Lawn Care Tips – How To Protect Your Lawn In Winter

lawn careIt doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside, don’t neglect your lawn. You need to take care of your lawn in the winter when the temperatures drop. Your lawn’s health can be affected by cold temperatures, precipitation, and other factors during winter. Here are some lawn care tips to follow this winter:

Mow Low before the Snow Hits

To protect fragile new growth, cut your grass as soon as you can by the end of fall. Rodents love to burrow in colder weather and tall grass can attract them. Once spring arrives, they can create tunnels and nests that can cause turf damage.

Winter kill can be prevented by proper lawn maintenance throughout the year

Winter kill can occur on any lawn. However, it is more common to affect healthier lawns. The grass will be stronger and more resistant to disease if it is maintained well all year. You can prevent winter kill from happening again by focusing on the root cause. The longer the ice blankets remain, the more damage it causes to your turf.

Avoid heavy lawn traffic during the winter months

It can be easy to forget that grass should not be walked on if it is short and brown. Avoid foot traffic on your winter lawn. Although grass is resilient, it can be difficult to recover if the path is not well maintained. Compaction is especially dangerous in winter.

Ice melters can damage your lawn

You should be aware of the potential for lawn damage from ice melt products, regardless of whether they are something new to you or something that you use regularly. Turf damage can often be seen between the sidewalks and the street in the late winter or early summer. You can find melting products on the market. However, they must be used with care. Pay attention to the label before you purchase any melting products.

Fertilize before the first freeze

Make sure to fertilize your lawn before the first freeze. This will ensure that you replace any nutrients that may have been lost during the hot summer months. The fertilizer will stay in the soil until the temperatures drop and continue to feed your lawn’s roots throughout the winter. Fertilization in winter replaces nutrients that your soil lost during the summer heat.

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