What is the right way to water your lawn during the summer?

Lawn Maintenance Myrtle BeachWatering your lawn is part of your lawn maintenance Myrtle Beach. But how often should you do it? Proper watering is important if you want to have the best looking lawn in your neighbourhood. Here are a few things you need to know.

Lawn Maintenance Myrtle Beach Watering Tips

  • You must water your lawn at a minimum of one to one and a half inches of water every week, throughout the year, and during the winter season, too.
  • You should water your lawn deeply at least two times per week instead of daily.
  • Water during the early morning.
  • If you cannot push a six inches screwdriver into the lawn, then you are not watering that much.
  • You need to water more often during the summer season.
  • Avoid watering too much that it already runs down the street.
  • Check your automatic sprinklers regularly to make sure that you are getting total coverage.
  • If there’s a brown spot that won’t respond to watering, you better search for another problem.


Landscaping are more likely to sustain winter damage if they are dry when they go into the winter season. You should purchase a rain gauge. You’re in the safe zone if you get one inch of water each week. If you don’t, then you have to water your lawn more.

You may need to water for one hour if you have an automatic sprinkler. But you need to water longer during the summer season because of heat stress and evaporation.

Your grass will have a shallow root system if you water every day. Root systems that are shallow will dry out fast and it will weaken your lawn. You should water deeply three times every week and provide your grass a deep root system, make it drought resistant and stronger.

You should also water early in the morning because it will make sure that the lawn will dry before the evening. A wet lawn can cause disease and water issues. Additionally, it’s less windy and cooler in the morning, which means less evaporation, which would help you cut costs on your water bill and take you much less time to get the water on the lawn. If you can’t water early in the morning, it’s always better to water as early as you can than not water your lawn at all.

If you have a fescue lawn, then you need to provide your lawn with more water especially during summer. It will prevent your lawn from becoming stressed especially when high temperature comes with strong winds. Another essential lawn care tip is to raise your mowing height during extreme temperatures. Don’t forget to water lightly every day so that the grass can cool off. Your lawn’s grass will need more water during this time because it will use it as an internal coolant, Apart from your regular deep waterings, you should also include daily waterings in your residential lawn care routine during extreme heat.


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