How often should you mulch your lawn?

Mulching services myrtle beachLawn care professionals often offer mulching services Myrtle Beach. But why should you get one? Organic mulch can last up to six years. But there are factors that may require you to replace the mulch every one or two years.

Organic mulch will decompose as time goes by so it would have to be changed eventually. A usual mulch can last up to five years, however, this timeframe could decrease based on the kind of mulch, rainfall, weather conditions, as well as sun exposure.

For the majority of planting and landscaping applications, you will need to set in place about two to three inches of mulch. If foot traffic, wind, and rain remove some of that, you may have to add more to make sure that there’s proper coverage. If there are regular heavy rains, or if you have the climate or soil conditions that may speed up the decomposition, you probably need to add mulch on a regular basis.

Mulching Services Myrtle Beach Tips

Mulch Color

The color of mulch is another important factor. Undyed mulches could begin to turn gray after one year. It will remain effective but it won’t be attractive. A lot of people prefer to replace some or all of the faded mulch to boost the aesthetics of your landscape.

Dyed mulches could retain their color longer however, it’s crucial to learn how the mulch was dyed. Some cheaper mulches use artificial methods to color the mulch, which could have negative effects once the dye gets into the soil. Because of this reason, dyed mulches are usually taken out and changed every year. Be sure that you understand what makes up your mulch, and how it may affect your soil before adding it into planting beds and yard.

Mulch Size

The mulch size also affects how long it would last. Bark mulch can last much longer than wood chips. In some cases, shredded mulch is washed away with heavy rain or it is blown away in high winds. Therefore, shredded mulch would have to be replaced much more often compared to nuggets or chips.

What will happen if you do not replace old much?

All mulch would eventually decompose and would no longer offer the advantages that it was once created for. Organic mulches offer nutrients to the soil while keeping moisture and protecting the soil. When your mulch reduces in-depth or decomposes, you will be more likely to notice lawn care issues with weeds and soil erosion.

Many homeowners use landscaping mulch for aesthetic purposes. As mulch starts to age, it would face and then lose its color. This process could last for several months or even for several years, but it will eventually happen in all types of mulch.

Mulch Maintenance

If you are searching for a low-maintenance type of mulch, you should search for a huge bark mulch that has not yet been dyed. Cypress and cedar bark are popular choices. They will decompose much slower than other available options. You’ll be expected to do minimal maintenance after a few years when you’re using a good natural mulch. Always monitor the depth and be sure that you are in the range of about two to three inches for better results.


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Lawn Care Tips To Remove Trees and Bushes Near Your Home

lawn careTrees, plants, and flowers are the most natural appealing form that you can bring to your house. But, when unhealthy shrubs, bushes, and trees begin piling up, they could lead to direct blockage of the sun’s rays. Heavy and dead branches also take up all of the water. It stops healthier and newer plants from thriving and growing. If you do not take the appropriate precautions, your garden or yard may wind up looking like a sophisticated, shrubby, and shallow part of your home. Instead, it must be a serene and relaxing sight. There are different ways to help the dying plants and to add more beauty to your home’s landscape. Here some lawn care tips you need to know.

Lawn Care Tips

Trim and Cut

Trim, cut, and prune. These are the most important and least time consuming things you can do to keep your lawn healthy. However, these are the practices that are most neglected since many people think they are tedious activities. There are many methods you have to master before you have to chop off your trees or plants. For example, you should avoid cutting small flowers and plants because it needs as many leaves as it can to grow. Additionally, you should avoid cutting the whole tree. Cut the damaged parts or the ones that are causing blockage. These include branches crossing each other, broken limbs, parallel branches, and dead branches, suckers, and water sprouts that grow from the roots of the trees.

Don’t Plan Trees Close To Your Home

There’s no doubt that trees and fresh plants will improve the entire look of your home. But be sure to plant them in spots that have a safe distance to your home. If you plant them too close to your house, they may cause significant damage.

According to lawn care Conway experts, tree roots that grow close to your house can block drainage systems. Powerful and strong roots may even break parts of your plumbing. Aside from that, fishing these damages could cost you a lot of cash. Tree roots and tree limbs can also lead to roofing and heaving damage that could result into unprecedented accidents. It’s better if you do not plant trees close to your home. If they’re preplanted before you purchase your house, then take them out as soon as you can.

Use Mulch

If you plan on adding plants close to trees, you should also include mulch at the base of the plant. Tree roots will take up most of the water, which will leave little for these plants and stop sunlight from reach the soil of the plants. Mulching will help in preventing weeds and letting water to soak a thick layer of mulch and the ground. Mulch could also protect the tree roots from drought, heat, and cold.

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