Lawn Care Tips For Spring

lawn care Myrtle BeachSpring is almost here and soon, you’ll see the first daffodils and crocuses come to life again. These are also indications that you need to prepare your lawn for the lawn season. The perfect timing for these lawn care tasks for the spring season will depend on your location.

Simple Lawn Care Tips

Rake Deeply

The first lawn care task you need to do is to prepare your lawn for new growth. Even if you’ve done a good job raking the leaves in your lawn during fall, you still have to deal with thatch. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, thatch is a layer that’s made of dead turfgrass tissue that’s lying between the root and the soil below and the green vegetation. Thatch becomes bad for your grass if it’s too thick and that’s why you have to rake deeply during the fall season. But you still need to do this during the spring season. You have to get rid of the grass blades that have died over the winter. You don’t want dead grass to become thatch.

Spring raking will also help you look for matted patches of lawn. If you check and find that the grass blades are stuck with each other, then you have a snow mold problem. New grass will find it hard to get into these matted patches, and that’s when raking can help.

Aerate If Needed

In case your lawn gets too much traffic, then your soil may be compacted, which may be indicated by the growth of moss. If that’s the case, your soil needs aeration. A lawn aerator will help create openings in the lawn so that air and water can penetrate the soil and get to the grass roots. You always have the option to rend a lawn aerator but you can also go for a manual hand aerator.

You need to know that aerating the lawn shouldn’t be done during spring but there are cases when you have to. If your soil is compacted, then existing grass may not grow and you have to include aeration in your list of spring lawn care Myrtle Beach tasks.

Check The Soil

Aside from compaction, if you see that moss is coating your lawn, then the soil is acidic. Grass love a neutral PH. You can neutralize the soil’s acidity by adding ground limestone. But it’s not going to be a quick fix because the liming’s effect happens gradually. But before all that, you have to send out a soil sample so it’s acidity can be checked.


A landscape that is riddled with some bare patches because of neglect, heavy traffic, or dog spots need some grass seed application so there’s something that would fill in the bare spots. You can do this by overseeding, which involves sowing seed over an existing grass. You need a slow release nitrogen fertilizer and then a quick release nitrogen fertilizer.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You can use mulching mowers or compost to fertilize your lawn. But you can also use chemical fertilizers. But you need to be warned that applying too much fertilizer during the spring season could result into weed problems and disease.


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