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sod installationMany homeowners like to tackle DIY projects to enhance their property, whether it’s small renovations or more substantial tasks like working on the yard or exterior, such as building a fire pit, deck, or garden. However, there are specific jobs that are best left to professionals, and one of them is sod installation.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to hire professionals for sod installation:

Preparation of the Soil

Just like a house needs a solid foundation, the sod requires proper soil preparation. If you lay sod on soil that hasn’t been prepared correctly, you’ll likely be disappointed when the sod doesn’t take root.

An expert sod installer would make sure that the spot is smooth, free of debris, and prepared properly. Skipping this crucial step can immensely affect the quality of the sod installation.

Laying of the Sod

Professional sod installation ensures a smooth and flawless outcome, even though the installation process may appear straightforward. By entrusting the cutting and installation of sod to professionals, you can steer clear of problems such as uneven surfaces and gaps that provide an opportunity for pesky weeds to flourish.

If sod is not laid properly, it may struggle to establish its roots in the soil, leading to disappointment in the long run.

sod installationProfessional Knowledge and Advice

Establishing a new lawn involves more than just installing the sod and leaving it. New sod requires proper care, especially before it takes root. Adequate watering is crucial for the roots to penetrate deep into the soil.

High-Quality Sod

Not all sod is created equal. To ensure you get healthy, weed-free sod of the best quality, purchase from a sod farm where providing excellent sod is their expertise. They will cut the sod shortly before delivery to avoid any issues related to shelf life or root failure.

Poor quality sod may be immature or come apart during installation, and it could also come with weeds or other problems.

Saves You Money

Ultimately, hiring a professional to install your sod can save you time and help you cut costs. It can be physically demanding work, but a professional installer can complete the job efficiently and quickly, sparing you the risk of injury.

Professional sod installation is a one-time investment. If you attempt to install sod yourself and do it incorrectly, you may end up spending more money if it needs to be redone.

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