Simple Steps to Spring Lawn Maintenance

lawn careThe first crocuses, daffodils, and other spring flowers are a sign that the season is approaching. These early signs will also let you know that it is time to prepare your lawn. Here are some lawn care tips you need to know.

When to start your lawn-care tasks will depend on the weather in your area. Start your lawn care tasks when the snow is gone. Start your yard work as soon as the forsythia or lilac plants bloom in your area.

In most areas, homeowners should perform certain tasks in the spring in order to maintain healthy grass for the remainder of the year. Create a list of these steps and you will be on your way to a healthy lawn.

Spring Lawn Care Steps

Rake Gently

Raking your lawn is the best way to prepare it for new growth. An early spring raking will remove any thatch deeper than half an inch. You may have some fallen leaves lying on the ground.

Aerate if Necessary

Compaction of soil can occur if your lawn is subjected to heavy traffic such as running or playing in the same area.

The lawn aerator makes holes in the turf to allow air and water to reach the roots. Rent a lawn aerator from a large hardware store or use a hand aerator if your lawn is small.

Aerating the lawn in the spring is not ideal, but it may be necessary. Aerating the lawn in spring may be required if the soil is so compacted that the grass cannot grow.

Assess the soil

A moss-covered ground is another sign of acidic soil. The pH scale is used to measure the acidity or alkalinity in soil, with 7 being neutral. Alkaline soils are higher than 7 while acidic soils fall below 7.

Send a sample of soil to your local cooperative office for testing to determine the acidity. They offer free scientific assistance in agriculture, gardening, and other fields of expertise. You can find out how much lime you need per square foot by calling, checking their website, or visiting your local extension office. To apply the lime, you will need to use a fertilizer spreader.


If your lawn has bare patches, it may be necessary to apply grass seed. This can be done due to dog spots or heavy traffic. Overseeding involves sowing grass seed over the existing grass. When you overseed, apply a nitrogen fertilizer with a slow release (starter fertilizer). Keep the seed moist up until it sprouts and starts to grow. After the grass has sprouted and germinated for five weeks, you can start a regular fertilization schedule using nitrogen fertilizer with quick release.

You can apply the seed to only the visible patches of bare ground, but it’s also common to overseed your entire lawn in order to keep the grass thick and healthy. It is also a good way to introduce different varieties of grass seeds into your lawn. If you have recently lost a few shade trees, for example, an overseeding of a sunny grass mix could help your previously shady yard continue to thrive.

lawn careFertilize

Organic fertilization of lawns is possible by using mulching mowers to turn grass clippings into nitrogen-rich sources. ScottsMiracle-Gro offers a schedule of fertilizing lawns with a chemical fertilizer that is widely accepted.

Many experts suggest a lighter fertilization in the spring and a heavier feeding in late fall. If you fertilize in the spring, it can cause weeds and disease. However, if your lawn was fertilized in the fall, there is still fertilizer for spring.

Apply pre-emergent herbicides

Spring lawn care in Myrtle Beach for those who want weed-free grass is just as much about weed control as it is about encouraging healthy lawn growth. All lawn weeds are not eliminated in the same way. You will either use a pre-emergent or post-emergent weed killer depending on whether the weed is an annual or perennial.

Use Post-Emergent Herbicides or Pull Spring Weeds

Dandelions, cheerful yellow flowers with a stubborn perennial growth habit, appear in the spring. Snap off the flower stems of dandelions before they set seed. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you can dig them up by the roots with a tool designed to remove the entire root and prevent it from re-sprouting. There are many weed-popper devices that work well.

Lawnmower Maintenance

It’s also time to give your lawnmower a good once-over. It’s time to start it. If it is a little difficult to start, it may be in need of a tune-up. Once a year, give your lawnmower a tune-up. You can restore your mower to its original condition in three simple steps. Consider buying a new lawnmower if yours needs more than just a tune-up.

Sharpening your mower blade is a key part of any tune-up. Sharpening the mower blade regularly will help to ensure that the blade cuts the grass rather than tears it, resulting in a lush green lawn instead of one with brown tips.

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