Taking Care of Your Lawn This Fall Season

lawn careThe days have started to become shorter but that doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy a beautiful lawn during the fall season. Listed below are some fall lawn care tips that will make sure that your outdoor space will be an excellent place to retreat during these months.

Now that the summer season is over and you’ve had your fill of fun with friends and family, the time has come to prepare your lawn for the upcoming colder months. By following the tips provided here, you’ll get to enjoy your lawn a bit longer while making sure that it would look great next spring.

Fall Lawn Care Tips


Start cutting back on your lawn mower’s height. During the fall season, your lawn will prepare to become dormant for the remainder of the year and it won’t grow fast. You don’t have to mow it as frequently over the last few weeks in the fall. However, you need to decrease the height of your lawn so it’s shorter than what you used to have during summer. But you need to do this gradually until the grass length is around one and a half inch high. How often you have to mow will depend on how fast your lawn grass grows. You have to remove 1/3 of the mower blade or much less. Anything more than that would shock your lawn grass. It’s also recommended to move in the evening.


Hopefully when fall comes, you have already won the fight against weeds in your lawn. In case there are holdouts, it’s crucial to address them before the snow and leaves make it harder to manage. Not only is it harder to look for and address weeds, but there are weeds that could be aggressive and control during the fall season once your grass is a lot less active.

Shrubs and Trees

Give your shrubs and trees a helping hand this season by providing them with fertilizers that contain essential nutrients that they could store up for the winter season. Your shrubs and trees would get a head start when growing faster and fuller during the spring season.

Rake Your Lawn

Get rid of the leaves that build up in your lawn. Make sure to rake your lawn thoroughly. As time goes by, the leaves will begin to decompose, sap moisture out of the soil and giving a welcome home to pests that may damage your lawn. The thick layer of decaying leaves may also leave dead spots in your lawn during the spring, letting weeds to take over quickly. So be sure to include this in your lawn care Myrtle Beach routine for the fall season.


As time goes by, the soil in your lawn will become compacted. This will cut back the air pockets that let water and nutrients get to the grass roots. To fight this off, be sure that your lawn is aerated every year. Fall is the perfect time to get this done and provides your lawn the best opportunity to get the water and nutrients to grow healthy throughout the season.


For a weed free, lush, and healthy lawn, it is important to overseed. Once your lawn ages, it will become tired and the reproduction of grass will become slow. Noone wants to see unhealthy grass in your lawn. Aside from being aesthetically unappealing, these spots make it much easier for weeds to take full control. You should spread grass seed over your lawn at the suggested rate. This would encourage brand new lawn grass to grow and fill in those spots that are unhealthy and help make your lawn look good once spring comes.

Conner’s know how much you value your lawn and that’s why our lawn care experts decided to come up with this quick guide. If you need help in controlling weeds, seeding, fertilizing, or preparing your lawn for winter, call Conner’s Lawn Care Service now.

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