Lawn Care Tips For Spring

lawn careIt’s this time of year again when everything just seems to blossom in your lawn. However, there’s a lot of things that you need to tend to if you want to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Lawn care, after all, takes some effort. With that in mind, you wouldn’t want your efforts to be all for nothing. Here are some tips that will help you get started with lawn maintenance this spring:

Initial lawn care prep for March and April

Preparation is always key. Before spring finally kicks in, you should already make some preparations so things go smoothly. What you need to do are just basics and will not take up a chunk of your time. First you need to get your lawn mower ready for action. When you mow, go high. You shouldn’t go in too deep. And lastly, take out intrusive weeds. As all plants in your lawn start to grow, weeds are also out to grow as fast as they can.

Your lawn mower is your ally

Mowing the lawn won’t be as easy if your mower keeps breaking down on you or won’t start at all. That’s why you need to make sure that it is up to the task. Begin with a tune up, replacing the sparkplug and filter if needed. Next, you need to do an oil change and sharpen the blade. A dull blade can cause more harm than it can do good. After you’re done with the essentials, it’s time to give your mower some nice cleaning. Begin by removing the caked grass. To keep grass trimmings from sticking to your mower, apply a fair amount of wax on the inner and outer parts. Lastly, give those wheels some lubrication. A well-oiled machine performs better and will always last longer to help you with your lawn care Myrtle Beach tasks.

Give your lawn a clean sweep

During the fall and winter season, some sticks, twigs and leaves may have fallen on y our lawn. You need to remove all of these before you begin mowing. This is somewhat a mandatory part of spring lawn care. Always remember to mow high. Don’t set your blades too low. Make sure that you leave enough grass height. This will allow the grass to develop a strong root system, making for a lush lawn.

Getting rid of pesky weeds

Regardless of where you’re from, weeds are always a problem. That’s why you need to use some weed killers to get the job done. Products may vary depending on where you live. If you’re not too familiar with what weed killers to use, you could always call in your local lawn specialists like Conner’s Lawn Care.

Maintaining your lawn in late spring

Once you’ve successfully finished your lawn care Myrtle Beach steps and made sure that it will be weed-free, it’s time to give more attention towards maintenance. This process involves a few things. First is sowing your seeds. Pick a type of grass seed that has high germination rate at about 85%. This will give you that lush lawn that you desire. A good thing to note though is that you need to be patient. Wait for your grass to grow at least 3 inches before you mow. You could also use a combination of different products to resolve issues like bare patches.

Taking care of invaders and adding some final touches

There will be invaders that will populate in your lawn very quickly. A good example of these invaders are dandelions. They may seem harmless, but they can quickly spawn in your garden. Before you know it, dandelions are growing all over the place if left unattended. If you like seeing dandelions, you can skip this part. But if you don’t, be sure that you have weed control products handy. Lastly, make clean edges in your lawn. Use a shovel to cut clean edges along your landscape beds, making for a polished look.

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Spring Lawn Care Tips for Myrtle Beach

  • lawn care Myrtle BeachWhen spring arrives it’s time to continue lawn care for your yard. Time to rake your lawn to help loosen up the soil and remove any dead material.
  • Springtime is also a good time to level out your yard, removing the high spots and filling in the low spots. A well draining yard is best for making sure that water doesn’t drain too fast from an area, or sit on one spot too long, causing dead grass.
  • Densely compacted soil does not allow the roots of grass to grow, making it harder for grass to grow, and allowing weeds to take over. It’s a lawn care Myrtle Beach tip you must not forget.
  • Once the problem areas of your yard have been fixed, it is time to seed the bare spots and any other areas of your lawn, that may have lost some growth during the cold months.
  • Another lawn maintenance tip, is to apply fertilizers and pesticides after you have seeded your lawn. Fertilizers help your lawn by giving it nutrients and herbicides to help with any bug problems that may eat your lawn, allowing weeds to grow
  • The best height for grass, to maintain its health, is to cut on the high setting of your mower. This may require your lawn to need to be mowed more often, but taller grass has better roots and can fend off weeds better. It is also healthiest if no more than 1/3 of the blade of the grass is cut off at any one time.

Conner’s Lawn Care Service understands the proper way to maintain a healthy lawn, and we will ensure all the steps are taken, so your yard will look good and stay healthy all year long. We offer fertilizing, mowing, and trimming services year round.  Please be sure to call us for a free quote.

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Tips For A Healthy Lawn This Summer

lawn careSummer is among the toughest times for lawns especially those that are in warmer climates. Although most lawns thrive during summer, there are those, which have been neglected, that suffer several problems that could lead to poor health and stress. There are a few simple lawn care practices that can help improve your lawn and help it survive and thrive throughout the summer season.

Law Care Tip 1: Watering Properly

Watering is the most important part of turf health during summer. Proper watering practices will allow a lawn to send down water to deeper roots of the soil profile, deeper than the evaporation level of the top part of the soil, which as a result is going to make your lawn more tolerant to heat and drought.

You can train your turf slowly to create a deeper root system by just watering the lawn once it is showing signs that the leaf is wilting and then providing the lawn a deep drink of water at that period. This is simple method for you to grow a deep root system for all turf.

Lawn Care Tip 2: Fertilize Lawns In The Spring

A lawn that is healthy before summer begins is a better solution to getting a healthy lawn for summer than having to wait for summer to come and try to make healthy lawn. This also applies to winter lawn care. Fertilizing the lawn must be conducted to the onset of the two toughest seasons, winter and summer. So be sure to fertilize your lawn to make sure that it remains in top condition once the heat arrives.

Lawn Care Tip 3: Correct Summer Lawn Mowing

When it comes to Myrtle Beach lawn care, most of the lawn problems experienced during summer is brought on by loss of moisture in soil. You can improve this situation by watering correctly so that deep root growth is promoted. However, we could also help the soil by lessening the amount of water that is lost through evaporation during summer. Although a strong healthy lawn that is growing in full sunlight could be cut short, for the majority of lawns that are less than perfect, their best health benefit in summer could come about by boosting the lawn mowing height. The increase in the lawn leaf’s length then insulates and shades the soil against more moisture loss, which leads to less heat stress for your lawn. The same concept of insulating the soil to protect it against moisture could be added by mulch mowing the lawn. The lawn cuttings could also be recycled back to the lawn instead of being collected and then thrown away. Recycling lawn clippings does not just insulate the lawn soil against losing moisture but they are also a good source of nutrients to feed to the lawn back rather than depending on the expense and hassle of using different lawn fertilizers.

Lawn Care Tip 4: Weed and Pest Control

There are pest and weed control treatments that are harsh on the lawn especially those that are not applied by lawn care Myrtle Beach professionals. Treating weeds and pests during the hottest days of summer is not recommended. You should wait around for milder days before you do any kind of spraying. Better yet, treat weeds or pests during spring.

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How do you care for your lawn during winter?

lawn careIn many parts of the nation, lawn grass will go dormant during the winter season. In the southern part of the country, the cool season ryegrass is generally overseeded into the turf in order to maintain a healthy and green lawn. In the northern area, grass can’t grow because it’s too cold and that’s why they wait for spring. But lawn care doesn’t end when winter comes. Here are the things you can do to keep your lawn healthy during the colder weather.

How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy During Winter


Apply some fertilizer using a spreader. While you move the machine over the grass, make sure to hold the handle like it’s a trigger. It will release pellets once you shoot. Follow all the instruction written and add only the suggested amount. Remember that too much fertilizer may cause the grass to burn.


Aerate your lawn so you can give some extra air to the grassroots. You can take out spikes of soil using a spade. It will help create holes that you can use to plant seeds. In case you have a big lawn, you can rent a manual or motorized aerator.

Spread Grass Seed For Cool Weather

Buy grass seeds that says cool weather or cool season on the package, like most fescues. You could sprinkle the seed on your lawn using the same spreader you used for adding fertilizers. Make sure the seeds are evenly spread so grass won’t grow in lumps later on.

Rake and Water

Rake the lawn so you can break up the soil that have clumped and then cover them with some seeds. Use a hose spray to water your lawn. Make sure to keep it moist. Don’t allow it to dry out.


Cleaning your lawn should be part of your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine. Never leave toys, leaves, or debris out of your lawn. These things could suffocate your grass and lead to diseases or invite damaging pests or insects.

Mower Height

You should also lower the mower’s height by at least a notch. Don’t allow your grass to grow too long because it may smother itself and develop disease conditions. However, make sure you don’t cut the grass too short because if you do, it may lead to scalping, which will expose the plant’s crow to extreme weather conditions.


You should also be aware of traffic. When exposed to the natural elements during winter or under the snow cover, grass that’s dormant can handle a moderate traffic amount. However, a path that’s heavily worn out will take a lot of time to green back up once spring season comes due to compaction.

Weather Conditions

You should check the weather conditions. Turf is known to be resilient and could tolerate extreme weather conditions during the winter season. You can deal with this by making sure that the grass has hardened and when you’ve prepared your lawn, you can concentrate more on clearing the sidewalks. Just make sure to monitor the weather.

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Lawn Care Tips For Spring

lawn care Myrtle BeachSpring is almost here and soon, you’ll see the first daffodils and crocuses come to life again. These are also indications that you need to prepare your lawn for the lawn season. The perfect timing for these lawn care tasks for the spring season will depend on your location.

Simple Lawn Care Tips

Rake Deeply

The first lawn care task you need to do is to prepare your lawn for new growth. Even if you’ve done a good job raking the leaves in your lawn during fall, you still have to deal with thatch. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, thatch is a layer that’s made of dead turfgrass tissue that’s lying between the root and the soil below and the green vegetation. Thatch becomes bad for your grass if it’s too thick and that’s why you have to rake deeply during the fall season. But you still need to do this during the spring season. You have to get rid of the grass blades that have died over the winter. You don’t want dead grass to become thatch.

Spring raking will also help you look for matted patches of lawn. If you check and find that the grass blades are stuck with each other, then you have a snow mold problem. New grass will find it hard to get into these matted patches, and that’s when raking can help.

Aerate If Needed

In case your lawn gets too much traffic, then your soil may be compacted, which may be indicated by the growth of moss. If that’s the case, your soil needs aeration. A lawn aerator will help create openings in the lawn so that air and water can penetrate the soil and get to the grass roots. You always have the option to rend a lawn aerator but you can also go for a manual hand aerator.

You need to know that aerating the lawn shouldn’t be done during spring but there are cases when you have to. If your soil is compacted, then existing grass may not grow and you have to include aeration in your list of spring lawn care Myrtle Beach tasks.

Check The Soil

Aside from compaction, if you see that moss is coating your lawn, then the soil is acidic. Grass love a neutral PH. You can neutralize the soil’s acidity by adding ground limestone. But it’s not going to be a quick fix because the liming’s effect happens gradually. But before all that, you have to send out a soil sample so it’s acidity can be checked.


A landscape that is riddled with some bare patches because of neglect, heavy traffic, or dog spots need some grass seed application so there’s something that would fill in the bare spots. You can do this by overseeding, which involves sowing seed over an existing grass. You need a slow release nitrogen fertilizer and then a quick release nitrogen fertilizer.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You can use mulching mowers or compost to fertilize your lawn. But you can also use chemical fertilizers. But you need to be warned that applying too much fertilizer during the spring season could result into weed problems and disease.


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The Cost of Installing Landscape Drainage

lawn careA French system makes use of gravity and this style is available in different variations. It is made up of a ditch that is filled with gravel and comes with a perforated pipe, which will guide the water away from the spot that’s at risk of damage. It will protect your home and a great part of your lawn care. French designs is a good option in one of the two parts of your home – underneath the basement floor and around the perimeter of your home. In both these instances, it will help collect the extra moisture and channel it away from your home’s foundation to avoid damage. You can pay between $200 to $3,000 depending on the style and system that you choose for your home.

The Cost of Having A Drainage System

The drainage pipes can cost you from $50 to $200. They can help deal with yard inlets by either directing the flow to the municipal system or into a dry well.

Meanwhile, a storm drain or a catch basin will collect water once it accumulates during a storm and directs it to the municipal sewer system. Options include a precast concrete, a cast in place concrete, plastic or polymer. They will filter the water that pours in to them through a grate as well as a sump to keep pollutants out. They are ideal for places where water will pool during a storm. They cost from $50 to $100 and the price often depends on the size.

How much does it cost to install a trench drain?

A channel or trench serves to remove puddles that may have been retained from large surfaces. They’re best for paved expanses like driveways. The design comes with a channel structure or a thorough that has a flush grate surface, that’s put into a trench. The price of the channel or through depends on the material and the length. A steel driveway trend for your yard may cost you about $100 but you’ll have to pay more, around $300 for a concrete one.

Water problems may be caused by a lack of gutter drainage or downspout. Be sure that your home’s downspout moves water far away from your home to prevent damage to your foundation and your lawn. If they’re not, then you should add more downspout extensions that could be up to 25 feet and cost from $10 and $50 each. You can also connect a downspout to the underground system. If you already have an existing one to use, you will only pay between $25 and $50 for every underground extension you need.


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Essential Landscaping Tips For Dog-Lovers

lawn care

Homeowners who own dogs may have a bit of a problem in lawn care and keeping their yard attractive and orderly while allowing their dogs free massive space to roam around and play. Some even forgo any attempts at fixing their yard, planting trees, and maintaining a lush and green lawn.

Indeed, a beautiful well-maintained yard and dogs are not a very good combination. One will surely give at some point. And as a homeowner you will then have to choose between your pet and your lawn. Don’t let the mess reach this kind of tipping point. You can make it possible not to give up either your lawn or your dog.

Here are some essential lawn care Myrtle Beach tips that can help you maintain a beautiful lawn that can also serve as a safe playground for your dog.

Landscaping Tips

Consider installing a pond or pool – A pond or small pool will be difficult for your dog to enter. So you can use this as a boundary line for your dog. Your pet will soon learn that plants, lawn equipment and everything beyond the pool is off-limits for them.

Stay away from using cocoa mulch – This type of mulch may contain theobromine, which is what makes chocolate poisonous to dogs. You can opt to use gravel, wood chips or shredded hardwood mulch as these have been found not to stick to long furs and coats.

Use rocks as edging for your flowerbeds – To protect your flowers from being damaged by curious and playful dogs, use rocks as edging to the flowerbeds as part of your lawn care. You can also opt to plant foot-tall shrubs in front of the flowerbeds. Both will add to overall look and theme of your lawn while keeping it safe for your dogs. Do not use metal edging because although they are great in protecting your flowers, they can hurt your pets. Use natural edging instead to benefit your landscaping, your pets, and your flowers.

Use plants that prevent fleas – A common type of this plant that is easily available are lavender, mint, and rosemary. You can also choose from blueberries, oat grass, strawberries, and wheat grass which are also safe and healthy for dogs if they accidentally eat the plant.

Create a potty station and train your dogs in the proper use of this stationLawn care experts said that will help prevent those yellow and brown spots from damaging your lawn. Although these unattractive spots can be easily cured by reseeding, you can save the time to do reseeding and also save you, your guests, or the entire household from the shock of seeing these unpleasant and possibly smelly spots on your yard.


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5 Tips to Keep Your Yard Healthy in Winter

lawn careOver the past month or so we have given you some tips and preparing your lawn during the fall months. Although the hard work of fall preparation is complete, there are still a couple of lawn care ideas on what to do and what not to do in the cold weather to make sure green yard in the spring.

Today, we’re sharing 5 suggestions to keep your yard healthy in winter.

1. Water

If you need to water, make sure to do it mid-day so it has an opportunity to soak in prior to nighttime freezing temperatures. Water that is allowed to pool in areas can harm the lawn once it freezes. A much deeper and infrequent watering pattern will motivate roots to dig down deep for required water intensifying the root system.

2. Lower lawn mower blades

As you approach your last few mows of the season, make certain to lower blades a bit in preparation for winter season. We suggest reducing them about half an inch, then another half an inch the next cut. Do not remove more than 1/3 of turf height in any one mowing. The lower turf height will dissuade illness and insects from attacking your landscaping this winter season.

3. Tidy it up

Be sure to rake leaves and debris and pick up toys. Left on the yard, they will keep grass from getting the essential sunlight it requires. The only lawn care Myrtle Beach exception is if you choose to mulch your leaves and spread out the clippings on top of grass This will provide nutrients and water to turf.

4. Prevent walking on frozen grass.

Are you knowledgeable about the crunch you hear when strolling on frozen turf? Although it can be a cool sound, it is also the sound of your lawn breaking! Prevent walking on or cutting grass when it’s frozen. Even when dormant, frozen lawn that undergoes a fair quantity of traffic will suffer and may not green up as well in spring.

5. Screen the weather channel and cover plants as necessary

Take a look at weather patterns and safeguard plants from freezing is essential. This can be finished with either plastic or cloth covers. If using plastic, it will be handy to utilize stakes under the cover so the plastic isn’t touching the plant. Parts of the plant that do touch the plastic could still freeze even with the cover. You do not need to stress over this with cloth covers, however these can get heavy and weighed down if they get wet.

All of us at Conner’s Lawn Care Service hope you enjoy the winter, especially this holiday season. It is not too early to schedule us for the spring to spruce up your lawn for the fun summer season.

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Five Lawn Care Tips To Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

lawn careDo you want a home that is the envy of your neighbors? Did you know that lawn care increases your home’s value? Look no further, for there are easy landscape tasks that can help enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Easy Ideas To Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Here are five lawn care ideas to transform your residence from everyday-okay to company-ready without breaking the bank or wasting your weekends.

1. Feed your lawn.
Feed your lawn with plant food that is rich in iron plus vital trace elements that enhance the greening process, offering yard an abundant, vibrant color. The result? A stunning lawn for little effort.

2. Painting the door.
With top quality outside paint, you can totally upgrade your house’s first impression by repainting the front door. A white or gray home with black shutters actually pops with a red front door, while a blue-green door is a stunning entry to a light brownish brick house.

3. Tidy all hardscapes.
With little effort on your end, you will begin to discover cleaner driveways, outdoor patios, decks, and various other hard surfaces in as little as 24 hrs. Always follow label instructions for ideal outcomes.

4. Wash the windows.
Get started by removing outside webs and particles with a spray from the yard tube. Tackle both inside and outside home window surface areas making use of a mixture of a degreasing cleaning agent plus a splash of vinegar. If you’re preparing to clean outdoors (non-window) surfaces, do that job initially as well as then tidy the home windows.

5. Trim trees and shrubs.
Cut back disordered bushes and trees, getting rid of any branches that obstruct your residence’s appearance, address numbers, pathways, or home windows. Stand in the street and also make certain your entrance shows up and also welcoming. Get rid of any plantings that obstruct vehicle drivers’ sights at the end of your driveway, also. If turf is thinning down trees, strategically prune limbs (eliminating some totally if necessary) to let more sunlight reach the grass below.

These five basic lawn care Myrtle Beach suggestions will improve your house’s curb appeal in a brief quantity of time and without clearing your budget. Tackle them around the weekend break or spread them out to fit your routine. Whichever method you choose, you’ll be taking steps to increase your residence’s worth and beauty– which’s what’s crucial.

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Tips For Pruning Shrubs

lawn careIf the bushes in your garden are overgrown, you probably have the urge to begin cutting them. But before you make haphazard move, you have to know some basic things about lawn care chores such as pruning shrubs.

How to start pruning shrubs?

Start your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine by pruning damaged or dead branches using a saw, lopper, or shear. Your tools have to be sharp so it could create clean and straight cuts. It is not a good idea to leave ragged edges. Think about using bypass loppers or anvil pruners because they can let smaller hands cut branches up to 1 ½ inches thick. You should have a wood saw, small powered chainsaw, or a metal hacksaw if you need to make cuts on trunks and thicker branches.

Where should you start cutting?

You should prune above the branch collar, which is a bumpy tissue that forms a small ring at the junction of the main trunk and the branch. The bumpy part is filled with plant growth cells. If you leave this part intact, your shrub will have better chances to recover and grow back. Always cut at a 45-degree angle. A flat cut will cradle alter, which will invite disease and fungus.

Pruning Shrubs

Use the heading back pruning technique for a more natural look. Find the tallest main branch. With your hand and eye, follow it until it you reach the lower side brand that is more likely pointing upwards. Cut it off on the part that is just above the lower one. Do the process again on all the main branches. Don’t forget to step back to check the results.

Needled Evergreens

You can prune needled evergreens in early spring. That’s fine as long as you don’t overdo it. Once you need signs of new growth, you can prune again so you can reduce the evergreen shrubbery’s height. Dealing with needle evergreens can be tricky. In case you prune just below the green growth, you might not see a new branch sprout again.

Foundation Plantings

For the bushes in the foundation plantings, you should prune away branches that are rubbing against a wall or house. Your neighbors will not see the backside of the plant, so you should cut back for as much as 12 inches of clearance. Lawn care experts say that this will help improve the circulation of air around the branches at the back and lead to a healthier bush.

When Should You Prune?

Do you have to cover the cuts with wax or tree paint? No. If you have created an angled and good cut at the right time, every species will heal its wounds safely without any damage from disease, insects, or frost.

The right time to prune pines and other needled evergreens is during the winter dormant period. It’s trickier to trim flowering shrubs because doing so in the wrong time can mean you won’t see any flowers next year. The general rule is that when the bush blooms during the fall season or late summer, you must prune it during the early spring before new growth comes up. On the other hand, in case the plant flowers during the spring season or in the early summer, you have to wait until it has completed its flowering before you can start pruning.


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