Law Care Tips: Guide To Lawn Mowing

lawn careLawn mowing can appear like a naturally easy lawn care task. But if you ask experts,  there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to lawn mowing. The main goal of yard trimming is not just to attain a stunning looking green lawn once the mowing is finished. You also need to understand that how a yard is routinely cut plays a huge role in the total wellness of the lawn itself. Yes, lawn mowing has a direct effect on the yard when it is done appropriately or inaccurately.

There are two things that come into play when we consider what we can change or do about lawn mowing. The first thing is how long to keep the trimmed leaves and the second is how often do you mow the lawn. It is also from these 2 techniques that we can considerably modify the wellness of our yards right or for the even worse.

Practical Lawn Care Guide For Mowing Your Lawn

How long to keep the trimmed grass

The natural process where plants make food from sunlight for the yard or plant out of the readily available nutrients in the dirt is called photosynthesis. When grass has longer leaves, its need for food increases to remain healthy. While a yard which is cut at a really low level can create a lot less food, therefore this grass can focus on their health or otherwise run the risk of coming to be unwell and even in danger of possible death of the yard.

In conclusion, you should know by now that grass that is meant to be grown in partially shaded areas will have to keep its leaves longer. While grass that will be grown in direct sunlight should be trimmed regularly. The partially shaded landscaping needs longer leaves to power extra photosynthesis with less sunshine. Whereas grass which is completely grown in direct sunlight can quickly have its leaf size kept shorter and still preserve the very same degree of photosynthesis and food manufacturing. This lawn mowing pointer is an instead easy one to recognize and change.

The Regularity of Lawn Mowing

While lawn mowing can be a daunting task for numerous hectic individuals, and it is also something which we are all guilty of postponing, routine lawn mowing is additionally crucial for total yard health and wellness.

The initial factor for preserving normal lawn mowing is that if we leave the grass to grow longer, the thatch layer will surely increase in the grass, and also the crowns of the grass will elevate higher. Leaving yards longer in between mowing is constantly a high danger of creating grass damages than when the lawn is last trimmed.

While the above instance is a worse instance of leaving the grass longer in between mowing, normal lawn mowing also needs to be given care when it comes to its regularity.

Final thought

While there are lots of aspects associated with keeping your grass green and healthy, simple lawn mowing will do the trick. Just remember the two factors you need to consider when trying to mow your lawn for the first time. If you need help in taking care of your lawn, you can always hire professional lawn care services in Myrtle Beach.

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Tips to Maximize Your Budget For Your Dream Landscaping

landscapingWhen budgeting for your home remodel or maintenance, you may easily forget about your landscaping. Summer means backyard barbecues and outdoor fun, so landscaping should be on your list of priorities. Outdoor projects can quickly cost a lot, but with some planning, you can reduce costs and make every dollar count.

These landscaping tips and tricks are affordable and can be used to create stunning outdoor spaces for homeowners to enjoy.

Landscaping Tips You Need To Know

1. When looking for lawn care experts, shop around.

It can be difficult to keep your lawn trimmed, edged, and mowed if you don’t have the time or aren’t interested in yard work. However, it is one of your most visible assets.

It can be worth it to hire a lawn care professional to help you take the stress out of maintaining your yard. You don’t have to choose the first company you find. Shop around and you will get the best deal.

2. Invest in perennials

Although annual flowers can produce a lot of color in a given year, they must be bought and planted each year. Many perennials bloom abundantly and can be planted only once as they will return after the winter.

3. Plant small, design big.

It can be tempting to buy the largest perennials or other plants when shopping. It’s best to choose the smallest size available. Small plants are more affordable. Small plants can save you money and help your home grow. A younger plant is more likely to recover from being transplanted in the garden. This will reduce replacement costs and frustration. It is also recommended to invest in a well-thought-out layout to ensure that each plant is in an area where it can grow fully over time.

4. Concentrate on outdoor living spaces.

Your beautiful landscaping is one of the main reasons you should invest your time and money. A garden or backyard can be a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature especially when maintained by an expert in lawn care in Carolina Forest.

An inexpensive option is to buy a few benches. You can use salvaged-wood planks to create DIY seating. You can also give them a new coat or rustic embellishments to make them more expensive and look more luxurious.

Fire pits are a favorite DIY landscaping project in fire-safe areas. People of all ages love a fire pit. It’s also very affordable because you only need natural stones to make a circle and then you can start using it. Concrete retaining block walls are an option for those who want to upgrade their home.

5. Curb appeal pays off.

The rapid rise in home prices over the past year has led to Americans’ equity increasing by 20% in the first three months of last year. This adds up to $33,400 in equity gains for the average homeowner. This cash surplus can be used for home improvements.

Landscaping is a must-have for anyone looking to rent or sell their home. Regular lawn maintenance can also help them get the most for their money.

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Lawn Care Tips: How to Control Ants in Lawns

lawn careAlthough ants aren’t considered to be dangerous pests, they can cause significant damage to turf grass. It is important to control ants in lawns where they cause root damage and unappealing mounds. Such colony insects can come in huge numbers, creating intricate labyrinths within the grass roots. Here are some lawn care tips you need to know.

Foot travelers as well as mower blades may be at risk from ant hills in the grass. Understanding pest control for ants in the lawns starts with information about the soil and preferences of these insects, as well as a concerted effort at destroying their nests.

Lawn Care and Ant Hills

These fascinating insects aren’t just concerned about the mounds and hills made by ant colonies. Many species are interested in ranching and will help their local honeydew supply by “farming” aphids or mealybugs.

The honeydew-like substance produced by mealybugs or aphids, is a delicate food for ants. A colony of ants from farming can cause serious damage to your vegetables and ornamental plants. They are the preferred food source for mealybugs as well as aphids. You can reduce the number of these pest insects by controlling ants on your lawn.

Ants love well-drained soil that is unaffected by high traffic. Although they aren’t stinging, lawn dwelling ants are usually not an issue. However, some species can damage grassroots and cause large dead patches.

An additional problem is the presence of ant hills in the grass. These can grow to be large enough to cause a trip hazard and make it difficult for you and your family members to mow. Raking will be an important part of lawn care for low populations. Raking out the hills will help reduce the number of hardened mounds and scatter them. This is a simple Carolina Forest  lawn care task that can be done weekly from fall through summer.

How to naturally control ants in lawns

Because ants are social creatures, they can live in very small areas. The size and problems associated with ants will vary from one ant colony to another. You must take steps to eliminate ants from your lawn if you find large numbers of them.

It is difficult to kill ants on your landscaping because pets and children use the area as play space and for traversing the garden. For an infestation, you can spray the area with a solution of dish soap and water.

You can also try diatomaceous Earth or a sugar water spray. The best way to deal with an infestation is to live alongside these beneficial insects unless it is extremely troublesome. The larvae of lawn pests are eaten by most ants. This is a win for grass lovers.

Chemicals to Kill Ants on Your Lawn

Spot treatment is the best way to kill ants. Spot application is the best method to kill ants because they tend to focus in a narrow area. This allows for spot control to be applied and reduces damage to beneficial insects that also call the grass their home.

Spray or granular forms are available. Apply the chemical according to the label. Granular forms need to be activated with water so it is best that you irrigate the area after applying the chemical. Children and pets should wait until the area is dry before entering the toxic zone.

Ants can be both a blessing and a curse. Before you resort to chemical solutions to treat your lawn, consider the severity of your problem. They can also be natural pest control, increasing the soil tilth and acting as wild aerators to loosen the dirt around roots and enhance growth.

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8 Landscaping Tips to Maximize Your Curb Appeal

landscapingMany gardeners consider landscaping for curb appeal a top priority. It doesn’t need to be complicated, difficult, or costly to maximize your yard’s potential and minimize its problems in order to create a stunning street view. There are many benefits, such as increasing your home’s value.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), houses with high curb appeal sell for an average of 7.7% more than homes without similar landscaping. These tips can transform your front yard without destroying your property or breaking the bank, no matter what your taste or preferences.

Landscaping Tips To Maximize Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1. Take a look at the House

Many people focus on the shape and slopes of the front yard or the size of the lawn. But sometimes, you overlook the most important piece of the puzzle: your actual house. When you create gardens around your home, the design and architecture of your house can make a big difference. A cottage-style landscaping in Myrtle Beach would complement a farmhouse or country look, while a minimalist, sparse garden would be a better fit for a modern dwelling.

2. Consider the Proportions

Pretty little flowers won’t work well if you have a large home with a flat front. Use plants and repetition, such as mid-sized shrubs to line a pathway, or rows of shrubs, that complement the house’s shape and size. A plant grouping that is shaped and oriented in line with the house’s lines and walkways will immediately have an impact on the landscape.

3. Hardscaping is a good option

To improve curb appeal, you can use secondary hardscape elements. For example, a deep sidewalk can be used as an accent to create a larger flower bed. A bench is a great place to gather perennials and shrubs. Consider what is already there and what you could add.

4. The Entryway should be emphasized

It is all about bringing curb appeal to your property. Make the transition easy and intuitive so that guests know where they are going. This could include a bend in the walkway (with the entrance still visible) or urns either side of a curve.

5. Turn to the Color Wheel

When choosing plants for your front garden, you should consider the color of your home. A blue house will feel calm and collected with a variety of pink, yellow, purple and white flowers. With flowers in bright yellow, orange, and red, the red trim will stand out.

6. Consider big plantings where appropriate

People will often see your house and judge its curb appeal quickly. They can either walk by it or drive past it. To anchor your overall garden and home design, use large-sized plants and a mass of flowers that look good from afar. Avoid blocking windows and doors with too large plants.

7. Maintain a low-maintenance garden

A large garden can be detrimental to a potential home buyer, even if gardening is something you enjoy. Large gardens or perhaps plants that create lots of natural litter, including seed pods or petals, will discourage prospective homeowners who are not keen gardeners especially when it comes to lawn care. You can keep it tidy with petunias that won’t leave petals everywhere and shrubs that don’t need a lot of tender loving attention.

8. Take a look at the seasons

It will be uninviting to see a landscape that is dormant during winter. Structural elements like trees and shrubs are the best curb appeal options. Also, look for materials that can be used in all seasons, such as spring, summer and autumn.

To increase curb appeal, you don’t need to start from scratch. You can easily dress up your home in a way that suits your taste and appeals to others by adding some extra elements. Your home can be used as a foundation for a garden that adds beauty to the landscape.

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When Is the Right Time to Fertilize Your Lawn In Spring?

lawn careThe majority of people fertilize their lawns with a single application in spring followed by a few more during the growing season. Lawn care experts do not fertilize your lawn too early in the growing season. Late spring is the best time to fertilize your lawn. This is when the green grass is just beginning to grow. The grass puts energy into root development in early spring. Apply fertilizer too early and the plant will turn its energy to leaf development.

The Controversy About Using Lawn Fertilizers

The decision about whether fertilizer should be used on your lawn will depend on your stand when it comes to organic or low-impact-to-chemical garden practices. Organic gardeners do not use any chemicals as lawn fertilizers. It is important to note that fertilizer runoff can get into the local water supply. It is clear that fertilizer run-off from lawns and agricultural fertilizers can contaminate groundwater supplies and streams, creating an urgent environmental problem.

Lawn Care: Organic Fertilizer

There are several organic ways to safely feed a lawn. A mulching mower cuts grass into small pieces that are then broken down on the lawn. Experts in lawn care in Myrtle Beach say this method provides the lawn with twice as much nitrogen than a single application of fertilizer. Although organic-labeled fertilizers can feed your lawn, they tend to be less saturated with essential nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) than industrially processed fertilizers.

Lawn Care: Non-organic Fertilizer

The most popular type of lawn fertilizer is still traditional chemical lawn fertilizer. It can be supplied by your local lawn care provider, Conner’s Lawn Care. There are many types of fertilizers. There are fertilizers that match the season. These include early-season fertilizers and mid-summer fertilizers. Some fertilizers are better suited to vegetables or flowers. The herbicides category also includes fertilizers that feed the grass and kill weeds.

Pre-emergent herbicides combine fertilizer with crabgrass control herbicide and are applied in the spring. This product does not require a full feed of fertilizer. The product contains a small amount of fertilizer that boosts grass growth, keeps it alive, and a herbicide that restricts the development of crabgrass seedlings.

Fertilizer should be used with care

Most fertilizer manufacturers are too strict about the recommended dosage and feeding schedule. The more fertilizer you use the better. Begin with half of the recommended fertilizer rate and dosage. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can apply again. You’ll see how long it takes to have a healthy lawn after a few seasons.

Fertilizer Application Timing

Organic fertilizers are preferred by some homeowners who may apply one “turf-builder application” in the fall to establish root systems. Most lawns will not require fertilizers in the spring or summer and can rely solely on nitrogen from the mulched grass clippings.

Traditional fertilizers can be applied to the lawn in three applications. One in spring, one in midsummer for those areas, and one in fall.

Once you have determined the best time to apply fertilizer, plan your application. You will need to water your lawn at least quarter inch before you apply fertilizer. Apply fertilizer only after a severe storm. Rainstorms increase the likelihood of fertilizer nutrients being pushed into storm drains or streams.

When To Fertilize Your Lawn During Spring

The slow-release fertilizer function will aid grass growth if you applied lawn fertilizer in the fall, particularly late in the season. Although fertilizer companies and lawn care companies might tell you to fertilize your lawn early in the spring, turf experts and agronomists (soil specialists) may advise you to wait.

Cool-season grasses that “wake up” in spring enter a natural growth phase when their root system starts growing and creating energy (carbohydrate) reserves. Before fertilizing the lawn, wait until late spring (late May/early June), just before the heat of the summer starts and the grass thrives.

This is the best time to start feeding your lawn for the summer. The grass will slow down its carbohydrate production during the summer and start to use the reserves. The grass will benefit from adequate feedings. This will help it rebuild its energy (carbohydrates) and protect it against the summer stresses, such as heat, drought, traffic, illness, and insect infestations. The grass can be fed for as long as 12 weeks with a slow-release fertilizer that is polymer-coated.

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Landscaping Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

landscapingA home’s curb appeal is what potential buyers will first see. In preparation for selling a house, outdoor landscaping is often overlooked or neglected. A well-maintained and attractive landscap can increase the home’s value by as much as 10%

It is best to start cleaning out your yard about a month before your house goes up for sale. This will give you enough time so that everything looks perfect and you don’t appear to have rushed to do it. These tips will help you to quickly improve your yard and sell your house.

Landscaping Tips To Improve Your Lawn

Outdoor containers can be improved.

Large tropicals are a great addition to the patios and doors that would-be buyers use to enter and leave the house. These displays show the many design possibilities that container plants offer.

Make sure to clean up the mulch.

A new mulch layer can make a garden look better. Mulch adds color to the plants and enhances their contrast. Mulch is also relatively inexpensive and simple to apply.

Get some color right away!

The landscaping Myrtle Beach will pop with seasonal color, and flats made from annuals are relatively affordable. You can either go for a bold splash of color or a monochromatic look that complements the style of your home.

Form unsightly, overgrown trees or shrubs.

It doesn’t matter what season it is, it’s a smart idea to tackle any neglected pruning chores. There’s nothing that says neglect like a bunch dead branches. This is a way to show that your well maintained lawn and house. Pruning deciduous shrubs and trees at any time is acceptable.

Plant perennial plants.

Don’t let herbaceous perennials or annuals look shabby. Replace a plant that is in poor condition or put a decorative pot in its place.

It’s a great time to get rid of any plants you don’t want to bring with you to your new place. If you are going to remove any plants from your landscape and have not done so before, you must inform the buyer. This is only fair and many states have restrictions on the removal of plants from the landscape.

Make sure to clean up the water features.

Remove any algae and leaves, and clean the filters to make sure that the water is clear. A water feature that isn’t looking good or functioning properly can quickly turn off potential customers.

You should take care of irrigation problems.

Repair any irrigation system problems. Repairs to an irrigation system can be costly and you don’t want to pass the cost on to the buyer. If you have an automated system, provide information about the irrigation schedule. Provide instructions on how your system works and suggest the same watering schedule as you have used.

Repair faucet leaks.

Leaking faucets can indicate other plumbing problems, which can cause buyers to be dissatisfied.

Water your plants at least half an hour before your scheduled time if you have received sufficient notice. Watering reduces the glare from paved surfaces and sends the message that your plants have been well-maintained. To show your irrigation system is working well, you might consider running it.

Label as many plants and flowers as you can.

This will allow the buyer to identify each plant by name and help them with their research. You might also consider keeping a complete plant inventory in a scrapbook and leaving it on a table for potential buyers to peruse as they tour your house. This simple lawn care step, regardless of whether you are a gardener or not, can make a big impact on potential buyers.

Clean dirty surfaces with a power washer

To clean paver surfaces, you can rent or buy a power washer. You can make grimy and dirty surfaces look like new in no time. You can also use power washers to clean fences and brick or vinyl siding.

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When Will You See Results Of Your Lawn Care Program?

lawn careYou might be curious to know when you will see lawn care results if you are just getting started with a lawn care program.

This is one of our most frequently asked questions and we fully understand why. You want to see the results and be proud of your lawn. You also want to see the results of your lawn care investment.

This article will discuss lawn care Myrtle Beach results and help you set realistic expectations. We will also talk about the factors that influence lawn care results, which will help you understand why some lawns are more successful than others.

We want you to understand the expectations of our lawn care program.

The Lawn Care Programs Results Can Be Different Because Every Lawn Has a Different Starting Point

Sometimes we get asked why one lawn is making more progress than the other when we work with multiple clients within the same area. Most homeowners assume that all lawns, especially those in the same area, start from the same place.

This isn’t the case in reality. Your lawn care results may be affected by factors such as soil health and other factors.

It is important to remember that each lawn will have a different “starting line”. It’s important to not compare your lawn with your neighbor’s when homeowners ask when they will see lawn care results.

You must also understand that you will not see results in a day. Trust the process. You wouldn’t expect to be a professional bodybuilder if you just started working out. Your lawn won’t go from struggling to flourishing if you don’t put in the effort.

However, homeowners still want to know how long it takes for lawn treatment to take effect.

We can only tell you that if there is no progress, it’s time to get in touch.

Each lawn care treatment builds upon the work done in the previous visit. Over time, you will see more progress. Sometimes, homeowners forget how bad their lawn looked before we began. Taking “before” photos will help you to see where you are now.

Most people will notice small changes immediately, even after only one treatment. However, it may take some time to see your lawn grow thicker and greener, especially if your lawn was not in its best health.

Lawn care results do not always follow linear progression

We wish there were no setbacks in your quest for a beautiful lawn. Unexpected pest infestations, weather and other factors can cause setbacks.

Lawn care results don’t always follow a straight line. Sometimes, there are steps behind the steps.

These lawn problems can be quickly addressed by a professional lawn care company so you can correct the situation and get back on track. Unexpected lawn problems can lead to the destruction of your entire turf if you try to fix them yourself.

A strong lawn partner can help you succeed with important cultural recommendations such as proper watering. Many homeowners don’t realize the impact that their lawn care habits, such as watering and mowing, can have on their lawn.

Conner’s Lawn Care Service is very concerned about how you perform these tasks so that they don’t have a negative effect on the results. Conner’s Lawn Care Service understands that you want to maximize the results of your lawn care program. Good cultural habits are key.

For faster, better lawn care results, aeration and overseeding are recommended

We would be remiss to not mention the importance of overseeding and aeration when it comes to lawn care results. Overseeding and aeration are two of best things you can do to your lawn’s health. They can also be the service that takes your property to the next level.

Sometimes homeowners may feel that they are doing everything right (fertilization, herbicide control, etc.). They aren’t seeing the same results they would like, despite doing all the right things (fertilization, weed control, etc.). Aeration and oversight could make a difference.

This is because the service breaks down compacted soil to allow the lawn to “breathe”. This allows more oxygen and water to reach the root zone, where they are most needed.

Aerating your lawn every year is a must if you want a lush, healthy lawn.

This is a vital service and one of the best things you can do to your lawn. It’s a great way to ensure your lawn grows thick, healthy, and thrives.

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Why Hire A Lawn Care Expert To Fertilize Your Lawn

lawn careOne of the most important tasks you have to do as a homeowner is maintaining your lawn and landscape. There are many lawn care tasks that need to be done, including weed control and seasonal clean-ups. Conner’s Lawn Care can help keep your lawn in top shape throughout the year.

We offer many services to maintain your lawn and landscape health. Fertilization is a common lawn care task that homeowners attempt to do on their own. Although fertilizing your lawn may seem like something you can do on your own, there are many great benefits to hiring lawn care experts. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether you should hire a professional lawn fertilization service provider.

Lawn Care: The difficulty of the job

It is easy to think that lawn fertilization involves nothing more than spraying some fertilizer on your grass on Saturday mornings. You may not realize that it can take several hours depending on how large your property is. It will also need to be done approximately five times per year at strategically chosen intervals.

You will need to pay upfront for equipment and fertilizers. This is in addition to the fact that you’ll need research it all on your own. Our experts will help you choose the right fertilizers and the best time to fertilize your lawn. The process will be easy, stress-free, and hassle-free.

The quality of the work

If you need any type of work done on your Myrtle Beach home, hiring a lawn care Myrtle Beach professional is the best way to ensure professional results. While doing the work yourself might be cheaper, it could mean that you are wasting your time and money.

While it is possible for your contractor to do substandard work, you should still be able to get a solid guarantee before any work starts. Our experts are committed to providing the best quality work possible to our clients. We will do everything to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the job before we consider it done.

Summer Lawn Care: Why not Book Early?

Spring has yet to bloom, but summer will soon be here. The hot summer months are the best time to be aware of the effects that heat can have on grass. You need to hire lawn services that can prepare your grass for the summer heat. A combination of proper care and the right type of lawn is key to a healthy lawn all through summer.

What are you waiting for?

A few small changes can make your lawn more resilient to the summer heat. You don’t have to wait until the heatwave arrives before you prepare. Your lawn’s response to heat will vary depending on the type of grass you have. Each grass type will react differently to summer heat. The lawn will still require the same support structure in order to be healthy.

Lawn Growth Curves

The fall and spring seasons are when cool season grasses do their best growth. This turf is less likely to grow in the summer and winter as it tends to slow down and stagnate. Warm season turf, on the other hand, will grow quickly and have a longer ramp.

You will experience days with temperatures above 90 degrees for cool-season grass depending on where you live. Keep in mind, Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Rye will not thrive if the temperature rises above 90 degrees. The grass will enter summer dormancy if it is exposed to temperatures above 90 for several days.

They can only tolerate certain upper limits, which is why they enter dormancy. They check out because of their defense mechanism. Warm season turf, on the other hand, enjoys heat. Warm season grass thrives on heat. They are more heat-tolerant and can grow better at higher temperatures.

Supporting your Grasses

No matter what type of grass you have, support your grass no matter how it is doing. You should start building a support structure for your grass as soon as you can.

Because a solid defense against the heat stress is essential. This is because it takes time to build. You can get summer lawn care help if you contact us today. So when it comes to summer, your grass will be ready and set up.

Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service if you need help in taking care of your lawn.

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How To Apply Preemergent Herbicides

lawn careAlthough pre-emergent herbicides are an essential tool in a weed management program, timing their application can prove difficult. We’ll be discussing key lawn care principles for developing a weed management strategy. We will also discuss what pre-emergent herbicide is capable of doing within a program and when it can be applied to different types of weeds.

Lawn Care: Develop a Weed Control Strategy

It is impossible to eradicate all weeds from a single application. This is something you should emphasize to your customer when developing a weed management strategy for a property. There is no magic bullet that will eliminate all weeds. A good program adapts to the specific needs of each property on a seasonal and annual basis.

Every weed has a survival strategy. They cannot all be eradicated because they have unique life cycles and reproduction methods. The seeds can remain dormant for many years before germinating. They can withstand fire, drought, herbicides, and even fire. Even if the entire property was cleared of seeds, vegetative propagules and seed can still be easily transported to it by wind, water or human activity.

It is important to ask the following questions when you are developing or revising your weed control strategy:

  • Which weeds would you like to be rid of?
  • Are these weeds to be prevented, eradicated, or both?
  • Is there any cultural practice that can help reduce the number of weeds?
  • What are the life cycle of weeds and what is the best time to apply pre-emergent herbicide?
  • Are there any desired plants on the property? Is the herbicide safe and labeled for them?
  • How pre-emergent herbicide works

Let’s take a look at three key principles for pre-emergent control to get an idea of how it works.

Principle 1: Pre-emergent herbicides can be used to kill weed seeds that are germinating.

Pre-emergent, as the name implies, is designed to kill weeds that are not yet in the soil. Pre-emergent should not be applied to weeds that are visible above ground in order to obtain great results. This will prevent you from wasting your time and money down the line.

Please Note: Pre-emergent cannot be used to control weeds as well as weed seeds that already exist.

Only when the weed starts to grow from the seed, and hits the herbicide barrier, will it be killed. Seeds can remain dormant for as long as they are not harmed by pre-emergent herbicide applications. This is why weed management is a continuous process. There will always be some seeds beneath the surface, and some will germinate every season. To greatly minimize large infestations, it is important to apply annually.

Keep in mind that pre-emergent herbicide can affect desirable plants. This includes turf. Pre-emergent must be applied to the turf before seeding. To allow lawn establishment, seed first and then apply pre-emergent 6 weeks later. Seed at least three months after pre-emergent is applied.

Principle 2: Pre-emergent should be properly mixed and evenly applied to the target area in order for best results.

Mixing pre-emergent herbicides correctly is essential for the spray solution’s proper strength. Make sure to carefully read the instructions and calibrate your sprayer as part of your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine.

It is important to cover the entire area. Pre-emergents should be viewed as a blanket. You need to cover the entire area where weed seeds can not germinate. Because there is so much open space for weeds, spot spraying does not work. The manufacturer will tell you how much product to apply “per 1000 feet” or “per an acre”, which will determine how much herbicide you should use per gallon. It usually takes between 1 and 2 gallons to cover 1000 sq. feet.

Principle 3: Pre-emergent herbicides should be irrigated.

Watering in will trigger herbicide, creating a barrier below the surface. Most products require 0.5 inches of rain or irrigation within 21 days.

Apply the pre-emergent herbicide before any rain is expected if you are working in an area that is not irrigated or a drip zone.

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Effective Lawn Care Guide To Get Rid Of Weeds

lawn careOne of the many tasks included in your regular lawn care is to get rid of weeds from your lawn. There are different ways to do this and you do not have to spend more than $20. In addition to getting rid of the weed, you also need to control and prevent their growth in your yard. To help you effectively do these, here are some of the most common weed control strategies that you can consider doing.

Maintain ideal grass height

Different types of grass have a different height requirement. Confirm with a local lawn care Myrtle Beach the ideal height for the grass that you have on your lawn. Maintaining your grass at the right height and making sure it is sufficiently fertilized and watered, will result in a healthier lawn eliminating any possibilities for weed grass to grow and develop.

Once you know how long your grass should be maintained, you can create a mowing schedule. This will depend on the type of grass you are mowing and weather conditions. At most, you will have to mow once every one to two weeks. Regular mowing not only results in maintaining the right level of grass but will also ensure that weed seed heads are clipped off before they reach maturity.

Know the specific type of weed you are dealing with

Similarly, in many situations, it helps if you get to know the weed that you’re dealing with so that you can plan the right solution and action to get rid of it. Generally, there are three types of weeds and each requires a different type of treatment. If you do not know which type of weed you have in your background, dig out a sample and bring to your local lawn maintenance expert.

  • Broadleaf weeds – This type of weed has broad leaves. Examples include creeping Charlie, dandelions and clover. Broadleaf weeds can be prevented using small amounts of broadleaf herbicideLawn care experts suggest using the smallest applicator available in garden stores to help you save time and money. Using a small applicator also prevents the release of harmful chemicals, which are often present in herbicides, into the environment.
  • Perennial grassy weeds – This type of weed has similar behavior with the average grass. It can grow dormant throughout winter and come out in the spring, along with your grass. To effectively eliminate perennial weeds, you will need to wipe a non-selective plant killer to the weeds that you want to remove. To do this effectively, dip a cloth glove in the herbicide and use this glove to touch the weeds. Make sure you wear a protective rubber glove underneath the cloth glove so you will not be affected by the herbicide. The best way to apply a generous amount of the herbicide to the weed is to grab it using the cloth glove near the roots and pull towards the ends of the leaf. Do not spray this herbicide to your lawn as this will also kill your other plants and grass.
  • Annual grassy weeds – This type of weed is very much similar to the growth and behavior of crabgrass. After reseeding near the end of the growing season, they die and leave the seeds to germinate and grow in the coming spring season. Experts highly recommend using crabgrass preventer between the first and third mowing during the spring season. It is extremely important that you apply the herbicide during spring because this is when they germinate seeds.

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