Fall Lawn Care Tips

lawn careIt may seem odd to consider lawn care in the fall, as your grass will be dormant for the winter. Autumn is the best time to care for your lawn so that it grows beautifully next spring.

The cool, moist fall weather is a great time to help your grass grow. Next year, you will reap the benefits of taking advantage of this growing season. These are eight fall lawn maintenance tips that will make your lawn shine next year.

Lawn Care Tips For Fall

Keep mowing.

You don’t have to stop mowing until autumn. Grass won’t stop growing after it freezes in winter. Keep your grass cut at the same height as before until it stops growing.

After you are done with the season, winterize your mower. This involves sharpening your mower, changing the oil and spark plugs and inspecting for damage. This is where our Lawn Mower Maintenance Services can assist you. Safety first

When it is needed, water.

Autumn rains result in less evaporation and provide plenty of natural moisture to the grass. You should still keep an eye on the amount of water your grass gets with a rain gauge. You should water your lawn if it isn’t receiving at least one inch of moisture each week. For more information, contact a lawn care specialist in Carolina Forest.

Make sure to rake often.

Leaves can block sunlight and prevent plants from producing food if they fall onto your lawn. Lawn fungi can also be caused by the soggy moisture that they collect. Raking can also help remove any thatch that has built up.

Thatch can’t be removed by a leaf blower or vacuum, so it is important to use a traditional and reliable rake from time to time. To keep the passageways open, you should start raking as soon after the leaves have fallen. You should continue raking even after the leaves have stopped falling. It’s not too difficult to rake once a week.

Aeration is a good idea now.

Your lawn may have suffered from heat stress and soil compaction over the summer. These problems are often responsible for most of the browning and thinning you saw last summer.

Aeration refers to the removal of soil plugs from a yard to allow for valuable nutrients to reach the roots. These nutrients are often difficult to obtain due to compaction and stress. Your lawn will be healthier and greener in the fall. Professional machinery is best for this task.

Use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

You want your lawn to look healthier and better in the fall. This will provide your lawn with nutrients that will help it get through winter, and also make the grass stronger in spring. Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn for healthy growth. To ensure nutrients reach the soil deeper, you must fertilize immediately after you have aerated in the fall.

You can plant seed to replace the bare or burned areas.

Many lawn patches can become brittle in the summer, so it is a good idea for you to reseed them with the right grasses. However, seeds that touch the soil will not germinate and it can be difficult for grass to be covered completely.

If you are looking for a power seeding service that will transform your yard, please contact us. This is when seeds are actually sown into the ground.

You must keep up with your lawn pest control.

You can have serious problems if you let insects live on your lawn after the winter. To prevent lawn pests from causing damage, you should take care to treat them in the fall.

You can either apply a pesticide or contact us to eliminate lawn pests such as armyworms and grubs. Fall is an ideal time to control many types of weeds.

Maintain a strict schedule.

You must follow a strict schedule for fall lawn care. The soil will not be able to absorb nutrients if you fertilize and seed too soon before winter. It’s not as efficient to aerate when it’s too hot outside.

A strict fall lawn maintenance plan is key to healthy lawns next year. Our lawn aeration and power seeding services can help you get your lawn back to its best when spring comes.

These fall lawn care tips will help you prepare your lawn for next year.

We offer personalized services and options to make your lawn look its best. Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now for more details.

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