Lawn Care and Preparation Tips For Winter

lawn careYou might think that snow is bad for your lawn, but it can actually help in many ways. Here are some lawn care tips you need to know for winter.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Protecting Your Lawn with Snow

Snow acts like a cozy blanket for your lawn. It keeps your grass safe because it allows air to get through, so your grass still gets oxygen. But be careful with ice; it can be harmful. If your grass is under snow, everything should be fine.

If You Get Lots of Snow

If your area gets lots of snow in the winter, here are a few Myrtle Beach lawn care tips:

Give Your Grass Food

Before winter, feed your lawn by putting special plant food on it. This gives the grass energy to survive the cold months.

Cut the Grass Short

In the fall, cut your grass shorter each time you mow until it’s about 2 to 2-1/2 inches tall. Shorter grass helps avoid a problem called snow mold, which can hurt your lawn in the spring.

Use Fallen Leaves

Instead of raking up all the leaves, you can chop them into tiny pieces and leave them on your lawn. Some leaves are good for your grass and soil because they give them food. Just don’t wait too long because too many leaves can smother your lawn.

Loosen Up the Soil

If your soil is too hard, water can’t soak in, and it can freeze and hurt your grass. So, use a tool to make holes in the soil, which lets water in and keeps your grass healthy.

lawn careStop Weeds

Even though we usually stop weeds in the spring, if your lawn looks good, you can stop them now too. Some weeds grow in the fall and can take over your lawn.

Clean Up

Don’t forget to clean your lawn. Leaves and sticks left on it can block the sun and trap moisture, which can cause problems. So, make sure your lawn is clear of debris after your last mow.

If You Have Little or No Snow

In places where it doesn’t snow much, you still need to take care of your lawn in winter:

Keep Mowing

Even in winter, some grasses keep growing. So, keep mowing until your grass stops growing. This helps it grow thicker and pushes out weeds.

Give Water

Don’t forget to water your lawn. Even in winter, it needs some water to stay healthy. If you don’t get much rain, make sure to give your lawn a little water.

Check the Soil

In winter, your grass doesn’t need plant food. But you can test your soil to see if it needs food later. Just wait at least two months after giving food to test it.

Maintain Your Tools

Since you won’t use your lawn tools much in winter, take the time to make sure they work well. This way, they’ll be ready when you need them again.

Relax: Don’t worry if your lawn doesn’t look perfect in winter. It’s a time for rest.

If you follow these tips, your lawn will bounce back in spring and look great again! Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now for professional help.

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