Important Spring Lawn Care Tips For Every Homeowner

lawn careAlthough they have been doing this every year, many homeowners are still looking for effective spring lawn care strategies to help them prepare and take care of their lawns. This is especially true if you are planning to have people over for dinner or lunch or even a barbeque night. You want your home to be more welcoming and comfortable not only to you and your family but also to your guests.

Here are some helpful tips that you can consider to ensure that your lawn remains stunning all throughout the season.

Mow the right way

An important part of spring landscaping is mowing. And this will not be effective if you don’t do it correctly. According to experts, different types of lawn grass have different minimum and maximum height requirement. For example, Zoysia and Bermuda need to be at least one to two inches in height. Centipede lawns need to be about two inches in height.

Find out what specific type of grass you are growing on your lawn and mow your lawn at the appropriate height. You should keep your lawn at that height for the rest of the season and until the end of summer.

Avoid seeding in the spring

The primary reason for this is there is usually a low success rate for growing new grass during spring and summer. Also, you will have a lot of difficulties with weeds since you will not be able to use weed control products until your new grass is mature enough. If you pursue seeding to grow new grass, make sure you spend a lot of time taking out weeds and preventing them from taking over your lawn.

As an alternative, you will have to ensure your lawn is free from any weed presence before you start seeding. This way, you will not have as many problems with weeds while waiting for your new grass to grow.

Know how much fertilizer is too much

Many spring lawn care Myrtle Beach experts strongly advise fertilizing during spring because plants are starting to grow and would need as much food as possible. On the other hand, do not apply too much fertilizer as this will damage your lawn. Aside from this, adding too much fertilizer may result in pushing out a lot of top growth which will not help the roots grow healthier.

Spring is the best time for you to properly take care and maintain your lawn. It is also the best season to start growing new plants and adding to your garden. Whatever landscaping plans you have in mind, be sure to consult first with trained and skilled professionals. This will help you ensure that what you are planning is appropriate for your type of lawn.

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Tips For Winter Pruning Shrubs and Trees

lawn carePruning helps rejuvenate trees and shrubs. It can also assist in the formative stages of younger plants by promoting the formation of a good shape. Winter is the best time for pruning because there’s only a few leaves on the deciduous trees and the shrubs allows you to clearly see what you are doing. Aside from that, cuts are unlikely to bleed because saps aren’t as active in the winter season, which means the shrub and tree will incur less of a shock rather than when a cut is made and its sap is active. Wounds will also callous just like as they will in nature and such natural healing process happen before it begins to grow during spring.

Your first priority when pruning is to get rid of any diseased or damaged wood. Sort out branches that chafe and cross by getting rid of the least important bough. You can also cut it back down to a bud that’s facing outward. The shrub and tree will concentrate its energy on the remaining bud by pruning the bud bearing stems. It will promote vigorous growth once it starts during spring.

Lawn Care Tips For Pruning Shrubs and Trees

  1. Lawn care Myrtle Beach experts say you should avoid pruning too far from the bud. Doing so will result into the death of the wood between the bud as well as the cut below. In case the bud doesn’t grow, the entire stem can die because of die back.
  2. Avoid pruning too close from the bud. You may unintentionally damage the bud and jeopardize its ability to grow a leaf or a flower. If you prune too close to it, the branch may die back down its stem.
  3. Avoid cutting at the wrong angle because you’ll create a stub of stem on top of the bud, which could lead to the stem dying back as far as its bud and even beyond it.
  4. Slope away from the bud when you cut so that when water hits it, it will just run off to avoid rotting. Use sharp and clean secateurs to stop the spread of diseases and avoid snagging.

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Taking Care of Your Lawn This Fall Season

lawn careThe days have started to become shorter but that doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy a beautiful lawn during the fall season. Listed below are some fall lawn care tips that will make sure that your outdoor space will be an excellent place to retreat during these months.

Now that the summer season is over and you’ve had your fill of fun with friends and family, the time has come to prepare your lawn for the upcoming colder months. By following the tips provided here, you’ll get to enjoy your lawn a bit longer while making sure that it would look great next spring.

Fall Lawn Care Tips


Start cutting back on your lawn mower’s height. During the fall season, your lawn will prepare to become dormant for the remainder of the year and it won’t grow fast. You don’t have to mow it as frequently over the last few weeks in the fall. However, you need to decrease the height of your lawn so it’s shorter than what you used to have during summer. But you need to do this gradually until the grass length is around one and a half inch high. How often you have to mow will depend on how fast your lawn grass grows. You have to remove 1/3 of the mower blade or much less. Anything more than that would shock your lawn grass. It’s also recommended to move in the evening.


Hopefully when fall comes, you have already won the fight against weeds in your lawn. In case there are holdouts, it’s crucial to address them before the snow and leaves make it harder to manage. Not only is it harder to look for and address weeds, but there are weeds that could be aggressive and control during the fall season once your grass is a lot less active.

Shrubs and Trees

Give your shrubs and trees a helping hand this season by providing them with fertilizers that contain essential nutrients that they could store up for the winter season. Your shrubs and trees would get a head start when growing faster and fuller during the spring season.

Rake Your Lawn

Get rid of the leaves that build up in your lawn. Make sure to rake your lawn thoroughly. As time goes by, the leaves will begin to decompose, sap moisture out of the soil and giving a welcome home to pests that may damage your lawn. The thick layer of decaying leaves may also leave dead spots in your lawn during the spring, letting weeds to take over quickly. So be sure to include this in your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine for the fall season.


As time goes by, the soil in your lawn will become compacted. This will cut back the air pockets that let water and nutrients get to the grass roots. To fight this off, be sure that your lawn is aerated every year. Fall is the perfect time to get this done and provides your lawn the best opportunity to get the water and nutrients to grow healthy throughout the season.


For a weed free, lush, and healthy lawn, it is important to overseed. Once your lawn ages, it will become tired and the reproduction of grass will become slow. Noone wants to see unhealthy grass in your lawn. Aside from being aesthetically unappealing, these spots make it much easier for weeds to take full control. You should spread grass seed over your lawn at the suggested rate. This would encourage brand new lawn grass to grow and fill in those spots that are unhealthy and help make your lawn look good once spring comes.

Conner’s know how much you value your lawn and that’s why our lawn care experts decided to come up with this quick guide. If you need help in controlling weeds, seeding, fertilizing, or preparing your lawn for winter, call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now.

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How To Save Your Lawn While Keeping Your Pets Safe

lawn careUnlike what most people say, having pets doesn’t mean sacrificing your dream of having a beautiful lawn. Apart from that, you can have the green space that you’ve always wanted without having to risk the health of your pets. With the appropriate products and lawn care practices, it’s possible for you to get a beautiful lawn. Here are some lawn care tips you need to kno.

Lawn Care Tips

If you have had a pet before, you know the struggles involved when it comes to keeping your lawn looking green and lush. As you know that dog urine could create brown spots in your lawn grass. In some cases, it may even kill the grass. However, if you know the proper lawn care Myrtle Beach methods that are turf friendly and pet friendly, you could still have a green and thick lawn, even if you have dogs.

Here are a few tips to cut back the effects of dog urine on your lawn grass.

  1. Let Your Dogs Drink Plenty of Water

This will keep your dog well hydrated but also dilute the urine. Add water to the diet of your dog by letting him have several water bowls throughout your house and lawn. You could also add water to your dog’s diet by giving them wet food or even adding water to your dog’s dry food.

  1. Assign one area as your dog’s bathroom.

Giving your dog a special spot where they can do their business is an excellent way to keep your lawn grass healthy and green. Train your dogs to use the designated spot and that may include giving them treats.

  1. Plant Grass Seed that Helps Develop A Hardy Lawn

Plant a strong and dense grass type in your lawn to help protect it against urine stains as well as your pet’s everyday wear and tear. The tall fescue grass is an excellent option. It grows densely that is why it could easily camouflage the urine stains and handle heavy paw traffic.

  1. Dilute Your Dog’s Urine

Flush the area where your dog peed using water. Although this task may require some effort on your part, diluting the urine of your dog using a watering can, dousing it using a bottled water, or quickly spraying it using a garden hose is extremely helpful in letting the urine get into the soil without damaging or killing the grass.

  1. Take Your Dog Out For A Walk

Your pet will do their business when you take them out for a walk instead of doing their business in your yard. You can benefit from it too since walking is good for your health.

  1. Add gypsum to brown the dog spots

You can neutralize the urine of your dog by using gypsum. It could also restore the lush green color of your lawn. This mineral will work to heal your lawn grass and it will encourage the growth of new grass. You can use it whenever you have to fix the urine spots in your lawn.

Keeping your pets safe is important too while having a green and beautiful yard. Here are some tips to keep your pets healthy.

  1. Keep your pets inside your house when you’re applying a lawn care prod
  2. Follow the instructions on the label of the weed and feed products and know when it’s safe for your pets to play in the lawn.
  3. Don’t forget to water your lawn after applying liquid or granular lawn fertilizer.
  4. Consider using natural or organic lawn care products.

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Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

lawn careSummer could be among the toughest times of the year for landscapes and lawns especially when we reside in a place with a warm climate. Although summer is the perfect time for lawns to thrive, it is also a time for less well maintained turf to suffer several issues that could result in poor health and stress. With a few basic lawn care practices, you should be able to significantly improve your lawn while you enjoy the warm summer months.

Effective Lawn Watering

Water is among the most important aspects of lawn care. The right lawn care watering practices will help your lawn send water down to the roots and deeper into the soil, beyond the evaporation level of the top part of the soil, which consequently will make your turf more drought and heat tolerant.

You can also train your turf to develop a deep root system by just ever watering the lawn once it shows signs of leaf withering, and then providing the lawn with a water at that period. This is a simple way of growing a deep root system for all kinds of turf.

Fertilizing Lawns

A lawn that is healthy before summer comes is a much better solution to get a healthy summer lawn, compared to waiting until summer and then trying to create a healthy lawn. The same holds true for winter lawn care Myrtle Beach.

Fertilizing your turf must be performed before the onset of these two harsh seasons, winter and summer. So you have to be sure that you have fertilized your lawn using high quality fertilizers before the onset of Summer so that the lawn will remain in its peak condition once the heat comes.

Lawn Mowing

Moisture loss in soils is the main cause of most lawn problems. You can greatly improve this problem by correctly watering your lawn so it promotes deep root growth. However, you can also help the soil further by lowering the amount of water that is lost through evaporation.

Although a strong and healthy lawn that is growing in full sunlight could be cut short, for many lawns which are much less than perfect, their best health benefit during the summer can come about by boosting the lawn mowing height. This significant increase in the leaf length of the lawn will then provide shade and insulation to the soil and protect them against moisture loss, which will result in less heat stress for the landscape.

Pest and Weed Control

There are lawn treatments that are designed to get rid of pests and weeds. Don’t treat pets and weeds using chemical pesticides during the hot days of summer rather than wait for milder days to carry out any such spraying or better yet, treat for weeds or pests before summer comes.

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The Danger of Chemicals In Lawns

lawn careEach year numerous extra pounds of chemicals are splashed, sprayed or otherwise spread out on home lawns and commercial lawns all throughout the country. In today’s world where people do what it takes just to get the perfect selfie in a picture-perfect yard. Many of us have let ourselves accept the fact that chemical plant foods are really safe or at least risk-free, yet that is absolutely far from reality. Whatever they may tell us or what we think we know, in ourselves, we know that chemicals in plants or in our food are generally unsafe. Why else would a chemical fertilizing business need to place those little signs that state “Keep off the grass” for X days after application? Why do they use boots, gloves, and masks when doing their lawn care routine, if it is safe?

The Truth About Lawn Care and Chemicals

Do you think that once they remove the signs, it becomes safe? Actually, it just becomes saf-ER and the question is how many direct exposures to a saf-ER yard will it require to amount to the poisonous outcomes of being revealed to a risky lawn that has those little signs in it?

How many times each week do your youngsters and family pets head out, run about and roll in the yard? Can you imagine them rubbing their bodies in the chemical induced yard? But then, you know you only used chemical-free fertilizers, or do you?

A research study done by the California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) Charitable Trust and Washington’s Safe Food and Fertilizer examined 29 plant foods from 12 states for 22 poisonous metals. Their record “WASTE LANDS: THE HAZARD OF HAZARDOUS PLANT FOOD” records the outcomes of these plant food examples as well as shows that the issue of hazardous plant foods prevails.

Their screening revealed that the 29 plant foods checked included all 22 harmful heavy metals, most of which are understood health hazards or are thought about to cause cancer. Additionally, four of these plant foods were trademark name plant foods marketed to unknowing customers that typically use these items in higher quantities than advised by the manufacturer. There is at least one checked plant food that is a major brand used in most lawn care Myrtle Beach and landscape businesses.

Is this actually what we desire our youngsters and also our pet dogs using? Poisonous waste that is so negative the EPA limits manufacturing firms from disposing of it directly, but then put more people at risk when they market it to landscape and lawn care businesses at fertilizer fillers.

Be sure to use on safe and natural fertilizers on your lawn, call Conner’s Lawn Care Service.

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Easy Lawn Care Tips On How To Mow Professionally

lawn careAlthough mowing is one of the basic forms of lawn care, you need to do it properly to ensure that your lawn stays lush and green. It’s not just simply running the mower throughout your lawn. There are a couple of things you need to remember and keep in mind if you want to have the best lawn all year round. Keep in mind that a well-maintained lawn does not only add to your curb appeal; it also helps to increase your home’s value. Thus, it is extremely important to spend time for the lawn care and maintenance.

Here are some professional lawn care tips to help you out

  1. Always keep your mow blades sharp

Sharp blades ensure your mower runs efficiently and thus, make it easier and much quicker for you to mow your lawn. And most importantly, it is essential to making your lawn look great as it prevents tugging and unruly trimming of your lawn grass. You’ll know it’s time to sharpen the blades when you feel it becoming rougher to mow. You can confirm by looking at the ends of your grass. If you see the ends torn and ragged, you will need to sharpen your mow blades immediately.

You have two options in sharpening your mow blades. You can either bring it to a lawn care company– which is much easier and safer – or you can do it yourself with maximum precautions and safety measures. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you pull the spark plug out to prevent the mower from accidentally starting while you are removing the blades. Also, avoid over sharpening the blades as this could damage your lawn.

  1. Avoid cutting too much of your lawn grass

Lawn care professionals suggest mowing only the top one-third of your lawn grass. Cutting too much of the grass will potentially damage the crown of the grass. Plus, you should know that the taller the grass is, the slower it grows. Thus, you don’t have to mow your lawn as frequently.

  1. Try a different mowing route every time

While mowing on the same route and direction helps you to keep and maintain a routine, it won’t do any good for your lawn. It could actually result to wear and dull looking lawn because it makes your grass grow in the same direction, which will eventually cause it to fall flat. Help your grass grow vibrantly by going in a different direction every time you mow your lawn.

  1. Take proper care of your mower

To ensure effective lawn care Myrtle Beach, you also need to maintain proper care of your mower. Remember to always clean your mower every time you use it. Hose down the blades to ensure there will be no dirt building up and potentially clogging the machine the next time you use it. Create a schedule of when to change the filter and oil the mower. You should do these regularly to keep your mower in top shape and in an efficiently working condition.


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What Should You Look For in A Lawn Care Myrtle Beach Program?

lawn careEvery homeowner wants to have an immaculate lawn that is not only beautiful to look at, with lots of curb appeal but also easy to maintain and free of weeds, pests or other problems. Let’s face it many of us simply don’t’ have time to spend out in the yard doing landscaping and lawn care. The good news is that Myrtle Beach has many wonderful lawn care companies to choose from and you just need to know a few things before you choose.

Here are a few tips and things to look for before you hire a lawn care company to take over your lawn care Myrtle Beach service:

First of all, decide whether or not you want the service in all four seasons. If you do, make sure it’s a service that understands how to fertilize your lawn all year round to ensure that you have the healthiest, greenest grass that you can possibly have in all seasons.

Also, you’ll need to think about things like organic lawn care. These services use just enough of the chemicals necessary to keep weeds and other pests under control, but no more. The lawn maintenance care can be organic and tailored to the different seasons. This would be the best choice if you are wanting to be environmentally friendly and organic. The other thing to look at is the fertilizer used on your lawn, but it’s often best to leave this to the professionals and trust them to do their job.

Any Myrtle Beach lawn care company should also know how to protect against many different pests as well.  For instance, if white grubs are an issue, ask if your lawn care service offers the use of microscopic worms to kill the grubs.

Services To Ask About

Professional Myrtle Beach lawn services should also provide the following treatments and services:

  • Fungus problem treatments
  • Professional soil tests
  • Use of soil supplements when necessary
  • Core aeration, where small plugs of soil are removed to increase oxygen flow
  • Protection against weeds
  • Management of broadleaf weeds, like dandelions and plantain or clover
  • Management for creeping Charlie, which grows in shady, moist areas, as well as crabgrass.

Be sure to make sure that your Myrtle Beach lawn care company goes the extra mile and doesn’t just take care of your lawn. They need to also look after vegetation control on driveways, sidewalks, etc., and also help control insects in the trees around your property. They can also provide root feeding for your shrubs and trees. There are companies that will go the extra mile if you know what to ask for.

The last thing to look at when choosing to hire a Myrtle Beach lawn care service is cost. You want to really look at the costs for the services that you are interested in, not just an overall cost. The prices can differ drastically, so it’s important to know what your budgetary concerns are and stay within that by finding a lawn service that will work with you.

Here at Conner’s Lawn Care Service, we want to be your go-to Myrtle Beach lawn care company. Call now and let us help you find the perfect plan for your lawn and property. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you understand your options! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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9 Lawn Care Mistakes To Avoid

lawn careSpring is just around the corner and your thoughts will eventually shift to lawn care. If you would rather not get your hands dirty, you should be prepared to pay at least $100 every month for a professional lawn maintenance service. But that amount could go higher depending on what you want the services to include. Reports revealed that U.S. households spend as much as $30 billion on lawn care annually. Obviously, one good way to cut costs is to get the job done yourself. However, a green lawn needs careful planning. In line with that, you should also know the nine common lawn care mistakes that you have to avoid when taking care of your yard.

Failing To Do A Soil Test

The first thing you need to do is conduct a soil test. It gives you a great overview of any deficiency in your lawn, health of the soil, and the kind of fertilizer you need to be using. You can purchase a cheap soil test in local stores or you can also order a test through a cooperative extension service in your area. You have to do the soil test at least once every three years since the condition of the soil can change as time goes by, based on the changes in the weather patterns in your local area.

Using Quick Release Fertilizers

A reliable lawn care company recommend slow release fertilizers instead of their fast-acting counterparts. The former is less likely to burn the turf as quickly as the latter. Slow release fertilizers likewise meter out the nutrients as time pass by., so they prevent quick growth surges that happen with immediately available sources, and they offer a constant supply of nutrients as time goes by.


The majority of lawns need around one inch of water every week. However, a lot of people usually run their sprinkles every day, which can significantly increase the lawn care Myrtle Beach maintenance costs. Many lawns also need water just about two days every week. In case you do not mind spending a bit of cash, you can purchase a smart sprinkler system that comes with sensors, which will monitor the levels of moisture in the soil and spread out the right amount of water.

Watering At The Wrong Time Of The Day

Water will evaporate when heat rises and that is why you have to water your lawn in the early morning. Keep in mind that your soil must be soaked at about six inches deep. You can use a shovel or spade to dig a tiny hole and find out how long it will take for the water to reach that certain depth.

Using Dull Mower Blades

Are you aiming for an expert looking finish after a Myrtle Beach lawn care ? Don’t use a dull blade because it can discolor or tear your lawn unlike a sharp lawn mower blade, which will cut grass evenly. To make sure that you are going to have a clean cut, don’t forget to bring your blades to your local hardware store. Be sure to sharpen your mower blades at least once a month especially if it is grass cutting season.

Cutting Grass Too Short

Grass should be trimmed to two or three inches. Don’t forget that grass grows at varying rates based on the time of the year. You might need to mow more often during spring season than the summer season.

Ignoring Basic Safety Precautions

When you are mowing their lawn, you should never ignore crucial safety measures so you can prevent injuries. You should also get rid of branches, stones, and other obstacles before you starting mowing. Put on the correct footwear, earplugs, and safety glasses.

Forgetting To Aerate The Lawn

You have to aerate your lawn once during spring and once during the fall season. Grab a simple garden fork or maybe a spiked boot to poke small holes in the lawn so that water and fertilizer will go through the soil surface.

Failing To Use A Fresh Tank Of Gas

Don’t use stale gas for your lawnmower. Bu sure to pour a fresh tank of gas and don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Summertime Lawn Care Tips for Myrtle Beach

lawn careLawn care is crucial all throughout the year. But it needs more attention during summer. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Your lawn should be watered at a rate of 1 in. Per week. Morning time is the best time to water your grass as watering at night invites fungus to grow.
  • You should mow your grass on the high setting of your mower. This will allow the taller grass to retain any moisture from watering or rain throughout the hot summer days. When cutting, you should not cut off more than 1/3rd of the height of the grass.
  • Summer time is also the time to watch for bugs in your yard. Applying the proper pesticides will help prevent any bugs from eating your lawn.

Conner’s Lawn Care Service can help you beat the heat by maintaining your yard properly during the hot summer months. We will mow, weed eat, trim and clean up your yard while also keeping an eye out for any problems to help prevent issues before they become serious problems.

Summertime can be among the most difficult times of the year for yards, specifically in warmer locations. While Summer is a time when yards flourish, it is also a time when yards that are not regularly maintained to experience several problems that can bring about anxiety. With a couple of straightforward lawn care Myrtle Beach methods, you should be able to substantially enhance your lawn as it continues to thrive during the hot summer months.

Summer Lawn Care Guide

Lawn Watering

Watering is certainly one of the most vital factors of summer lawn care. Proper lawn care involves sufficient watering to help plant roots send down right into the soil. It helps plants get through the soil dissipation level that will help them survive the heat of the summer season.

We can gradually teach our lawn to develop a deep root system by watering the grass once it’s revealing indications of fallen leave wilt and afterward providing the yard deep watering during that time. This is a very easy approach to grow a deep root system for all grass.

Fertilize Lawns In The Spring

Be prepared before the summer season starts, a healthy lawn before the heat arrives is better than having to take care of it during the summer. Do not wait for summer before attempting to produce healthy lawn. The exact same holds true of Winter lawn care.

Fertilizing grass must be done before the beginning of both toughest periods, Summer and Winter. Be sure to use high-quality fertilizer and do it prior to the start of summer so that the grass is in its peak health and wellness as the warmth shows up.

The Importance of Proper Summer Lawn Mowing

Excess moisture in the soil is accountable for most of the lawn troubles during summer. To help your lawn throughout the summer, water appropriately to promote the development of deep roots. This process also helps in minimizing the quantity of water loss with dissipation in the Summer sunlight.

While a solid healthy and balanced lawn growing under full sunshine can be cut short, for many lawns which are much less than perfect, their best wellness advantage in Summer can happen by increasing the grass trimming height. This increase in the size of the yard fallen leave shields and protects the soil against additional moisture loss, leading to much less warm tension for the yard.

This very same concept of shielding the soil against moisture loss can be additionally included by mulch mowing the grass. Whereby the yard cuttings are reused back right into the yard, as opposed to being gathered and discarded. Reusing grass trimmings not just shields the lawn soil against moisture loss, but they are an amazing resource of nutrients to feed back to the grass as opposed to depending on the expenditure and also problem of needing to utilize numerous grass plant foods.

Grass Weed And Pest Control

Some treatments for grass bugs as well as weeds can be extreme on the grass, particularly those that are used by the homeowner and not by a lawn care specialist.

Prevent treating weeds or parasites by making use of chemical pesticides on the most popular days of Summer, rather await milder days to do any kind of chemical sprays, or even better, try spraying pesticides dung spring.

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