When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

lawn careThe expectations you have for your lawn will determine when you need to fertilize. These include your goals, fertilizing budget, hiring a lawn care expert, or can you do it on your own. These are only a few of the many things you might be wondering about when it comes to lawn fertilization.

Lawn Care Tip: When Is The Best Time To Fertilize?

The first one should be in the early spring, followed by in late spring, mid summer, early fall, late fall, and sometimes a winter application is needed.

Applying Fertilizer During Spring

Apply fertilizer early and late in the spring will help boost the growth of the grass. Kill the weeds that have germinated by applying a post emergent. Meanwhile, you need a pre-emergent if you wish to prevent weeds from growing in the summer. These first two application are extremely important. If you don’t apply them properly, you can’t expect to have great results.

Applying Fertilizer Mid-Summer

Mid summer lawn fertilization is just a light fertilizer that will encourage color and promote growth throughout the hotter months.

Applying Fertilizer During Fall

Applying fertilizer and seeded during fall help encourage seed germination. It will also take care of the weeds that may grow during the fall season.

Applying Fertilizer During Winter

Applying fertilizer during winter will help the lawn maintain health and color throughout the colder months. If you want to do it yourself, then go ahead. But if you factor in the time and money you will spend in buying the needed chemicals and fertilizers, it will be just like hiring a professional lawn care Myrtle Beach specialist.

Challenges OF DIY Fertilization

One of the challenges of going with a DIY fertilization is the spraying of the weeks that have grown in the lawn. Lawn care professionals have access to bigger tanks of chemicals that can be used for this purpose. If you do it yourself, you will use a granular weed and feed, which won’t work unless you apply it early in the morning while the grass is still wet since the particles need to adhere to the leaves of the weeds for it to be effective in killing it.

Hire A Lawn Care Professional

It’s always better to hire a lawn care professional. Find a locally owned company like Conner’s Lawn Care Services that can do lawn fertilization. Hiring a good lawn care company means a pro will handle all the needed applications to keep your lawn in tip top shape.

The best option is always to work with a professional lawn care specialist. Yes, it is possible for you to do it on your own and you may even have fun in the process. However, it’s not always a simple and straightforward task. You also need to know the best fertilizers for the kind of lawn that you have in order for it to be effective.


Call Conner’s Lawn Care Services if you’ve decided to hire an expert in maintaining your lawn.


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How Lawn Care Help Keep Kids Safe In Your Front Yard

lawn careA lot of homeowners tend to ignore that their front yard is a safe place where their kids can play. After all, your home must be a safe haven where your family can live safely and comfortably. But when people have kids, they soon find out that it is crucial to be vigilant regarding safety in all the areas where their kids play, even if that means their own lawn or home. There are some methods you can use to make sure that your kid is safe when playing in your yard. But it all boils down to proper lawn care.

Supervision Is A Must

When kids play outside, they only need a few seconds to run from your yard and down to the road. Even if you live in a quiet street that does not get that much traffic, nobody really knows when a careless or inexperienced driver might be on the road. Loose stray dogs and child predators can also pose danger to your kids as they play outside. Parents have to protect their kids by making sure that they supervise all of their outdoor activities. If your kids are responsible and older, then you can enforce the buddy system. You may also improve the safety of your yard through the installation of a fence or by creating a specific area where they can play.

Lawn Care Is Crucial

A yard that’s unkempt can create different kinds of risks for your children. There could be a snake hiding in a wheelbarrow that was left outside or perhaps just trying to conceal itself in tall grasses. Lawn care Myrtle Beach is crucial. You can do it yourself or you can hire a company that can do it for you.

Lawn care professionals can offer landscaping advice that will help improve your yard while keeping your children safe.

Check The Trees

Apart from the obvious hazards outdoors like spare wheelbarrows or standing water, the plants may also cause risk to your children. Be sure that all trees remain in good health to lower the risk of falling branches from hurting kids. Lawn care experts can check out the overall root system of the tree as well as the conditions of the surrounding soil, and many other things that play a role to its health. You can be assured that children can play under a tree or explore its trunk without any risk. This is only another example of how total lawn care includes evaluating not just the beauty of your landscape but also its safety.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service if you need professional help in taking care of your lawn not only to improve its visual aesthetics but also its safety.

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