Effective Lawn Weed Control Tips

weed controlFall is the best time to deal with unwanted lawn weeds. No matter if your lawn is warm- or cool-season grasses, autumn can be a good time to control them. This will allow you to have a lush lawn that’s ready for spring. Late-season herbicides can be used to control weeds. It’s therefore easier to eradicate weeds in fall than at any other time. Here are some weed control tips you need to know.

Fall weed control treatments can be used to eliminate both perennial and annual weeds. They also work well for removing perennial invaders such as clover and dandelion.

Different types of weeds

A winter weed such as winter annuals germinates between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. They can grow through the fall, warm winter spells, and into spring. Mid- to late spring is when the seeds become active, right before the daytime temperature rises. Henbit, Chickweed and Annual Bluegrass are some of the winter weeds.

You should target fall weeds when you do lawn weed control. This includes Chickweed (an annual weed) and Henbit (an annual weed). Although Dandelion can germinate in fall, the number of seeds that germinate in autumn is typically lower than in spring.

Perennial weeds can be treated in the fall. The fall is when plants begin to store food for winter. This involves transferring food from the leaves to the roots. When herbicide is applied to perennial weevils in fall, the chemical reaches their roots and kills them at their root.

Troublesome Weeds to Be Treated in the Fall

Annual Bluegrass, a common weed in warm-season lawns, is one of the lawn invaders that you should treat in cooler months. Crabgrass is another weed that can invade both warm-season and cool-season grass. Crabgrass is a perennial weed that sets seeds throughout the growing season. Therefore, it is important to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to control crabgrass. This will stop any seeds from germinating in the latter part of the season.

Crabgrass preventer is the best way to control Annual Bluegrass and Crabgrass. It’s a pre-emergent herbicide which targets grassy weeds. It can be applied in either the spring or fall. These items are not usually sold all year. You can prevent your lawn from being damaged by crabgrass in the spring if you are concerned about it. The product can be stored in a dry and cool place until autumn arrives.

Wild garlic and wild onion can cause a lawn to become dormant. These weeds can be removed with post-emergent herbicide.

Lawn Burweed is an annual winter weed that becomes active in spring with spurred seeds. This makes the lawn difficult for both pets and humans. This prickly weed can be controlled by using a pre-emergent herbicide that is applied in the fall.

To control perennial weeds like Knotweed, Plantain and Clover on your lawn, apply a post-emergent herbicide to the roots in the fall. This can reduce the amount of these weeds that appear in spring.

Here are some helpful lawn care tips for weed control in the fall

1. October is the best month

October is the best month to apply lawn weed control services. Two applications should be made, one each week. The weeds will be in full food storage mode during this period, which is necessary for survival in winter. This will make it difficult to take weed control measures.

2. Granules and liquid

Granules may be the best option for common weeds. The most difficult weeds should be killed with granules.

3. Seeding

You should avoid seeding your lawn in the fall. Instead, spot-treat larger weeds and treat the areas that are seeded. Young seedlings and seeds can be killed by weed killers.

4. Fertilizing

A thick and healthy lawn is the best way to control weeds. Fertilization is a great way to help with this. You can apply quality lawn food anytime between October and November. Apply fertilizer right after you have mowed your lawn. Our lawn care specialists in Conner’s Lawn Care Service can provide suggestions for a great lawn fertilizer product.

These tips and knowledge will help you get rid of those pesky weeds from your lawn this fall. A professional lawn care company that is experienced in weed removal services is all you need.

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