Winter Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care Myrtle BeachThe weather has been warm, but, it won’t last forever. Your lawn doesn’t need as much attention in winter as it does during summer, fall, and spring. However, it should still be taken care of and now is the time for winter lawn care. It is still important to maintain your lawn’s health and condition for spring.

Lawn care tips you might find helpful

Fertilize and Aerate

You must aerate your lawn before the first frost date in your area. These tips will help you if you’re new to this or want to remind yourself how it should be done. It will allow your grass to breathe before it goes dormant and help in removing any compaction from the warm season.

After you have mowed the lawn, fertilize it. This will ensure that the grass has all the nutrients it requires to prepare for winter. During winter, the grass roots will absorb and retain the nutrients. Your lawn will then use the stored nutrients when spring arrives, giving it an advantage and restoring its lush green appearance. A well-maintained lawn will help you avoid pests, diseases, and weed growth once the weather warms up.

Keep it clean

It is possible that leaves may have accumulated in your yard from fall, which can cause your lawn to become suffocated before winter. Don’t leave the leaves on your lawn to collect disease, especially if they are too moist. If the leaves aren’t too wet or too thick you can mulch them with your mower to break down the nutrients and recycle them back into your lawn. If the leaves are too thick or wet, you can use your rake to get rid of them.

Avoid too much lawn traffic

Do not walk on lawns that are dormant, or frozen. If the same path is being used multiple times, any strong grass could easily become weak.

Ice Care: Be Wise

To ensure a safe walking path, it is important to keep your walkways, driveways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Scotts Ice Melt can be used to treat these areas. Because it has a four-fold melting capability of rock salt, you don’t need to use as much. It can be used only as needed to not damage your lawn or landscape.

Make sure you are prepared

Set up your winter lawn maintenance plan early. You can feel the chill in your air. Make sure to check the forecast regularly and allow yourself enough time to prepare your plan before it is too late.

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Lawn Care Tips For The Colder Weather

lawn care conway scSome people may think that lawn care is the easiest chore in their household with colder weather approaching. If this is you, then you’re mistaken. It is important to keep your outside house in good condition even after the temperatures drop and the leaves start to fall. If you want to make it easier when the snow melts, you need to start the lawn care Conway SC immediately. If you want to avoid any inconveniences when spring arrives, you need to take additional steps now.

Winter Lawn Care Conway SC Tips

Mowing is not a lawn maintenance routine you should stop doing once fall arrives. Keep mowing your lawn until it stops growing. You don’t want tall grass to encourage rodents to build nests in your home during winter.

Do not cut your lawn too short. The recommended height for grass is 2 1/2 to 3 inches. Your lawn will be exposed to cold weather conditions if it is cut too short. This could cause damage to the roots. This will result in dead patches on your lawn when spring arrives.

Once your grass stops growing, cut it one more time. This will reduce the likelihood of your lawn getting snow mould in winter. This can happen if the grass is too long.

Water your lawn – Another early lawn care Myrtle Beach tip for you is to water your lawn enough water to keep it hydrated through winter. Although the lawn may appear brown, new roots will continue growing below the surface all through fall.

Fertilize your lawn regularly – it has many benefits. This yard work helps to repair areas that have been damaged quickly in spring and provides nutrients to help it through winter. Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn in order to reap the benefits the next year. If you are unable to do it yourself, you can always hire a professional lawn care company.

Rake your lawn. Getting rid of dead leaves will make your lawn look better and ensure that it gets enough sunlight. Raking can also remove thatch, which is a layer between soil and grass that can limit the amount of nutrients and water your grass receives.

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What Essential Lawn Care Tools Should Every Homeowner Have?

lawn careCongratulations on your new home! There are many positive aspects to homeownership, such as the ability to receive a regular payment that goes toward building equity. Gone are the days of a landlord taking care of all that maintenance. That’s it. You can enjoy the outdoors and planting flower beds, or even a vegetable garden, by owning your own home. You will find landscaping adds value and enjoyment to your home. You might be wondering what essential lawn care products you should keep in your shed to maintain your basic yard needs if you are new to homeownership.

These are just a few of the essential tools you need to maintain your lawn. You can continue to add more equipment as you move into your new home. Have a lawn? Take a look at our list of essential tools for your toolbox.

Lawn Care Tips

Lawn mower

Even if you have someone else cut your lawn, this tool is essential for any emergency trimming and lawn maintenance.

Trimmer for string/lawn

This tool can reach those difficult-to-reach places your mower cannot reach, such as around tree trunks. If you flip it over, it can double as an edger along your driveway or landscaping beds.

Leaf rake

A good rake is enough for fall chores, but you don’t need to buy a blower-mulcher combination to help with your chores.

Soil rake

A soil rake is more durable than a leaf-rake and will help you to level your garden and push your mulch around. It can be used to groom a driveway or pea gravel path.


You can use a hand-held spreader or a wheeled spreader for grass seeding and fertilizer distribution to increase curb appeal.

Snow shovel

It’s a must-have in snowy areas, but you can also use it as a travel tool. A snow shovel is a great tool for outdoor cleanup.

Spade shovel with long-lasting durability

This tool is essential for Conway SC lawn care, such as moving a shrub or planting a tree, and digging a hole to meet various landscaping needs.

Soil knife

Although you might believe that you only need one bucket of gardening tools, this tool does many of the trickier tasks. It can be used to dig, transplant, create container gardens, weed, or reach into any nooks or crannies other tools cannot.

Double-hand hoe

The double-hand hoe is a lawn maintenance tool. This double-hand hoe is a combination of a digger and a hand tool. It can be used to loosen soil, dig up large weeds, and much more.

Hand pruner

These small shears will be your go-to tool for shaping and caring for your flowers and shrubs. Your yard will sparkle if you keep them sharp.


These shears have larger blades and handles that allow you to keep tree branches under control. This is a must-have for curb appeal and protection of your home.

Hedge shear

These will be appreciated by your neighbors. This essential lawn care tool is indispensable for taming unkempt hedges.


You can also purchase a spraynozzle attachment to water your vegetable and flower garden beds. You can also let your children play with it during hot days.

Protect your property

One way to make your property shine is by keeping it in top shape. Learn more about homeowners insurance to protect your home. The Farm Bureau agent near you will help you find the right coverage for your needs.

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Lawn Mowing Services and Equipment for Lawn Care Professionals

mowingLawn mowing companies usually supply a wide variety of solutions. You have to make a decision on precisely what services your firm will supply as well as ensure that you have the abilities and also to carry out those solutions.

To be effective in this market, you need to maximize your resources and team skills.  Having commercial lawn mowing tools can assist to make your organization a lot more effective and a lot more lucrative. The ideal equipment can not just help you to finish the job faster but can also save you energy to do other tasks.

The Ideal Lawn Mowing Service and Equipment

In this post, we take a look at a few of the devices that you will require if you choose to begin a lawn mowing and lawn care service.

The Right Vehicle

It is possible to start by carrying a push lawn mower around in an SUV. In order to lug the quantity of equipment that is required to run a professional and efficient lawn mowing service, you need to invest in a truck you can use.

One excellent concept is to choose the most important devices and equipment you have before thinking about buying a truck. Find out the measurements of every vehicle you have to fit in your desired truck. Once you have your truck, check if installing shelves will help in organizing your tools and equipment. You will surely be lugging around a lot of costly devices so an additional security device will not hurt.

Lawn Mower

There is a wide range of mower readily available to lawn care Conway SC professionals. Remember, different lawn mowers are matched to various lawn mowing professionals. So they wind up getting more than one to make sure that they constantly have the most effective mower for the task.

You have ‘walk behind’ lawn mowers. These consist of the fundamental range that most people have for doing their own yard tasks but they likewise can be found in bigger industrial variations. ‘Walk behind’ lawn mowers are very easy to navigate and appropriate for the majority of residential lawns. You can buy a tiny system on wheels called a ‘velke’ that has the ability to be affixed to some industrial ‘walk behind’ lawn mowers. A ‘velke’ allows the driver to be drawn along by the lawn mower instead of needing to press it.

For bigger yards and also commercial arrangements, you truly require a bigger ride-on lawn mower to finish the job successfully. These lawn mowers are best for taking full advantage of performance on huge yards with the level surface but are not fit to hillsides and smaller sized lawns with high fences.

Security Equipment

Depending on your lawn maintenance task for the day, you might require shatterproof glass, ear protection, sunscreen and a set of steel-toed job boots to safeguard your feet. Handwear covers can likewise aid you to obtain a far better hold on devices handles.

Other Lawn Mowing Equipment

Other lawn mowing professional tools can include a mulching bag (for accumulating cut grass and also preventing a mess), a lawn edger for nicely rounding off the yard sides, a wheelbarrow, a blower (for fallen leaves and lawn cuttings) as well as a measuring wheel.

Lawn care services likewise have a great chance to supply added home and backyard solutions to clients such as feeding, eliminating fallen leaves, trimming trees as well as bushes, pressure cleaning, pest control, and landscape design tasks. A few of these solutions can need advanced equipment yet can likewise be far more successful.


To make you and your workers look neat and professional, take into consideration wearing proper uniforms. A golf shirt and also a cap with your service branding on will certainly make an excellent impact on your customers.


You need to think about establishing some kind of base for your lawn mowing company. This will most likely be your house and you will also require a storage room for devices along with an office set up.

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How can you keep your lawn healthy during the summer?

lawn care myrtle beachSummer heat can negatively affect your turf especially if your lawn care Myrtle Beach program falls short. If you fail to mow properly, water excessively, water too little, or ignore the signs of pest infestation, your grass will become lackluster and eventually die in small or larger patches. You can keep your lawn looking its best throughout the summer season by master these lawn care tips.

Summer Lawn Care Myrtle Beach Tips

Mow at the right height.

During the summer season, you should adjust your mower height so that the grass is left at a taller height. This will shade the soil, which will reduce water evaporation, and cause deeper roots as well as prevent the germination of weed seeds. The ideal mowing height depends on the type of grass. Time mowings so that you don’t remove more than one-third of the surface of the leaf at a time.

Water correctly.

If you want to have the healthiest grass, you should water your lawn infrequently and deeply. Check with the water authority in your area for the suggested irrigation schedules.

Treat for grubs.

European Chafers, June Bugs, and Japanese Beetles lay eggs in the grass in the early to mid-summer season. Eggs will hatch into what they call grubs during the mid to late summer season. Timing will depend on the beetle and your location. Ask the lawn care experts as to the best time to use grub control treatments.

Clean up after your pets.

Your dog could cause dead spots on your landscaping. If you see your grass dying because of your dog’s urine, you should flush the spot with water so that the urine in the soil will be diluted. The best solution is to make a pebbled or mulched area and then train your pet to use that spot for their bathroom breaks. Additionally, you should keep your waste picked up and dispose of them properly.

Stop parking on the grass.

Park or driving on the lawn is not a good idea. It will result to soil compaction, which could lead to a host of various problems, such as dead grass. During drought or time of too much heat, it’s even wise to restrict the foot traffic on the grass so that the turf crowns won’t be damaged.

Sharpen the mower blade.

A mower blade that’s dull will tear the grass, which will create brown and ragged edges that offer an opening for some disease organisms. You should sharpen the blade of your mower on a regular basis. The general rule is that a sharp mower blade can last up to 10 hours of mowing. Think about purchasing another blade so you will always have a sharp blade on hand.

Leave the clippings

If you are mowing the grass during the evening, you should leave the clippings on your lawn. This is a good lawn maintenance practice that is called grass cycling and will save you money, time, and fertilizer.

Fertilize Warm Season Turf

Warm-season grasses will grow strongly during the summer season. They will need nutrients. You should check with lawn care experts to learn about the best fertilizer schedules. It’s not recommended to fertilize cool-season lawns during the summer season. It’s best to wait during the fall season or early spring.


Call Conner’s Lawn Care Service if you need help in maintaining your lawn during the summer season.


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Lawn Care Tips For All Seasons

lawn careIf you want to have that serene look in your yard, you have to do some extra steps to achieve that next level lawn care. That sensation when you walk barefoot on your freshly mowed lawn is priceless. Not only will you get that gratifying look and feel of a beautiful lawn, but you will also get your money’s worth as well. – That is if you let professionals do the work. However, it is also equally fulfilling if you’ve done the lawn care yourself. A well-maintained lawn can give you a 100% return of investment in case you sell your property somewhere down the road.  Here are some lawn care tips that will get you through every single season:

Tips for early spring

When winter has just thawed over, you can start taking care of your lawn by cleaning it up as part of your spring lawn care routine. Before you cut your grass, be sure that your lawnmower is in tip-top shape. Make sure you have fresh gas and sharp blades. Remember, dull blades harm your grass and sharp ones don’t.

Things to do during spring

The grass will start to grow during early spring and start to really grow when spring hits full swing. There are a couple of things that you need to do during this period and among them is trimming the grass. Remember to keep your blades razor-sharp. Also, do not mow when the grass is wet. Damp clippings clog your mower and could spread disease all over. You could also fertilize during this point. Spring and fall are the best times to fertilize your lawn.

Early to mid-summer tips

During early spring, your lawn will be teeming with grub worms that are highly active in warm weather. You can often tell if your lawn is affected by wiling patches or browning. If you do notice these signs, you will likely need to use some form of pesticide or alternative means. During summer is the essential season for lawn care Myrtle Beach. This will be the time that you will need to constantly mow your lawn, water, and clean.

When prepping your lawnmower, set the blades at 3 inches. This will setting will cut just the right amount of grass that will not be harmful. Cleaning up the clippings afterward is completely optional. Just don’t leave large clumps lying around in one place. And with the summer heat, watering is necessary. However, you should not have a pattern when watering. This will promote better root growth for your grass. Landscaping can also be done quite easily during the summer.

Early fall

During early fall is the best time to repair damaged or thinned areas as temperatures are relatively lower. Remove any dried or dead grass and break up the soil with a trowel. Add grass seeds to affected areas and work it around with a rake for better coverage. Water the area that you just patched and continue to monitor until new grass grows in the affected area. It’s also the right time for some brush clearing and the perfect time to remove all leaves and debris off your lawn.

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Spring Lawn Care Tips You Need To Know

lawn careDon’t neglect spring lawn care because if you do, you will pay for it for the rest of the year. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your lawn in good shape.

Lawn Care Tips For Spring


The first lawn care tip that you need to do during spring is raking. Rake deeply when you rake leaves during the fall to avoid thatching.

Checking For Compaction

Your lawn may start to show signs of decline in case it is exposed to high levels of traffic annually. During this time, the lawn is most likely dealing with compacted soil. You can address this but the successful eradication starts with recognizing that moss must not be treated just like it is just another weed.


Aside from compaction, having moss plants implies acidity. However, grass loves a neutral pH. You could fix this issue by liming the soil. However, do not expect an instant solution; the effects of liming are very slow to happen.


If your lawn is filled with bare patches because of dog spots, neglect, or heavy traffic, you may want to consider applying grass seed to fill in all those bare patches. This is referred to as overseeding lawns. What you need to do is apply a slow release nitrogen fertilizer once you overseed. About five weeks following the grass germination, you should put in quick release nitrogen fertilizer.

But spring is not the perfect time for overseeding your lawns. Fall is the recommended time if the new grass will not have to compete with the crabgrass, which is eliminated by the autumn frost. So you should postpone the overseeding until the fall season, unless you’re in a dire situation.


Lawns could be fertilized organically buy making use of compost and then mulching the mowers. However, for those who would rather use chemical fertilizers, you can always follow a schedule. Experts Conner’s Lawn Care Service recommend lighter feeding during spring and heavier feeding in late fall, particularly for lawn grass types that are referred to as cool season grasses.

Applying Preemergent Herbicides

If you know very well that you’ve got issues with annual weeds, crabgrass, then spring fertilization must go together with adding preemergent herbicides. They deal with weed control even before their seedlings emerge. They form a shield that prevents seed germination. Don’t take on core aeration after putting in the preemergent herbicides, because if you do, you will only decrease its efficiency.

Applying Postemergent Herbicides

Check for perennial weed growth. If you would rather have organic weed control, you always have the option to pull them out.

Tuning Up Existing Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowing all throughout the summer could be tiring lawn care Myrtle Beach task. You don’t have to make it harder for yourself by using a lawn mower that does not start up right away. If your lawn mower is stubborn when it comes to starting up, that could be an indication that in requires a tuneup. Even though you can get by without tuning up your lawn, it is still suggested to have your mower tuned up every year.

Buying A New Lawn Mower

Or maybe you are fed up with your old lawn mower and you are thinking of making a change. Do your research and find out what type is most suitable for your own unique lawn maintenance needs.

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