How To Save Your Lawn While Keeping Your Pets Safe

lawn careUnlike what most people say, having pets doesn’t mean sacrificing your dream of having a beautiful lawn. Apart from that, you can have the green space that you’ve always wanted without having to risk the health of your pets. With the appropriate products and lawn care practices, it’s possible for you to get a beautiful lawn. Here are some lawn care tips you need to kno.

Lawn Care Tips

If you have had a pet before, you know the struggles involved when it comes to keeping your lawn looking green and lush. As you know that dog urine could create brown spots in your lawn grass. In some cases, it may even kill the grass. However, if you know the proper lawn care Myrtle Beach methods that are turf friendly and pet friendly, you could still have a green and thick lawn, even if you have dogs.

Here are a few tips to cut back the effects of dog urine on your lawn grass.

  1. Let Your Dogs Drink Plenty of Water

This will keep your dog well hydrated but also dilute the urine. Add water to the diet of your dog by letting him have several water bowls throughout your house and lawn. You could also add water to your dog’s diet by giving them wet food or even adding water to your dog’s dry food.

  1. Assign one area as your dog’s bathroom.

Giving your dog a special spot where they can do their business is an excellent way to keep your lawn grass healthy and green. Train your dogs to use the designated spot and that may include giving them treats.

  1. Plant Grass Seed that Helps Develop A Hardy Lawn

Plant a strong and dense grass type in your lawn to help protect it against urine stains as well as your pet’s everyday wear and tear. The tall fescue grass is an excellent option. It grows densely that is why it could easily camouflage the urine stains and handle heavy paw traffic.

  1. Dilute Your Dog’s Urine

Flush the area where your dog peed using water. Although this task may require some effort on your part, diluting the urine of your dog using a watering can, dousing it using a bottled water, or quickly spraying it using a garden hose is extremely helpful in letting the urine get into the soil without damaging or killing the grass.

  1. Take Your Dog Out For A Walk

Your pet will do their business when you take them out for a walk instead of doing their business in your yard. You can benefit from it too since walking is good for your health.

  1. Add gypsum to brown the dog spots

You can neutralize the urine of your dog by using gypsum. It could also restore the lush green color of your lawn. This mineral will work to heal your lawn grass and it will encourage the growth of new grass. You can use it whenever you have to fix the urine spots in your lawn.

Keeping your pets safe is important too while having a green and beautiful yard. Here are some tips to keep your pets healthy.

  1. Keep your pets inside your house when you’re applying a lawn care prod
  2. Follow the instructions on the label of the weed and feed products and know when it’s safe for your pets to play in the lawn.
  3. Don’t forget to water your lawn after applying liquid or granular lawn fertilizer.
  4. Consider using natural or organic lawn care products.

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