Scary Lawn Care Products To Look Out For

lawn careAre there any scary lawn care products? It depends on how you define “scary”. There are many products that can be considered dangerous, including insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. It’s not the product that is most important, but the way they are applied. Being allowed to be sold on the market, pest control and lawn maintenance products have undergone extensive testing. The products are safe. What is more, it’s not difficult to mix, spray, or identify the pest.

Follow These Helpful Lawn Care Tips:

Before opening a bag or bottle of lawn care products, it is important to carefully read the label. The label will detail the personal protective equipment and clothing required or recommended, the rate of application, mixing instructions for lawn products, disposal guidelines, locations for application, and any restrictions regarding pets or people being allowed back on the lawn after application.

We see homeowners applying fungicides to lawns at the wrong time of the year as one of our most concerning application issues. Many, if not all, homeowners can apply fungicides before symptoms appear in the turf. The most common scenario is when a lawn looks strange, the homeowner considers it for a few weeks and then decides to visit a store to purchase a lawn care product that claims it will control lawn diseases. This situation is where the disease is already ravaging the lawn before the application can be made.

The rate at which you apply the product is another issue. The common human tendency to apply more than is necessary is that if you have less, it is better. If a label says to use 2 teaspoons of lawn products, it is difficult to resist the temptation to use 2 tablespoons. The goal of the product is to kill or control the weeds and insects, not make them mad. So, you may end up using more than what is needed. The problem is where the extra product ends up. In some situations, it’s simply held in the canopy of the grass blades and later decomposes; in others it rolls or flows out into the sidewalk/driveway/street, where it makes its way to the water supply. This is something we all want to avoid.

Another aspect of this awareness is the product’s toxicity. Many are not as toxic as they are feared. One example: I was recently at a lawn where the homeowner wanted to remove all weeds, but not any poisons. Although I acknowledged how difficult it would be for her to achieve her goal, it was possible. It would have been fascinating to check under the sink for household cleaners. Many of these are more toxic than any diluted products that could be used on the lawn for weed control.

Consider that all products sold at garden centers, hardware stores and box stores can be safely applied – provided they are correctly applied in time, equipment, rate, presence and need of the pest or health of the lawn.

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