Landscaping Tips for Preparing Your Lawn This Summer

landscapingSpring has arrived, and it’s time to prepare your lawn for the hot summer days ahead. Whether you have a simple yard with grass and shrubs or a more elaborate garden with flowers and carefully designed landscaping, the last thing you want is for the summer heat to undo all your hard work.

Factors Affecting Spring Landscaping

Several factors can impact your lawn and make it difficult to manage. And fungal growth can cause infections in your plants, while waterlogging from recent rains can lead to root rot. Moreover, ground moles can wreak havoc by tunneling through your lawn. However, there are several steps you can take to boost the health and productivity of your lawn.

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Landscaping Tips To Prepare Your Commercial Property For Summer

landscapingSpring is almost over and summer is just around the corner. You most likely want to improve your landscaping with mulch, flowers, shrubs, trees, and other necessities such as irrigation tune-ups. Now is the best time for you to plant before the summer heat stresses them out. If you prepare now, summer will make sure that the plants will be more resilient and well established during the season when everyone is enjoying and having found outdoors.

Now that you’re on the heels of cleaning up for spring, you should take this as an opportunity to check your property with a landscaping professional to check the landscaping Conway beds that may need a pop of color or perhaps areas that need more perennials or shrubs. Check the edging and take note of the problems on your property that require attention. Deal with the possible issues with drainage before the raining season comes and add mulch down so that plants and the soil can make the most out of their benefits.

Summer Landscaping Tips

Plant Shrubs and Trees

Now that the temperature of the soil are steady, you should plan for the installation of trees and shrubs on the lawn of your commercial property. With the temperatures now a lot cooler, the ground will be able to hold more moisture.

When the summer heats up, your young plants need diligent watering. Meanwhile, establishing new shrubs and trees need more resources and will come with much more risk. You should get the plants in the ground now so you they will get a chance to get rooted.

That way, they will be much more resilient to pests, disease, and drought when the summer comes in full swing.

Add Flowers In The Landscape Beds

People will crave for color and you can welcome the warm season with the help of your landscaping beds. You can boost your tired beds with annuals that would boost the curb appeal right away and help it last the summer season. Or, you can also consider the installation of perennials now and enjoy the benefits of blooms that continue and return one year after the other.

In case you’re worried of your landscaping Carolina Forest budget, you can invest in perennials because they don’t have to be changed each season. Consult with your landscaping expert about the latest perennials and annuals on the market.

Obtain and Irrigation Audit

You don’t realize that there are problems with the irrigation unit until you get your water bill. Leaks and breaks can happen underground, which could cause your bills to spike. The spray heads could get damaged from the pedestrian traffic and even during your landscaping maintenance. Your irrigation needs will evolve as your landscaping evolves. You need an irrigation audit to answer all your questions about irrigation.

Take action on your landscaping plans now and consult a landscaping expert. It’s time to prepare your lawn for a healthy summer so the people who sees your landscape will appreciate your effort and investment.


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