Lawn Care Treatment

lawn care treatmentAt Conner’s Lawn Care Service, our lawn care professionals provide use the best products and provide excellent services into treating as well as maintaining your whole yard. Our team is dedicated in giving all our clients with not just a beautiful lawn but one that is at its full potential throughout the whole year through our lawn care treatment.

With our lawn treatment program, we aim to provide the appropriate balance of fertilizer and weed control to help in maximizing the grass that you have while reducing the weeds in your lawn. Our lawn care program is a prescription that will offer you a thicker, healthier, and greener yard.

The standard lawn care treatment Myrtle Beach that we offer includes seven to eight applications every year. But of course, it will depend on the grass type, location, and the requirements of your lawn. The program includes fertilization, pre-emergent and pre-emergent weed control, liming in certain areas, and free service calls. We do our best to meet and even exceed the expectations of our clients and that’s why we back our lawn care work with a money back guarantee.

Lawn Weed Control

Our primary goal for your lawn is to get rid of all those weeds. Most of our weed control treatment include a fertilizer that will benefit the roots of your lawn. And whenever we apply fertilizer, we make sure that we spot spray the weeds that we find in your lawn.

In the first year of getting our treatment program, we may also recommend extra weed control applications for weeds such as winter weeds, onions, wild violets, nutsedge, and dallisgrass. Once the first year is over, the standard program must be enough to maintain your lawn’s visual appeal.

In case you have a problem between the scheduled applications, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer free service calls for full program clients, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Here at Conner’s Lawn Care Service, we know that you’re busy and that you may not have the time to wait while we’re servicing your lawn, which is why we don’t need you to be at home when we do the lawn’s applications.

Yes, that’s right. You can do whatever you want while our team of lawn care experts take care of your yard.

How our lawn care treatment program works:

  1. A lawn care expert will visit your lawn at your most convenient time.
  2. Your invoice, together with any essential treatment notes, is left on the door.
  3. A flag will be placed in your lawn so you can check that it’s been treated correctly.

It’s as simple as that. Conner’s Lawn Care Service offers a treatment program that you don’t have to renew every year because it’s continuous. However, if you relocate or choose to hire someone else to take care of your lawn, make sure to get in touch with us so we can stop your service right away.

With our lawn care service, you will have a beautiful yard that’s free of weed. It’ll be the envy of your neighbourhood. You can just water and mow. That’s all. We’ll take care of the rest.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now and let our team of experts help you with your lawn care problems.

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