Fall Lawn Care Tips in Carolina Forest

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  • Fall lawn care in Carolina Forest depends on whether you have a warm-season or cool-season grass. More than likely in the Myrtle Beach area you will find a warm-season grass such as Bermuda or Saint Augustine.
  • Those lawns with warm-season grass who want to have green grass in the colder months need to apply a winter annual rye. This grass will grow and be green during the cold months and then die off in the warmer months allowing the normal warm-season grass to grow
  • Fall is the time to start lowering the level of mowing slightly, this helps build the roots ensuring that the grass will survive the winter months and grow back strong the next season.
  • Fall is also time to aerate your lawn to loosen up the soil that has been compacted over the summer months.
  • Grubs lay their eggs during July and August, so the fall is the time when grub control is important.
  • Fall is also the time of year to pick up the falling leaves. A pile of leaves on a lawn will kill the grass and cause a bare spot.

Conner’s Lawn Care Service can make sure your lawn is ready to survive the colder months by being in the healthiest condition possible. We will apply any fall fertilizers, bug control, aerate your lawn along with our normal lawn maintenance services of mowing, trimming and weed eating. If you decide that you want to have a green lawn year-round, we can help your lawn stay green and maintained no matter the season.

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