Landscaping With Christmas Lights

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Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time for the fun of holiday magic to start! It’s officially time to go up in that dusty attic once again, or the old shed out back and bring out those unending strands of Christmas lights. If you’re a Christmas lover like I am, then you will no doubt want to deck your house with the festive display of Christmas lights to impress your neighbors and spread holiday cheer. If you’re really jolly, you’ll want to not only light up your house with decorations, but also design Christmas décor for the yard. Your lawn care can help you with design ideas, or you can get plenty of pictures and ideas online.

Landscaping for Christmas

Doing outside Christmas decorating is a task that is fun to include your kids in. Even the little ones can help unravel light strands or plug them in to test them. Older ones can help install lights or yard decorations that don’t involve ladders or other dangerous work.

Be sure when you are buying your Christmas lights, that you choose lights that are waterproof or made for outdoor use. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and size. LED lights tend to be a bit more expensive, but they last far longer and are a good bit brighter, which makes them a great choice for outdoor lighting. Remember that you should not string together more than 3 strands of lights at a time. If you’re using the bigger C9 or C7 bulbs, they can give a fun, vintage look that’s old-fashioned, but they do blow easier, so you should only string these two strands at a time.

Don’t forget about your actual lawn care for Christmas. You can light up shrubs with different colors or wind lights up trees. Here in the coastal areas, we have palm trees and they look beautiful with Christmas lights all through them! Chase lights create the twinkle effect, while there are also lights made just for tracing the outside shape of your house. These lights can be bought online in any length you need. You can also get lighting nets that can be draped over bushes.

If you need landscaping help this Christmas, be sure to call us at Conners Lawn Care We are pros in Christmas decorating for your house exterior, as well as your yard and other landscaping features. Why not do it up right this Christmas and have one of those beautiful homes you see in other neighborhoods or in the magazines? You’ll be surprised how many people will drive by your home to admire your handiwork this Christmas after your masterpiece is finished. It’s wonderful to share the Holiday spirit with neighbors and passers-by alike. If you’re really ambitious, you can design your lights to be set to music. It’s a really fun way to celebrate Christmas!

Call us today at Conner’s Lawn Care and let us help you design your perfect Christmas showcase this year. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it really is to go all out for Christmas with your lawn care Myrtle Beach and lighting.

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Lawn Care Tips For Winter

lawn careLawn grass becomes dormant during the winter season in several parts of the country. The cool season ryegrass is generally overseeded into the turf down south so that a green lawn can be maintained. In the northern area, grass are unable to grow because it’s too cold. So homeowners wait for the spring season to come. But lawn care does not end in the winter season.

Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy Despite The Colder Weather

Fertilize – apply some fertilizer using a spreader. While moving the machine back and forth on the grass, you must grip its handle just like a trigger and it will then release the pellets whenever you shoot. Be sure to follow all the instructions listed on the fertilizer package. Don’t apply too much fertilizer. You have to follow what’s written on the label since adding too much fertilizer will burn the grass.

Aerate the lawn – aerating the lawn should also be part of your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine. You need to add some extra air to the grass roots. Take out some parts of the soil by using a spade. This will help create holes that you can use to plan seeds. In case you have a large lawn, you should consider renting a manual or motorized aerator.

Add cool weather grass seed – buy grass seed that are labeled as cool weather or cool season. Sprinkle them over the lawn using a spreader. Make sure it is applied evenly to avoid having clumps of grass once spring comes.

Rake and Water – break the soil clumps and then cover the seeds a little bit using a rake. Once done, add water by using a garden hose spray. Always keep the soil moist and never allow it to dry out.

Other Lawn Care and Winterizing Tips

Clean up the lawn – never leave toys, leaves, or debris on the lawn because they can smother the lawn grass. It could also lead to diseases and invite damaging pests.

Lower the lawn mower height – if the lawn grass is too high, it could smother itself and lead to a higher risk of damage from thawing and freezing conditions. But that does not mean that you have to cut the grass too short. If you do, you will be exposing the crown of the grass to extreme weather conditions.

Be aware of foot trafficdormant grass can take a moderate amount of foot traffic. But if there’s too much foot traffic, a path that’s worn out would be very slow to green up once spring comes.

Check weather conditions – turf is extremely resilient and could tolerate extreme weather conditions but not for a long time. You need to monitor the weather conditions so that you can prepare your lawn for the weather.


The winter season can be unpredictable. Make sure that your lawn is ready for the colder temperature. Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now and let us help you prepare your lawn for winter.


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Winter Lawn Care Tips For South Carolina Homeowners

lawn careIt is possible for homeowners to keep their lawns looking their best even during the colder winter season. Here’s why it is important to winterize your lawn. You’ll also get to know a few winter lawn care tips.

Why should you winterize your lawn in South Carolina?

Fertilizing during the fall season is extremely effective since plants respond to external factors during this season that start the procedure of preparing for the colder season like the day length as well as the changes in temperature. As the days become shorter and the air becomes cooler, turfgrass responds by slowing down the growth and shifting food reserves from the leaves down to roots. Even though air temperature continue to drop, plant roots would be kept active in the soil. This remains true for several different types of plants like grass.

Shifting the changing nutrients to the roots is the secret to the return of plants every spring. The food reserves that are stored will fuel the spring wakeup. You will be feeding the plants’ active roots and providing them nutrients they need for winter by fertilizing them during the fall season.

Once the weather becomes colder, the nutrient of your lawn has to be changed in the fall to prepare it for the cold weather ahead. Winterizing fertilizers are rich in potassium, which is crucial in the overall health of the plant.

Potassium is working at the cellular level to strengthen and harden the plants from the top down to the bottom, and this makes them tolerant to stress and cold. Potassium is also great at helping plants absorb other nutrients, and that’s why it takes on a crucial role in feeding your lawn.

Lawn Care Tips For The Winter Season

Mowing is important

You should continue watering and mowing your lawn as required throughout the fall season. Once the season comes to a close, drop the blade of the mower to its lowest setting for the remaining two cuttings of the year.

Aerate the soil

Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn because water, oxygen, as well as fertilizer could easily reach the roots of the grass.

Rake The Leaves

Nobody wants to spend their free time raking the leaves. But it is one important lawn care Myrtle Beach tip that needs to be done. You should not wait until all of the leaves have fallen from the tree before you begin raking. In case you do, the leaves will be wet from the morning dew and rain. If they stick together, they will become a mat that cannot be infiltrated. If it is left unmoved, it will suffocate the grass and may even cause fungal disease.


Lawn care experts agree that fertilizing the lawn is best done during the fall season. Grass leaves tend to grow much slower during this year as the weather becomes colder. However, the grass roots will continue to grow fast.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service if you need help in preparing your lawn for the winter season.

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Is Dormant Seeding The Lawn This Winter Important?

lawn careAs winter comes, many homeowners think that they can no longer help their lawn. That’s not true at all. Dormant seeding is one lawn care routine that’s worth doing. It will prepare your lawn for next spring, making sure that it will look great and healthy.

Lawn Care: What is Dormant Seeding?

Dormant seeding is a lawn care Myrtle Beach process that involves seeding your lawn following the usual growing season. Once the temperature falls under 40 degrees, the seeds will grow into little baby grass. Dormant seeding works best during December and January. The cold weather lets seeds stay dormant in the soil, awaiting the temperatures to rise during late March. August and September remains as the best months for seeding. In case you were unable to do so, you still have the option of dormant seeding.

Why is Dormant Seeding Important?

  1. Dormant seeding creates grass plants as early as 13 days before spring seeding.
  2. Since we dormant seed during the winter season, the soil becomes drier and more pliable, making it easier to have the seed to soil contact.
  3. The lawn with dormant seeds will not need water until spring season as nature will get this job done.
  4. During the colder season, there would be lesser need for disease and weed control strategies.

Other Lawn Care Reminders

In case you dormant seed during the winter season, you should put off the crab grass prevention application until you’ve mowed the new grass seed at least two times. Obviously, you have to follow the directions written on the label of your preferred weed control for specific directions. We will take care of the schedule. For ideal results, we suggest using the services of a reliable lawn care expert to make sure that your lawn enjoy the benefits of dormant seeding.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now if you have questions about dormant seeding or if you need the help of a trustworthy lawn care company to prepare your lawn for the winter season.

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Lawn Care Tips For Winter

lawn careAlthough your lawn may not need that much care during the winter season as it does during fall, spring, and summer, you should never ignore it. Here are some lawn care tips you can take to make sure that your lawn is in good shape once spring comes.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Aerate and Fertilize Your Lawn

Don’t forget to aerate and fertilize your lawn. Aerating your lawn allows it to breathe before the lawn grass becomes dormant, and assist in relieving any soil compaction that may have accumulated during the warmer season. After that, you have to fertilize your lawn to give the grass the nutrients it needs while preparing for winter. The grass roots absorb and keep the nutrients during winter. Then, during spring, your lawn will use these stored nutrients, allowing it to have head start, which makes it lush and green. By having a lawn that’s well taken care of, you will prevent diseases, pests, and weeds, from damaging your lawn.

Keep it Clean

If leaves have piled up on your lawn during the fall season, it will cause your lawn grass to suffocate. If you leave leaves on the lawn, they could become overly wet, which could lead to lawn disease. In case the leaves are not too wet or thick, you should mulch them using your mower into small pieces so the nutrients can be recycled back to the lawn. In case the leaves are too wet, matted down, or thick, you should rake and get rid of them. Don’t forget to get rid of lawn furniture and any debris from your lawn.

Avoid Too Much Lawn Traffic

If your lawn is dormant or frosted, don’t walk on the lawn too much. Even strong and healthy lawn grass could become weak when the same exact spots are walked on too many times.

Prepare Your Lawn While You Can

Finally, you have to make sure that your winter lawn care Myrtle Beach plan has been set in place in advance. Once you feel the chill in the air, you should monitor the forecast and give yourself enough time to set up your plan before winter comes.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now and let our lawn care experts help you prepare your lawn for winter.

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Taking Care of Your Lawn This Fall Season

lawn careThe days have started to become shorter but that doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy a beautiful lawn during the fall season. Listed below are some fall lawn care tips that will make sure that your outdoor space will be an excellent place to retreat during these months.

Now that the summer season is over and you’ve had your fill of fun with friends and family, the time has come to prepare your lawn for the upcoming colder months. By following the tips provided here, you’ll get to enjoy your lawn a bit longer while making sure that it would look great next spring.

Fall Lawn Care Tips


Start cutting back on your lawn mower’s height. During the fall season, your lawn will prepare to become dormant for the remainder of the year and it won’t grow fast. You don’t have to mow it as frequently over the last few weeks in the fall. However, you need to decrease the height of your lawn so it’s shorter than what you used to have during summer. But you need to do this gradually until the grass length is around one and a half inch high. How often you have to mow will depend on how fast your lawn grass grows. You have to remove 1/3 of the mower blade or much less. Anything more than that would shock your lawn grass. It’s also recommended to move in the evening.


Hopefully when fall comes, you have already won the fight against weeds in your lawn. In case there are holdouts, it’s crucial to address them before the snow and leaves make it harder to manage. Not only is it harder to look for and address weeds, but there are weeds that could be aggressive and control during the fall season once your grass is a lot less active.

Shrubs and Trees

Give your shrubs and trees a helping hand this season by providing them with fertilizers that contain essential nutrients that they could store up for the winter season. Your shrubs and trees would get a head start when growing faster and fuller during the spring season.

Rake Your Lawn

Get rid of the leaves that build up in your lawn. Make sure to rake your lawn thoroughly. As time goes by, the leaves will begin to decompose, sap moisture out of the soil and giving a welcome home to pests that may damage your lawn. The thick layer of decaying leaves may also leave dead spots in your lawn during the spring, letting weeds to take over quickly. So be sure to include this in your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine for the fall season.


As time goes by, the soil in your lawn will become compacted. This will cut back the air pockets that let water and nutrients get to the grass roots. To fight this off, be sure that your lawn is aerated every year. Fall is the perfect time to get this done and provides your lawn the best opportunity to get the water and nutrients to grow healthy throughout the season.


For a weed free, lush, and healthy lawn, it is important to overseed. Once your lawn ages, it will become tired and the reproduction of grass will become slow. Noone wants to see unhealthy grass in your lawn. Aside from being aesthetically unappealing, these spots make it much easier for weeds to take full control. You should spread grass seed over your lawn at the suggested rate. This would encourage brand new lawn grass to grow and fill in those spots that are unhealthy and help make your lawn look good once spring comes.

Conner’s know how much you value your lawn and that’s why our lawn care experts decided to come up with this quick guide. If you need help in controlling weeds, seeding, fertilizing, or preparing your lawn for winter, call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now.

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How To Save Your Lawn While Keeping Your Pets Safe

lawn careUnlike what most people say, having pets doesn’t mean sacrificing your dream of having a beautiful lawn. Apart from that, you can have the green space that you’ve always wanted without having to risk the health of your pets. With the appropriate products and lawn care practices, it’s possible for you to get a beautiful lawn. Here are some lawn care tips you need to kno.

Lawn Care Tips

If you have had a pet before, you know the struggles involved when it comes to keeping your lawn looking green and lush. As you know that dog urine could create brown spots in your lawn grass. In some cases, it may even kill the grass. However, if you know the proper lawn care Myrtle Beach methods that are turf friendly and pet friendly, you could still have a green and thick lawn, even if you have dogs.

Here are a few tips to cut back the effects of dog urine on your lawn grass.

  1. Let Your Dogs Drink Plenty of Water

This will keep your dog well hydrated but also dilute the urine. Add water to the diet of your dog by letting him have several water bowls throughout your house and lawn. You could also add water to your dog’s diet by giving them wet food or even adding water to your dog’s dry food.

  1. Assign one area as your dog’s bathroom.

Giving your dog a special spot where they can do their business is an excellent way to keep your lawn grass healthy and green. Train your dogs to use the designated spot and that may include giving them treats.

  1. Plant Grass Seed that Helps Develop A Hardy Lawn

Plant a strong and dense grass type in your lawn to help protect it against urine stains as well as your pet’s everyday wear and tear. The tall fescue grass is an excellent option. It grows densely that is why it could easily camouflage the urine stains and handle heavy paw traffic.

  1. Dilute Your Dog’s Urine

Flush the area where your dog peed using water. Although this task may require some effort on your part, diluting the urine of your dog using a watering can, dousing it using a bottled water, or quickly spraying it using a garden hose is extremely helpful in letting the urine get into the soil without damaging or killing the grass.

  1. Take Your Dog Out For A Walk

Your pet will do their business when you take them out for a walk instead of doing their business in your yard. You can benefit from it too since walking is good for your health.

  1. Add gypsum to brown the dog spots

You can neutralize the urine of your dog by using gypsum. It could also restore the lush green color of your lawn. This mineral will work to heal your lawn grass and it will encourage the growth of new grass. You can use it whenever you have to fix the urine spots in your lawn.

Keeping your pets safe is important too while having a green and beautiful yard. Here are some tips to keep your pets healthy.

  1. Keep your pets inside your house when you’re applying a lawn care prod
  2. Follow the instructions on the label of the weed and feed products and know when it’s safe for your pets to play in the lawn.
  3. Don’t forget to water your lawn after applying liquid or granular lawn fertilizer.
  4. Consider using natural or organic lawn care products.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service if you need help in maintaining your lawn.

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Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

lawn careSummer could be among the toughest times of the year for landscapes and lawns especially when we reside in a place with a warm climate. Although summer is the perfect time for lawns to thrive, it is also a time for less well maintained turf to suffer several issues that could result in poor health and stress. With a few basic lawn care practices, you should be able to significantly improve your lawn while you enjoy the warm summer months.

Effective Lawn Watering

Water is among the most important aspects of lawn care. The right lawn care watering practices will help your lawn send water down to the roots and deeper into the soil, beyond the evaporation level of the top part of the soil, which consequently will make your turf more drought and heat tolerant.

You can also train your turf to develop a deep root system by just ever watering the lawn once it shows signs of leaf withering, and then providing the lawn with a water at that period. This is a simple way of growing a deep root system for all kinds of turf.

Fertilizing Lawns

A lawn that is healthy before summer comes is a much better solution to get a healthy summer lawn, compared to waiting until summer and then trying to create a healthy lawn. The same holds true for winter lawn care Myrtle Beach.

Fertilizing your turf must be performed before the onset of these two harsh seasons, winter and summer. So you have to be sure that you have fertilized your lawn using high quality fertilizers before the onset of Summer so that the lawn will remain in its peak condition once the heat comes.

Lawn Mowing

Moisture loss in soils is the main cause of most lawn problems. You can greatly improve this problem by correctly watering your lawn so it promotes deep root growth. However, you can also help the soil further by lowering the amount of water that is lost through evaporation.

Although a strong and healthy lawn that is growing in full sunlight could be cut short, for many lawns which are much less than perfect, their best health benefit during the summer can come about by boosting the lawn mowing height. This significant increase in the leaf length of the lawn will then provide shade and insulation to the soil and protect them against moisture loss, which will result in less heat stress for the landscape.

Pest and Weed Control

There are lawn treatments that are designed to get rid of pests and weeds. Don’t treat pets and weeds using chemical pesticides during the hot days of summer rather than wait for milder days to carry out any such spraying or better yet, treat for weeds or pests before summer comes.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service if you need professional help in maintaining your lawn.

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7 Things You Must Do For Your Lawn This Fall

lawn careLawn care experts know that having a thick, healthy, and green lawn in the spring depends on how it was cared for in the fall. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners commit common mistakes before their lawn grass hibernate. When spring comes, they end up wondering what happened to their grass. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Listed below are essential fall lawn care tips to make sure that you’ll have a beautiful lawn come next spring.

Fall Lawn Care Tips You Need To Know

Remove The Leaves

It may seem like it’s nice to have your lawn covered with autumn leaves. But unlike what you see in magazines and TV, a lawn that’s covered with autumn leaves isn’t good for the grass. It will only block sunlight as well as trap moisture, which could lead to significant damage to the turf underneath. So, when leaves fall, make sure to rake or blow them away as often as possible. Even if the trees in your area have gone bare, you should still continue raking the leaves that the wind blows into your property. If you fail to do this, your turf will look soggy come spring.

Mow Your Lawn To The Correct Height

Don’t store your lawn mower just yet. Grass will continue to grow up until the first hard frost and that’s why you have to mow your lawn to the appropriate height, which is about 2-3 inches. If it is way too long, it will mat and that means it’s prone to snow mold or other fungi.

It’s also not a good idea to cut grass too short because it will negatively affect its root system. Always remember that the cutting height is proportional to root depth. If the turf is cut too short, the lawn won’t be able to withstand winter dryness and coldness. Mowing the lawn regularly will also help get rid of the annoying leaves, cutting them into small pieces and leaving behind a lawn that’s covered with mulch.

Continue Watering Your Lawn

Don’t let up on water during the fall season. Although there will be more rain and dew, there’s less evaporation during this season. This means the grass roots may not be kept hydrated and healthy once winter comes. Your lawn must get at least an inch of water every week.

Loosen The Soil

You can prevent soil from being covered with thatch and compacted. You can deal with these problems by using a core aerator. It works by creating holes through the thatch and take out any plugs of soil.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Roots need water for it to last the winter. But giving them a shot of plant sugars will protect them from freezing while giving the grass enough energy to bounce back when spring comes. These sugars are created by chlorophyll, which grass creates in abundance provided that there is sufficient nitrogen. Lawn care Myrtle Beach experts suggests applying a slow release fertilizer in the late fall season.

Spread Seed

Lawn care specialists also recommend overseeding your existing turf. It will fill in all bare patches or thin spots. Fall is the perfect time to do this because there’s more moisture, the ground is warm, nights are cool, and the sun isn’t that hot during daytime.

Stay on Schedule

Every step listed above needs to be performed at the right time if you wish to get the best results. If not, then you’ll just be wasting your efforts. For example, if you overseed, the seedlings may not be able to survive. Fertilizing too early or too soon isn’t a good idea, either. You have to follow a schedule. If that’s too difficult for you then it’s best to hire a lawn care service that can take care of the jobs that you can’t handle.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now if you need help in preparing your lawn for the winter season. Our team is always ready to assist you with all your lawn care needs.

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Essential Lawn Care Projects For The Fall

lawn careBefore winter begins, there are a few things you need to do to your lawn. Here are a few essential lawn care projects for the fall that could make a huge difference once spring comes.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Two fall feedings can make a huge difference between a truly stunning lawn to a so-so stretch of grass. Fertilizing during the early fall season will help your lawn start rebuilding its roots that may have been damaged during summer. Fall is also the perfect time to get rid of lawn weeds like dandelion and clover. There are products in the market that you can use to feed your lawn while getting rid of weeds at the same time. Some products even kills weeds and fertilizes your lawn while killing and preventing the proliferation of fire ants. Apply another fall feeding after six to eight weeks following your first feeding during the fall season.

Spruce Up Your Lawn

Lawns sustain damage from the heat and drought during the summer season. It can suffer more damage if your kids continue to play on the lawn. Don’t forget to treat any noticeable bare spots. You’ll also find products that can thicken up the grass in case you have a thin lawn. Just like any seeding project, it’s best to keep the soil surface moist by watering in once a day or as required until the seedlings reach the specified mowing height.


Never allow leaves to smother your lawn grass. Fallen tree leaves will not provide insulation for your lawn during winter. Instead, it will block sunlight and think the lawn grass. So, instead of raking, mulch your leaves to small pieces using your lawn mower before you apply one of the fall feedings. This will assist the soil microbes in breaking down the leaves.

Inspect The Gutters

If you are hanging holiday lights and trying to ignore your fear of heights then you better check the gutters while you are at it. You wouldn’t want to have clogged gutters once storms start to come in.

Mow Your Lawn

Don’t forget to mow your lawn at about 1 to 2 inches shorter than the regular height of the grass during the growing season. Continue mowing until the lawn grass stops growing in early winter as it starts to go into hibernation mode.

Stow Your Lawn Furniture

You probably won’t be spending much of your free time outdoors because of the winter weather. So, fall is the perfect time to store your lawn furniture. This should be part of your fall lawn care Myrtle Beach routine.

Clean Your Lawn and Gardening Tools

Your lawn and gardening tools have served you well during the growing season. Now that you are done with your lawn care routine, the time has come to put these tools away. But before you do that, make sure that you clean them first so they won’t rust.


Nothing beats the results of lawn care done by a professional. Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now and let us help prepare your lawn for the winter season.


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