What Should You Look For in A Lawn Care Program?

lawn careEvery homeowner wants to have an immaculate lawn that is not only beautiful to look at, with lots of curb appeal but also easy to maintain and free of weeds, pests or other problems. Let’s face it many of us simply don’t’ have time to spend out in the yard doing landscaping and lawn care. The good news is that Myrtle Beach has many wonderful lawn care companies to choose from and you just need to know a few things before you choose.

Here are a few tips and things to look for before you hire a lawn care company to take over your lawn care Myrtle Beach service:

First of all, decide whether or not you want the service in all four seasons. If you do, make sure it’s a service that understands how to fertilize your lawn all year round to ensure that you have the healthiest, greenest grass that you can possibly have in all seasons.

Also, you’ll need to think about things like organic lawn care. These services use just enough of the chemicals necessary to keep weeds and other pests under control, but no more. The lawn maintenance care can be organic and tailored to the different seasons. This would be the best choice if you are wanting to be environmentally friendly and organic. The other thing to look at is the fertilizer used on your lawn, but it’s often best to leave this to the professionals and trust them to do their job.

Any Myrtle Beach lawn care company should also know how to protect against many different pests as well.  For instance, if white grubs are an issue, ask if your lawn care service offers the use of microscopic worms to kill the grubs.

Services To Ask About

Professional Myrtle Beach lawn services should also provide the following treatments and services:

  • Fungus problem treatments
  • Professional soil tests
  • Use of soil supplements when necessary
  • Core aeration, where small plugs of soil are removed to increase oxygen flow
  • Protection against weeds
  • Management of broadleaf weeds, like dandelions and plantain or clover
  • Management for creeping Charlie, which grows in shady, moist areas, as well as crabgrass.

lawn care Be sure to make sure that your Myrtle Beach lawn care company goes the extra mile and doesn’t just take care of your lawn. They need to also look after vegetation control on driveways, sidewalks, etc., and also help control insects in the trees around your property. They can also provide root feeding for your shrubs and trees. There are companies that will go the extra mile if you know what to ask for.

The last thing to look at when choosing to hire a Myrtle Beach lawn care service is cost. You want to really look at the costs for the services that you are interested in, not just an overall cost. The prices can differ drastically, so it’s important to know what your budgetary concerns are and stay within that by finding a lawn service that will work with you.

Here at Conner’s Lawn Care Service, we want to be your go-to Myrtle Beach lawn care company. Call now and let us help you find the perfect plan for your lawn and property. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you understand your options! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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