Lawn Care: When Should You Apply Fertilizer?

lawn careMany homeowners add lawn fertilizer as part of their lawn care routine during the spring season, followed by at least once more application when growing season comes. If you’re going to apply fertilizer to your lawn, don’t do it too early during the season. The perfect time for that first application is during late spring, because the green grass is starting to grow. During early spring, the grass will focus more into the development of the root. If you add fertilizer too early, it would divert the energy of the plant to developing the leaf too soon.

The Debate About Lawn Fertilizer Application

Whether you should or should conduct lawn fertilization will depend on where you stand on low impact to chemical or organic gardening practices. Organic gardeners don’t like to use chemicals with their fertilizers. The primary concern is that the fertilizer could run off and get into the local water supply. There is a very good evidence that shows nitrogen and phosphorus from lawn as well as agricultural and lawn fertilizers are contaminating the groundwater, rivers, and streams, which will create a serious environmental problem.

Lawn Care Tip: Be Careful of Fertilizer Application Rates

Many fertilizer manufacturers are just too overzealous when it comes to their suggested dose and feeding schedule. Begin light using half the suggested amount as well as rate of the fertilizer. You could reapply in case you don’t love the results. After a season or two, you will learn how much fertilizer you need in order to obtain a healthy lawn.

A healthy lawn would have a light shade of the bright green color. A lawn that has a deep and nearly blackish green means it’s fertilized heavily. If you see a dark green color then it means a lot of fertilizer that’s nitrogen based has been used on the lawn. It’s possible that some of that has run off the storm sewers, streets, and possibly made its way to rivers and local streams.

When is the best time to fertilizer your lawn?

Homeowners who like to use organic fertilizer strategies may do only one turf builder application during the early fall in order to build a roof system. During spring and summer, most may eliminate all of the fertilizers and depend on the nitrogen that comes from mulched grass clippings when the time comes that the lawn needs to be fed.

Homeowners that use conventional fertilizer may want to add two or three light applications every growing year, one during the spring season, one during midsummer where it’s needed, and also one turf builder application during the early fall season. The timing will depend on the type of grasses you have and where you’re located.

Once you find out when is the best time, the next thing you should for your lawn care Myrtle Beach do is plan the application of the fertilizer with a short rainfall period. If not, then you should add the fertilizer along with quarter an inch of water. If a massive storm is coming, don’t apply the fertilizer. It will risk the fertilizer nutrients to run off into the streams and storm drains.

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