Important Spring Lawn Care Tips For Every Homeowner

lawn careAlthough they have been doing this every year, many homeowners are still looking for effective spring lawn care strategies to help them prepare and take care of their lawns. This is especially true if you are planning to have people over for dinner or lunch or even a barbeque night. You want your home to be more welcoming and comfortable not only to you and your family but also to your guests.

Here are some helpful tips that you can consider to ensure that your lawn remains stunning all throughout the season.

Mow the right way

An important part of spring landscaping is mowing. And this will not be effective if you don’t do it correctly. According to experts, different types of lawn grass have different minimum and maximum height requirement. For example, Zoysia and Bermuda need to be at least one to two inches in height. Centipede lawns need to be about two inches in height.

Find out what specific type of grass you are growing on your lawn and mow your lawn at the appropriate height. You should keep your lawn at that height for the rest of the season and until the end of summer.

Avoid seeding in the spring

The primary reason for this is there is usually a low success rate for growing new grass during spring and summer. Also, you will have a lot of difficulties with weeds since you will not be able to use weed control products until your new grass is mature enough. If you pursue seeding to grow new grass, make sure you spend a lot of time taking out weeds and preventing them from taking over your lawn.

As an alternative, you will have to ensure your lawn is free from any weed presence before you start seeding. This way, you will not have as many problems with weeds while waiting for your new grass to grow.

Know how much fertilizer is too much

Many spring lawn care Myrtle Beach experts strongly advise fertilizing during spring because plants are starting to grow and would need as much food as possible. On the other hand, do not apply too much fertilizer as this will damage your lawn. Aside from this, adding too much fertilizer may result in pushing out a lot of top growth which will not help the roots grow healthier.

Spring is the best time for you to properly take care and maintain your lawn. It is also the best season to start growing new plants and adding to your garden. Whatever landscaping plans you have in mind, be sure to consult first with trained and skilled professionals. This will help you ensure that what you are planning is appropriate for your type of lawn.

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10 To-Do Things To Make Your Lawn Spring-Ready

lawn careSpring is fast approaching and everything in your lawn will come to life again. It’s this time of year that will be perfect for tasks such as spring lawn care. Doing some tasks during the spring and pre-spring period will be good or your lawn. On the other hand, neglecting lawn care during this period would make your lawn suffer for the rest of the year. If you’re up to the challenge, here are some things you could do to prep your lawn for spring:

Raking is the first step in lawn care

The first step of your spring lawn care Myrtle Beach is raking. If you’re wondering why it’s the first item on the list, there’s a pretty good reason. Some might have already raked up the leaves in the fall, but that’s not the point. You should first rake your lawn to avoid excessive thatch buildup. To save yourself some time next season, do some deep raking during fall. This way, you could get rid of dead leaves and prevent thatch buildup at the same time.

Check the ground for compaction

If your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic each year, it may be prone towards compaction. A clear indication of soil compaction is the presence of moss.  Lawn aeration is the solution for soil compaction. You can rent lawn aerators for the job. However, the bad news is that experts recommend lawn aeration in fall, which means you’re out of luck if you’re only just learning about this at this time. You can try again next season.


Aside from soil compaction, moss growth also means the acidity levels in your soil is quite high. The problem with high acidity levels is that grass can’t thrive. Grass, after all, thrives in neutral pH levels. However, this problem can be solved by liming. On the other hand, it’s a good thing to note that the effects of liming isn’t immediate.

Overseeding specific parts of the lawn

Sometimes you could see some bare patches on your lawn due to a number of things. In any case, overseeding can be the solution. Use slow release nitrogen fertilizer during the process of overseeding. After 5 weeks, apply quick release fertilizer. However, this process is best done during fall.


There are different ways to fertilize. You can either go organic or choose chemicals. Compost or chemical-based fertilizers have their own pros and cons. The only difference is the price and application. Chemical fertilizers vary in application. You might want to check the type of application for a certain fertilizer before purchasing one.

Applying pre-emergent herbicides

Do you have problems with weed and crabgrass? There are solutions for this problem and one of them is to use a pre-emergent herbicide. The application of pre-emergent herbicides go alongside the application of fertilizers.

Applying post-emergent herbicides

Have some perennial weed problems? There are some persistent weeds that still manage to germinate in spring despite your efforts. However, it’s not as hard to resolve. You could apply post-emergent herbicides. These chemicals are often sprayed during fall when weed seeds stay buried in the ground until spring.

Getting the lawnmower tuned up

Mowing the lawn in the summer is either fun or tiring depending on how you look at it. If you’re the kind you think it’s tiring, why make things worse with a problematic lawn mower? Before spring is in full swing, prepare your lawn mower and tune it up beforehand.

Get yourself a lawnmower

If all else fails and your lawnmower is still being stubborn about starting up, probably it’s time for a new one. There are different types of lawnmowers that are specific for some landscapes. Maybe it’s just time for that long overdue update.

Honing your mowing strategies

Mowing your lawn isn’t as simple as you first thought. You should consider a number of things to keep your lawn looking good and healthy. If you are unsure about how to go about the right way of mowing your lawn, you could always hire professional lawn care services.


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Spring Lawn Care Tips for Myrtle Beach

  • lawn care Myrtle BeachWhen spring arrives it’s time to continue lawn care for your yard. Time to rake your lawn to help loosen up the soil and remove any dead material.
  • Springtime is also a good time to level out your yard, removing the high spots and filling in the low spots. A well draining yard is best for making sure that water doesn’t drain too fast from an area, or sit on one spot too long, causing dead grass.
  • Densely compacted soil does not allow the roots of grass to grow, making it harder for grass to grow, and allowing weeds to take over. It’s a lawn care Myrtle Beach tip you must not forget.
  • Once the problem areas of your yard have been fixed, it is time to seed the bare spots and any other areas of your lawn, that may have lost some growth during the cold months.
  • Another lawn maintenance tip, is to apply fertilizers and pesticides after you have seeded your lawn. Fertilizers help your lawn by giving it nutrients and herbicides to help with any bug problems that may eat your lawn, allowing weeds to grow
  • The best height for grass, to maintain its health, is to cut on the high setting of your mower. This may require your lawn to need to be mowed more often, but taller grass has better roots and can fend off weeds better. It is also healthiest if no more than 1/3 of the blade of the grass is cut off at any one time.

Conner’s Lawn Care Service understands the proper way to maintain a healthy lawn, and we will ensure all the steps are taken, so your yard will look good and stay healthy all year long. We offer fertilizing, mowing, and trimming services year round.  Please be sure to call us for a free quote.

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Tips For A Healthy Lawn This Summer

lawn careSummer is among the toughest times for lawns especially those that are in warmer climates. Although most lawns thrive during summer, there are those, which have been neglected, that suffer several problems that could lead to poor health and stress. There are a few simple lawn care practices that can help improve your lawn and help it survive and thrive throughout the summer season.

Law Care Tip 1: Watering Properly

Watering is the most important part of turf health during summer. Proper watering practices will allow a lawn to send down water to deeper roots of the soil profile, deeper than the evaporation level of the top part of the soil, which as a result is going to make your lawn more tolerant to heat and drought.

You can train your turf slowly to create a deeper root system by just watering the lawn once it is showing signs that the leaf is wilting and then providing the lawn a deep drink of water at that period. This is simple method for you to grow a deep root system for all turf.

Lawn Care Tip 2: Fertilize Lawns In The Spring

A lawn that is healthy before summer begins is a better solution to getting a healthy lawn for summer than having to wait for summer to come and try to make healthy lawn. This also applies to winter lawn care. Fertilizing the lawn must be conducted to the onset of the two toughest seasons, winter and summer. So be sure to fertilize your lawn to make sure that it remains in top condition once the heat arrives.

Lawn Care Tip 3: Correct Summer Lawn Mowing

When it comes to Myrtle Beach lawn care, most of the lawn problems experienced during summer is brought on by loss of moisture in soil. You can improve this situation by watering correctly so that deep root growth is promoted. However, we could also help the soil by lessening the amount of water that is lost through evaporation during summer. Although a strong healthy lawn that is growing in full sunlight could be cut short, for the majority of lawns that are less than perfect, their best health benefit in summer could come about by boosting the lawn mowing height. The increase in the lawn leaf’s length then insulates and shades the soil against more moisture loss, which leads to less heat stress for your lawn. The same concept of insulating the soil to protect it against moisture could be added by mulch mowing the lawn. The lawn cuttings could also be recycled back to the lawn instead of being collected and then thrown away. Recycling lawn clippings does not just insulate the lawn soil against losing moisture but they are also a good source of nutrients to feed to the lawn back rather than depending on the expense and hassle of using different lawn fertilizers.

Lawn Care Tip 4: Weed and Pest Control

There are pest and weed control treatments that are harsh on the lawn especially those that are not applied by lawn care Myrtle Beach professionals. Treating weeds and pests during the hottest days of summer is not recommended. You should wait around for milder days before you do any kind of spraying. Better yet, treat weeds or pests during spring.

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How do you care for your lawn during winter?

lawn careIn many parts of the nation, lawn grass will go dormant during the winter season. In the southern part of the country, the cool season ryegrass is generally overseeded into the turf in order to maintain a healthy and green lawn. In the northern area, grass can’t grow because it’s too cold and that’s why they wait for spring. But lawn care doesn’t end when winter comes. Here are the things you can do to keep your lawn healthy during the colder weather.

How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy During Winter


Apply some fertilizer using a spreader. While you move the machine over the grass, make sure to hold the handle like it’s a trigger. It will release pellets once you shoot. Follow all the instruction written and add only the suggested amount. Remember that too much fertilizer may cause the grass to burn.


Aerate your lawn so you can give some extra air to the grassroots. You can take out spikes of soil using a spade. It will help create holes that you can use to plant seeds. In case you have a big lawn, you can rent a manual or motorized aerator.

Spread Grass Seed For Cool Weather

Buy grass seeds that says cool weather or cool season on the package, like most fescues. You could sprinkle the seed on your lawn using the same spreader you used for adding fertilizers. Make sure the seeds are evenly spread so grass won’t grow in lumps later on.

Rake and Water

Rake the lawn so you can break up the soil that have clumped and then cover them with some seeds. Use a hose spray to water your lawn. Make sure to keep it moist. Don’t allow it to dry out.


Cleaning your lawn should be part of your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine. Never leave toys, leaves, or debris out of your lawn. These things could suffocate your grass and lead to diseases or invite damaging pests or insects.

Mower Height

You should also lower the mower’s height by at least a notch. Don’t allow your grass to grow too long because it may smother itself and develop disease conditions. However, make sure you don’t cut the grass too short because if you do, it may lead to scalping, which will expose the plant’s crow to extreme weather conditions.


You should also be aware of traffic. When exposed to the natural elements during winter or under the snow cover, grass that’s dormant can handle a moderate traffic amount. However, a path that’s heavily worn out will take a lot of time to green back up once spring season comes due to compaction.

Weather Conditions

You should check the weather conditions. Turf is known to be resilient and could tolerate extreme weather conditions during the winter season. You can deal with this by making sure that the grass has hardened and when you’ve prepared your lawn, you can concentrate more on clearing the sidewalks. Just make sure to monitor the weather.

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Lawn Care Tips For Spring

lawn care Myrtle BeachSpring is almost here and soon, you’ll see the first daffodils and crocuses come to life again. These are also indications that you need to prepare your lawn for the lawn season. The perfect timing for these lawn care tasks for the spring season will depend on your location.

Simple Lawn Care Tips

Rake Deeply

The first lawn care task you need to do is to prepare your lawn for new growth. Even if you’ve done a good job raking the leaves in your lawn during fall, you still have to deal with thatch. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, thatch is a layer that’s made of dead turfgrass tissue that’s lying between the root and the soil below and the green vegetation. Thatch becomes bad for your grass if it’s too thick and that’s why you have to rake deeply during the fall season. But you still need to do this during the spring season. You have to get rid of the grass blades that have died over the winter. You don’t want dead grass to become thatch.

Spring raking will also help you look for matted patches of lawn. If you check and find that the grass blades are stuck with each other, then you have a snow mold problem. New grass will find it hard to get into these matted patches, and that’s when raking can help.

Aerate If Needed

In case your lawn gets too much traffic, then your soil may be compacted, which may be indicated by the growth of moss. If that’s the case, your soil needs aeration. A lawn aerator will help create openings in the lawn so that air and water can penetrate the soil and get to the grass roots. You always have the option to rend a lawn aerator but you can also go for a manual hand aerator.

You need to know that aerating the lawn shouldn’t be done during spring but there are cases when you have to. If your soil is compacted, then existing grass may not grow and you have to include aeration in your list of spring lawn care Myrtle Beach tasks.

Check The Soil

Aside from compaction, if you see that moss is coating your lawn, then the soil is acidic. Grass love a neutral PH. You can neutralize the soil’s acidity by adding ground limestone. But it’s not going to be a quick fix because the liming’s effect happens gradually. But before all that, you have to send out a soil sample so it’s acidity can be checked.


A landscape that is riddled with some bare patches because of neglect, heavy traffic, or dog spots need some grass seed application so there’s something that would fill in the bare spots. You can do this by overseeding, which involves sowing seed over an existing grass. You need a slow release nitrogen fertilizer and then a quick release nitrogen fertilizer.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You can use mulching mowers or compost to fertilize your lawn. But you can also use chemical fertilizers. But you need to be warned that applying too much fertilizer during the spring season could result into weed problems and disease.


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A Guide To Landscaping

lawn careFor centuries, people have long been practicing landscaping. Humans, as far back as the ancient Mayans, were manipulating the land for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Adding plants, changing the existing terrain, and building structures are all part of the landscaping.

These days, landscaping involves planning, laying out, as well as constructing gardens that improve the appearance and develop usable space for various outdoor activities around your home.

Landscaping Ideas and Options

In case you are thinking of landscaping your house, be sure to look for resources relating to these topics:

Landscaping pictures – look for hundreds of stunning and unique landscapes in residential properties.

Landscaping ideas– get expert advice and inspiration for your yard.

How to landscape – find out how you can plan the best garden retreat.

Backyard ideas – find out everything you should know regarding outdoor living spaces.

Front yard landscape ideas – look for landscape and lawn care ideas that can help boost the curb appeal of your house.

Landscaping plants – look for collections of plants that are organized by type, use, and style.

There are various options when it comes to landscaping. There are those who would like a perfectly balanced mix of softscapes (plants) and hardscapes (patios). There are some who would like a landscape design that is sustainable, one that saves water and can create a natural habitat. There are a few who wish to have a space that’s filled with a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and even a swimming pool where they could entertain their family and friends. Regardless of what you want, be sure to talk to your landscaping expert.

The internet is an excellent place to get ideas for your landscaping project. Begin by browsing the pictures and then take note of what you do and don’t like. Then, check out some examples of landscaping projects in your area to determine what works well. Last but not the least, research more about the features you wish to include in your landscaping Myrtle Beach project.

The Landscaping Process

Landscaping is a project that involves art and science. Having the right horticultural knowledge and knowing the elements as well as the basic landscaping design principles, a landscape expert could assist you in transforming your property. The landscaping contractor, designer, or architect you opt to work with will help you through the process of landscaping, which involves the design phase and the construction phase.

A lot of DIYers make the biggest mistake of rushing into the construction stage without making a plan first. Planning the landscape and lawn care Myrtle Beach can transform ideas into visuals and make sure that the layout and the scale have been considered very well before the construction phase. Your landscaper will develop a plan for your yard that is suitable for your needs and offers solutions to the most common landscaping issues like lack of space, sun, wind, and slopes.

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The Cost of Installing Landscape Drainage

lawn careA French system makes use of gravity and this style is available in different variations. It is made up of a ditch that is filled with gravel and comes with a perforated pipe, which will guide the water away from the spot that’s at risk of damage. It will protect your home and a great part of your lawn care. French designs is a good option in one of the two parts of your home – underneath the basement floor and around the perimeter of your home. In both these instances, it will help collect the extra moisture and channel it away from your home’s foundation to avoid damage. You can pay between $200 to $3,000 depending on the style and system that you choose for your home.

The Cost of Having A Drainage System

The drainage pipes can cost you from $50 to $200. They can help deal with yard inlets by either directing the flow to the municipal system or into a dry well.

Meanwhile, a storm drain or a catch basin will collect water once it accumulates during a storm and directs it to the municipal sewer system. Options include a precast concrete, a cast in place concrete, plastic or polymer. They will filter the water that pours in to them through a grate as well as a sump to keep pollutants out. They are ideal for places where water will pool during a storm. They cost from $50 to $100 and the price often depends on the size.

How much does it cost to install a trench drain?

A channel or trench serves to remove puddles that may have been retained from large surfaces. They’re best for paved expanses like driveways. The design comes with a channel structure or a thorough that has a flush grate surface, that’s put into a trench. The price of the channel or through depends on the material and the length. A steel driveway trend for your yard may cost you about $100 but you’ll have to pay more, around $300 for a concrete one.

Water problems may be caused by a lack of gutter drainage or downspout. Be sure that your home’s downspout moves water far away from your home to prevent damage to your foundation and your lawn. If they’re not, then you should add more downspout extensions that could be up to 25 feet and cost from $10 and $50 each. You can also connect a downspout to the underground system. If you already have an existing one to use, you will only pay between $25 and $50 for every underground extension you need.


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Essential Landscaping Tips For Dog-Lovers

lawn care

Homeowners who own dogs may have a bit of a problem in lawn care and keeping their yard attractive and orderly while allowing their dogs free massive space to roam around and play. Some even forgo any attempts at fixing their yard, planting trees, and maintaining a lush and green lawn.

Indeed, a beautiful well-maintained yard and dogs are not a very good combination. One will surely give at some point. And as a homeowner you will then have to choose between your pet and your lawn. Don’t let the mess reach this kind of tipping point. You can make it possible not to give up either your lawn or your dog.

Here are some essential lawn care Myrtle Beach tips that can help you maintain a beautiful lawn that can also serve as a safe playground for your dog.

Landscaping Tips

Consider installing a pond or pool – A pond or small pool will be difficult for your dog to enter. So you can use this as a boundary line for your dog. Your pet will soon learn that plants, lawn equipment and everything beyond the pool is off-limits for them.

Stay away from using cocoa mulch – This type of mulch may contain theobromine, which is what makes chocolate poisonous to dogs. You can opt to use gravel, wood chips or shredded hardwood mulch as these have been found not to stick to long furs and coats.

Use rocks as edging for your flowerbeds – To protect your flowers from being damaged by curious and playful dogs, use rocks as edging to the flowerbeds as part of your lawn care. You can also opt to plant foot-tall shrubs in front of the flowerbeds. Both will add to overall look and theme of your lawn while keeping it safe for your dogs. Do not use metal edging because although they are great in protecting your flowers, they can hurt your pets. Use natural edging instead to benefit your landscaping, your pets, and your flowers.

Use plants that prevent fleas – A common type of this plant that is easily available are lavender, mint, and rosemary. You can also choose from blueberries, oat grass, strawberries, and wheat grass which are also safe and healthy for dogs if they accidentally eat the plant.

Create a potty station and train your dogs in the proper use of this stationLawn care experts said that will help prevent those yellow and brown spots from damaging your lawn. Although these unattractive spots can be easily cured by reseeding, you can save the time to do reseeding and also save you, your guests, or the entire household from the shock of seeing these unpleasant and possibly smelly spots on your yard.


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Lawn Care Tips To Remove Trees and Bushes Near Your Home

lawn careTrees, plants, and flowers are the most natural appealing form that you can bring to your house. But, when unhealthy shrubs, bushes, and trees begin piling up, they could lead to direct blockage of the sun’s rays. Heavy and dead branches also take up all of the water. It stops healthier and newer plants from thriving and growing. If you do not take the appropriate precautions, your garden or yard may wind up looking like a sophisticated, shrubby, and shallow part of your home. Instead, it must be a serene and relaxing sight. There are different ways to help the dying plants and to add more beauty to your home’s landscape. Here some lawn care tips you need to know.

Lawn Care Tips

Trim and Cut

Trim, cut, and prune. These are the most important and least time consuming things you can do to keep your lawn healthy. However, these are the practices that are most neglected since many people think they are tedious activities. There are many methods you have to master before you have to chop off your trees or plants. For example, you should avoid cutting small flowers and plants because it needs as many leaves as it can to grow. Additionally, you should avoid cutting the whole tree. Cut the damaged parts or the ones that are causing blockage. These include branches crossing each other, broken limbs, parallel branches, and dead branches, suckers, and water sprouts that grow from the roots of the trees.

Don’t Plan Trees Close To Your Home

There’s no doubt that trees and fresh plants will improve the entire look of your home. But be sure to plant them in spots that have a safe distance to your home. If you plant them too close to your house, they may cause significant damage.

According to lawn care Conway experts, tree roots that grow close to your house can block drainage systems. Powerful and strong roots may even break parts of your plumbing. Aside from that, fishing these damages could cost you a lot of cash. Tree roots and tree limbs can also lead to roofing and heaving damage that could result into unprecedented accidents. It’s better if you do not plant trees close to your home. If they’re preplanted before you purchase your house, then take them out as soon as you can.

Use Mulch

If you plan on adding plants close to trees, you should also include mulch at the base of the plant. Tree roots will take up most of the water, which will leave little for these plants and stop sunlight from reach the soil of the plants. Mulching will help in preventing weeds and letting water to soak a thick layer of mulch and the ground. Mulch could also protect the tree roots from drought, heat, and cold.

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