Should you mulch your yard in the fall?

mulchingIs mulching your plants alright in fall? To put it simply, the answer is yes. Mulching around autumn plants has many benefits. It can prevent soil erosion, suppress weeds, and protect them from temperature shifts and moisture loss. For fall mulching tips, keep reading.

Fall Mulching Tips for Plants

Autumn is a season of cooler temperatures and dry air in many areas. It is a highly recommended lawn care tip to cover perennials and cool-weather annuals with mulch if you want them healthy for the winter.

For introducing nutrients to the soil, organic mulches like pine needles and sawdust, straws, grass clippings, fallen leaves, and straw are all good options. Straw can be a problem if it is full of seeds. You can either buy weed-free straw, or compost it for one year.

Fall leaf mulch is great because it’s completely seedless and, if there are trees, free. Place your leaves several inches (8 cm) around your plants. You should plant the dead leaves at least 8 cm deep. Dead leaves are low in nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient to spring growth. For every cubic foot of leaf, apply 1 cup of nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

To avoid grass clippings becoming slimy, you should apply thin layers in multiple passes. If you have used herbicides on your lawn, don’t use grass clippings.

Mulching around Plants in Autumn

Fall doubles as a weed suppressant for your Conway yard maintenance. It will be great to have no weeds between the cabbages during the fall. However, it will also make spring a lot easier. Place 1/4 inch (0.5cm) of newspaper or weed barrier on the ground. Place newspaper stacks or a weed barrier where you don’t want any weeds. Cover it with 8 inches (20cm). Wood chips.

Mulching around plants in autumn can also help to maintain rich soil. You can also use a sheet made of strong plastic and filled with rocks to cover any bare areas. This will ensure that you have soil that is not eroded and warmer than the soil around it.

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