Lawn Care Tips For The Holidays

lawn careChristmas is fast approaching and many people are busy getting ready for this festive season when family and friends will be visiting. These festive seasons are a great time to enjoy outdoor activities. You want your lawn strong enough to withstand the heavy traffic, so you can enjoy a game of footy or backyard cricket. These tips will help you enjoy the holidays to the fullest, without worrying about your turf’s health. Here are some lawn care tips for a beautiful lawn this holiday season.

Invest in a Proven Turf Variety

A good variety of turf is the best way to maintain your turf’s health despite heavy traffic. there are many turf varieties and it can be quite easy to get confused. Conner’s Lawn Care Service can help you replace your entire lawn if your current one is not cutting it for the festive season.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Our premium slow-release fertilizer can be applied to your lawn regularly and will keep it green, healthy, strong, and beautiful all year. Strong lawns can withstand more traffic and are easier to repair if there is any damage.

Keep Mowing

When you have many guests, your lawn should look its best. Regular mowing is a good way to keep your lawn healthy and strong, reduce thatch, and most importantly, keep it looking great. Don’t forget to keep your mower blades razor-sharp.

Do not leave objects on your lawn

Do not leave blankets, coolers, or other large objects on your lawn for too long. These objects can block sunlight and heat up, which can cause yellow patches and dead spots on your lawn. You can quickly restore your lawn’s health by hand watering it if this happens.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service if you need professional help in keeping your lawn in great shape.

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