree branches under control. This is a must-have for curb appeal and protection of your home.

Hedge shear

These will be appreciated by your neighbors. This essential lawn care tool is indispensable for taming unkempt hedges.


You can also purchase a spraynozzle attachment to water your vegetable and flower garden beds. You can also let your children play with it during hot days.

Protect your property

One way to make your property shine is by keeping it in top shape. Learn more about homeowners insurance to protect your home. The Farm Bureau agent near you will help you find the right coverage for your needs.

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