Important Fall Lawn Care Tasks

lawn careAs winter approaches, there are some important things you should do for your lawn. These fall lawn care tasks can make a big difference when spring arrives.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Giving your lawn two doses of fertilizer in the fall can turn it from okay to amazing. Fertilizing early in the fall helps your grass repair its roots, which might have been damaged in the summer.

Fall is also a great time to tackle lawn weeds like dandelion and clover. You can find products that both feed your lawn and get rid of weeds. Some even fight fire ants. Apply a second dose of fertilizer about six to eight weeks after the first one.

Refresh Your Lawn

Your lawn takes a beating from the summer heat and drought, especially if your kids play on it. Don’t forget to take care of any bare spots you notice. There are products that can thicken up your grass if it’s looking thin. Like when you plant new grass, remember to keep the soil surface damp by watering it once a day until the grass reaches the right height for mowing.

lawn careMulching

Leaves falling from trees might seem like they’ll keep your lawn warm in the winter, but they won’t. In reality, they block sunlight and make your grass thinner.

Instead of raking them up, use your lawnmower to chop them into small pieces before applying fall fertilizer. This helps the soil’s microorganisms break down the leaves.

Check Your Gutters

If you’re up on a ladder hanging holiday lights and trying not to think about your fear of heights, take a moment to inspect your gutters. It’s better to make sure they’re not clogged now than to deal with it when storms hit.

Mow Your Lawn

Keep mowing your lawn, but trim it about 1 to 2 inches shorter than you do during the growing season. Keep mowing until the grass stops growing in early winter when it goes dormant.

Store Your Lawn Furniture

Since you probably won’t be spending much time outdoors during winter, it’s a good idea to store your lawn furniture in the fall. It’s part of your fall lawn care routine.

Clean Your Lawn and Gardening Tools

Your lawn and gardening tools have been working hard all season. Before putting them away, make sure to clean them so they don’t rust.

Professional lawn care can yield excellent results. If you need help preparing your lawn for winter, give Conner’s Lawn Care Service a call, and we’ll assist you.

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