Tips For Winter Pruning Shrubs and Trees

lawn carePruning helps rejuvenate trees and shrubs. It can also assist in the formative stages of younger plants by promoting the formation of a good shape. Winter is the best time for pruning because there’s only a few leaves on the deciduous trees and the shrubs allows you to clearly see what you are doing. Aside from that, cuts are unlikely to bleed because saps aren’t as active in the winter season, which means the shrub and tree will incur less of a shock rather than when a cut is made and its sap is active. Wounds will also callous just like as they will in nature and such natural healing process happen before it begins to grow during spring.

Your first priority when pruning is to get rid of any diseased or damaged wood. Sort out branches that chafe and cross by getting rid of the least important bough. You can also cut it back down to a bud that’s facing outward. The shrub and tree will concentrate its energy on the remaining bud by pruning the bud bearing stems. It will promote vigorous growth once it starts during spring.

Lawn Care Tips For Pruning Shrubs and Trees

  1. Lawn care Myrtle Beach experts say you should avoid pruning too far from the bud. Doing so will result into the death of the wood between the bud as well as the cut below. In case the bud doesn’t grow, the entire stem can die because of die back.
  2. Avoid pruning too close from the bud. You may unintentionally damage the bud and jeopardize its ability to grow a leaf or a flower. If you prune too close to it, the branch may die back down its stem.
  3. Avoid cutting at the wrong angle because you’ll create a stub of stem on top of the bud, which could lead to the stem dying back as far as its bud and even beyond it.
  4. Slope away from the bud when you cut so that when water hits it, it will just run off to avoid rotting. Use sharp and clean secateurs to stop the spread of diseases and avoid snagging.

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