Fall Lawn Care Tips: Give Your Grass A Healthy Start

lawn careThe work you do this fall will ensure a lush green lawn next year. Your lawn will look even better next spring if you take care of it now. Here are some lawn care tips you need to know.

Simple Fall Lawn Care Tips

The purpose of lawn care in Myrtle Beach SC in the fall season is to ensure that next year’s lawn has a healthy start. This will make your lawn look better and help you avoid potential problems.

You can aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn is a great idea if it is hardy and compacted. This loosens the soil and incorporates air into it. This will help your lawn grow stronger roots.

Pest Control

Also, you’ll want to be proactive about avoiding pest problems next year. This is the time to identify and treat any insect pests or diseases that you have had problems with.

Use Weed Control

Fall is a great time to apply pre-emergent herbicides to your lawn if you have had problems with weeds this year. This will stop any weed seeds from growing next spring. Follow the directions on any product you use.

A healthy, dense lawn is the best way to manage weeds. A healthy lawn is built on proper fertilization, mowing, watering, and other necessary activities.

Fall Lawn Fertilizing

Your lawn will grow stronger and greener if it is fertilized in the fall. You should look for fertilizers that are specifically designed for lawns. It’s also important to know the chemical composition of fertilizer.

Unless a soil test indicates that additional phosphorus is required, a lawn fertilizer should not contain phosphorus (the middle numbers). A simple lawn fertilizer chart is available if any of these seem confusing.

Follow the directions on the fertilizer that you choose, and apply it according to the schedule. Timing is crucial. If you fertilize too soon, your lawn will have lush green growth in the autumn and most of the nutrients will be gone by the spring. The lawn will not have the time it needs to replenish its nutrients and grow lushly in the spring if fertilized too late.

Fill Bare Spots, Overseed

Fall is a great time to seed areas that are bare or thin in your lawn so that they will be covered next spring. This is also a great time to oversee the whole lawn. This will ensure a thicker turf. This will help reduce the amount of weeds that you have to manage next year.

To give your grass time to establish, sow the seed 45 days before the first fall frost.

Keep watering the lawn in the fall

The fall lawn maintenance process continues until the grass can no longer grow. It happens at different times depending on where you live. This is more common in the north than in the south.

You should water your lawn even if you don’t get any rain. This is typically in October in the north. It’s later in south. A lawn needs about one inch of water each week.

Give the Lawn a final mow

Keep mowing your lawn until it stops growing. After that, you should give it a final, thorough mowing to prevent it from freezing. Tall grass can become matted over winter, which can lead to mold and fungal problems.

Leaf removal is important!

You should remove fallen leaves from your lawn as they can mat down and smother your grass.

This is the easiest to do. Use a mulching mower to mow your lawn. It removes leaves and returns them to the lawn to be used as a nutrient source. All this while you are cutting the grass.

If you don’t own a mulching mower, an old-fashioned rake will work. These can be added to your compost pile along with grass clippings and kitchen scraps.

A Fall Lawn Care Program is a great idea

It is important to be aware of when each step should be taken in fall lawn maintenance. You won’t get the results you expected if you do not complete them on time. Although it may seem like a lot, fall lawn care does not have to be difficult.

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