Holiday Lawn Care Tips – Decorating Without Damaging

lawn careSome homeowners have already started to decorate for the holiday season. No matter how many decorations you have, decorating your home can be a great way to get into the holiday spirit. You might place some small decorations around the house, or you may go big and put up a large light show on your lawn. However, you should always be careful not to damage your lawn in the process. Sunken areas can be created by large, heavy objects, which can make your lawn uneven. You may have seen the soggy, flattened grass that large inflatable decorations can leave behind if you’ve ever put them on your lawn. What can you do to stop it? Do you have to stop decorating your lawn during the holidays? These lawn care tips and tricks will allow you to decorate your lawn while preserving the grass.

Be sure to take the necessary precautions

Preventing a problem is the best way to fix it. So, before you get your holiday decorations out, prepare your lawn for winter. This includes removing leaves, and other lawn debris, disposing of dead plants, and weed removal. You can prevent dead bugs from getting under your decorations and old, wet leaves.

You should always inspect your Christmas lights before you hang them outdoors or use them for a lawn display. To prevent water from entering the outlets and sparking up, you should use outdoor-specific outlets. This will help to keep your lawn safe.

Keep it light

Heavy holiday decorations can lead to sunken areas and dead grass, as we have already mentioned. Although soil, sand, and compost can be used to fertilize your lawn, you will need to wait for the new grass to grow. Your best bet is to use lighter holiday decorations on your lawn. This may make it more difficult to light your decorations if they are connected to an electric cord. However, a long extension cable will solve this problem.

Plastic lawn decor is a light material that can be a little tacky. Think instead of objects made from the lightweight wire like the LED reindeer. Another festive option is LED candy canes. They won’t get lost on your lawn. No matter what decorations you choose, it is important to move them around regularly to maintain a healthy lawn.

Don’t let your lawn get beat up during the holiday season. Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service today for professional lawn care maintenance.

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